Yee Haw Y’All

I have always been a bit of a country girl at heart.  After all, I grew up in Colorado.  I know what a rodeo is really like, and I will admit to owning a cowgirl hat.  It’s bright red and pretty awesome, even if I don’t wear it often.  I know which end is which on a horse, and once upon a time could ride OK.  I am not going to claim more than just not falling off on a regular basis, but I know where to put the saddle.  I am explaining this, just so you can see where I am coming from with the good and the bad in this post, and knowing us, you know there is some of both.

Our first garage sale this past week was a lot of fun.  Not only did we find some nifty jewelry, at a bargain price, and a handy construction item that I had been looking for, we also saw this:

Western FurnitureI mean how cool and ’50s kitschy can you get?  It was in superb condition, and hey, you know your living room needs a cow couch:

Cow Couch

Wagon Wheel Arm

This is where I make a true confession, so you can see why this turned me on.  (Not enough to buy it, but I did adore it)

A couple of years ago I was at a sale with my hubby when I came across this:

The Wild WestIt didn’t have a shade, and we are still arguing about the proper one.  I like this correct era paper and cork shade.  Hubby wants a leather one.  I have won so far, as he hasn’t found a better one, so yea me.  Now can’t you just see this lamp living with the couch?  Here is a better closeup of the lamp so you can get the full Western Vibe from it:

Ride em CowboyWe think it is actually more like ’30s or ’40s western tramp art, but it looks more ’50s when seen in context with the couch.

We like that style of Wild West better than this:

Resin antler Candle HolderNow, come on.  Antler lamps, furniture, etc. aren’t my favorite things at the best of times, but this nasty thing was made of the ever-invasive Chinese resin.  About all I can say in its defense is, as a weapon against an unsuspecting burglar, it will do some dandy damage.  You could probably take him down in one swing, and if you’re lucky, the candle stick will take collateral damage, and not make it out in one piece.

After successfully protecting your home sweet home against intruders, you will probably need a celebratory cocktail.  Let’s not use these handy shot shell shot glasses.  (Say that 3 times fast!):

Yee haw drinking

I am sorry, these are just a little too redneck for your average Westerner.  We have been known to use a canning jar in a pinch, but we never put it on a pedestal, and we fill the casings up with shot, as God intended.  Probably not a good idea to mix buckshot and alcohol anyway.

While I am confessing, here is one that I didn’t buy, but it was a near miss:

Not a cow pitcherFor loyal readers, you know of my devotion to cow creamers (I mean I have a few, but I don’t collect.  I need to just keep saying that, so pardon me while I try to convince myself.)  A moose creamer?  Oh, if only the antlers had not been broken, I would have had myself a whole new kind of cow.  Oh wait, that’s a bull.  Well, whatever, he was cute.  Now I will probably have to comb the world looking for an intact one.

One last true confession, and we will move on.  Last weekend I pulled this shirt out of a pile at a church sale:

Painted DesertThat fabric was about a crazy and cute as it comes.  Someone stitched this up at home, but it just makes me giggle every time I look at it.  Hmmm.  Maybe it will match my cowgirl hat?  They would probably run me out of Cheyenne Frontier Days for this, but I would be smiling as I headed out of town.  Probably a good thing I only paid fifty cents for it, and many would say I paid too much, but all it needs is a Jackalope to be absolutely perfect to me.

OK, enough with the cowboy culture; we have a couple more items that just didn’t fit the theme, but we had to share.  Italy has a reputation for stunning design.  Well, we were stunned, but not in a good way:

Oh DeerWhat marriage made in hell is this glass and glaringly silver base?  I think the glass might have been alright on its own, but that base has got to go, or be inserted into a lighthouse to use as a reflector warning ships to not come within a hundred miles of it.  Just in case you doubt our veracity on the country of origin, here is the proof:

Oh Deer labelI am pretty sure it says “really ugly” in Italian.

Since we are bashing the Europeans, here is another item not improved by its ties to France:

The French doesn't help this blanched broccoliNo matter how you look at it, that is not green.  I used to like broccoli, but I might be rethinking that.  We were also pretty sure someone died for this, as that red stain seemed rather suspicious.  Just what is a person supposed to do with this?  If you hung it in the kitchen, there would be no way to convince your children to eat broccoli, so what’s the point?  “Are you kidding me Mom, I’m not trying that, look it’s bleeding! ”  To be fair the red part probably infected it after production, but still …

We decided to extend the deadline for the drawing until 6/19th, so there is still time to get your name in.  We have a sucker, I mean reader, lined up for the buttons, so the cute stuff is still out there!  Leave a comment, here or on Facebook, and let us know which one you like best to be entered in the drawing.


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6 Responses to Yee Haw Y’All

  1. Steph Gazell says:

    OMG, I saw the red stain on the broccoli and thought, “Oh God, is that BLOOD??!” Then read on and howled! The blouse is fantastic – love it and hope you wear it!

    • kathy & deb says:

      That broccoli plaque is so gross on many, many levels! I’m hoping Kathy wears the blouse shopping today!

  2. tkarengold says:

    You probably know by now that ‘lavorato al mano’ means handiwork or made by hand. I’m not sure, in your case, if that’s the glass thing or the label. It’s an ugly one, for sure.

    • kathy & deb says:

      I can’t imagine Italian hands made that base! The glass part is okay, but the metal base gotta go!

  3. Jean says:

    Pile of poo buttons? I gotta have them!

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