Early Craft Pattern Redux

Searching back a bit, I stumbled upon this story.  We get a lot of hits on the Tin Can Art posts, but we bet a lot of you have not read this one yet.  There is also a plus at the bottom that was added as an afterthought.  Deb is home from her trip soon, and we will get back in the saddle again, in the next week or two.  Hope you are enjoying the trip down memory lane.

Vintage Crazy and Not-So-Crazy Craft Patterns

May 30, 2010

A couple of weeks ago, Kathy let you all in on a little secret about our fascination with vintage craft patterns (Pattern Frenzy).   We like mainstream crafts just fine:  stamping, paper crafts, sewing, jewelry making, clay modeling, hand stitching, crochet, knitting, and probably many more that I can’t think of right now.  But for every “sane” craft, there is a crazy one such as Magic with Tin Cans, a Craft-Case Book.  Yes this is a real craft book; take a look!

I thought it would be fun if we wrote posts about our craft books, both kinds.  This will be spread out over a number of posts because we are pretty dedicated collectors.  I myself have at least 23 books, and God alone knows how many Kathy has.  ;- )

So, I’m planning to group my pamphlets and books according to categories.  An example of  a category could be Metal Crafts which would include the following books:  Alcoa’s Book of Decorations; Magic with Tin Cans; Fantasies of Foil and Metal.  Another post category, Recycling Crafts, includes the following titles:  Don’t Throw it Away; Making Things from Discards; Decorate your Discards.  These posts would be examples of the crazy vintage crafts.  I also have a sweet collection of eleven Leisure Craft and Leisure Craft clone books, which include subjects such as:  String & Raffia Figures; Soft Toys; Pipe-Cleaner Figures; Rag Dolls; Wooly Toys, plus many more.

Today’s post is Metal Crafts.  When I Googled “Tin Can Crafts” I got the following–586,000 results!  Why tin cans?  Well, they are amazingly common and have been for a long time; this year marks the 200th birthday of the tin can.  People have always used common household items to express their creativity.  For goodness-sakes, there are crafts made from dried beans and macaroni, people carve soap, the Victorians made incredible art from hair!  Tin cans seem pretty mundane after all that.

I have three metal craft books, and here are their covers, which are half of the fun in my opinion!

Fantasies of Foil and Metal--Metal Foil Paper Foil Tin Craft Magic with Tin Cans Alcoa's Book of Decorations

I have a confession to make and you all can keep a secret, can’t you?  I find the Christmas tree in the middle book kind of cool in a really warped way–please don’t think less of me!

These metal crafts are a mix of mainstream and odd.  Here are examples of each, I leave you to decide which is which.

Ice Cream Parlor Tin Can Craft Tin Can Wall Plaque

Now, I could see an argument that they are both odd, but I like the chair as a doll chair.  It would make a cool Gay 90’s ice cream parlor scene, if you could bear to make at least four chairs.  On the other hand, the wall plaque is kind of scary.  If you do make it, I would recommend hanging it near the ceiling so no one puts an eye out.

The Alcoa Book of Decoration is unremittingly funny.  There are only a few crafts in here that wouldn’t cause all conversation to cease and eyes to bug out, if used as suggested in the book.    I have three examples to use as evidence:

Aluminum Foil Hobby Horse

This hobby horse’s suggested use is as a “a decorative prize for party games”.  Oh boy, I sure wouldn’t have even tried to win this!

Example two is more evidence that some people should never have children.  To this day, Timmy never leaves the house without his tinfoil hat to block mind control or mind reading attempts:

Aluminum Foil Pigtail Wig

And last. dear reader, is the “Soulful Mermaid” which is in the “Fun for a Large Party” section of the book–I’ll let you decide her mood and whether she is “Fun”.

Aluminum Foil Mermaid

Lest you think Alcoa’s Book of Decoration is totally without merit, the next picture is of the most normal craft in the whole book.  They are charming, when taken in context.  The really funny thing is, that we both have a copy of this book.  It not only got us, but it got to us twice!

Aluminum Animals

Well, thanks for reading this installment of Weird Collections that also veers off into a book review too.  Bet you can’t wait for more!?

Ok Confession time.  Man, if confession is good for the soul, ours should be lily white by now!  I don’t think Deb even knows this object is in my collection:

Yes, I succumbed to a tin can chair.   Honest it was for my dolls, yeah right, like that makes it better.  To top it off, not being satisfied with its golden and red velvet glory, I was compelled to paint it black and add pink leopard upholstery.  I know, but really, it is kinda cute, isn’t it?

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