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Deb had to head back home for some family stuff, Graduation, Christening, Mother’s Day, hey, at least she made the most of it!  BUT … that left me to muddle through shopping on my own in the torrential rain.  In Colorado, we hardly own umbrellas, as with just 15 inches of precipitation a year, we don’t get very wet.  When we get over three inches in just a couple of days, we hardly know what to do with ourselves.  Anyway, I slogged through the rain, it was probably uphill both ways, and found exactly NOTHING.  It is just not as much fun on our own.  Lucky for all you loyal readers, we both have a little stash of unpublished photos to cull from and squeeze out a post.  Hence the Friday, OK it might be Saturday as well, files.

First up, I almost forgot this month’s cake:

May PoleThese days, who would know what a maypole is?  I had a teacher in elementary school, don’t even want to think how long ago that was, that insisted we do a May Pole Dance every year.  It was lovely, but it was considered old-fashioned way back then.  Shudder to think what the kids would say about it now.  Actually, the cake is rather sweet, and not a fail at all, but we are going through the whole book.

Now this next one is a fail in oh-so-many ways:

Cow DivaYou’ve heard of gilding the lily, making a silk purse out of a sow’s ear, and putting lipstick on a pig, well they did all that and more to this poor cow.  I kind of like some of the decorated cows, but this one is too far out there for anyone, isn’t it?  On her behalf, she seems to be working it like any B-list actress on a red carpet, but I am pretty sure she will make some of Vogue’s fashion don’ts lists.  Just imagine that black stripe over her face, so you can’t tell who it is.

Here is a “whatsit” for many folks:

Holey SkirtI snapped a quick photo of her, just because you don’t see many of them.  She is a napkin doll.  You placed folded paper napkins in the slits in her dress, causing her to have a case of over-sized skirt disease.  Some of these are very sweet and there are folks that collect them.  This one probably would have been left sitting there by most collectors as she is a pretty ho-hum example.  Just one of those FYI things.

I hemmed and hawed over putting this one in the post, as we probably do have some Southern readers, and we just love lots of things about the South, but here it is anyway:

Forgetaboutit!Really folks, there is a time to just “Let it Go” as Elsa would say.  Honestly, it was over 150 years ago.  Time to move on, and please don’t make a tray out of it.  I really can’t figure out why anyone would WANT a tray with a cranky, cross-eyed veteran on it.  Heck, you could just put a photo of some black-eyed peas and grits on it, and I would be all in.  Or better yet, put some real black-eyed peas, and grits on the tray and bring it to me.  I’ll eat the goodies and recycle the aluminum!

This is also a “not so bad” thing, but we laugh every time we see these:

Grandma GlassThis honking piece of Italian glass probably weighed in at a couple of pounds.  It was a stunning red color and had aventurine in it.  We call these Grandma Glass, because my dear departed Grandma adored these big pieces of bright colorful glass.  I miss her every time I see one, but they make me smile too.  I think that is one of the most fun things about antiquing.  Most everyone has a memory somewhere, and how sweet it is to see a reminder.

OK, I was softening you up, before I got to the really bad stuff:

Infectious DiseaseBand Aid anyone







These two ’60s monstrosities absolutely had to come from the same fabric stash.  Surely there couldn’t be two misguided seamstresses?  To compound their sins, they were both double knit.  That miracle non-wrinkling fabric.  The blue one looks like a field of wild band-aids, and the green one looks like the festering sore you are supposed to place the band-aids on.  I do have to give credit where credit is due: she bought them, but she didn’t sew them up.  What could you make out of them?  Maybe the blue one would be a dandy hospital gown, although it might confound the nurses when they came to reapply the bandages.  However there is no hope for that green one, unless you want to look like a bilious escapee from a Dr. Suess book.

While we are WFT-ing (I am pretty sure that word can be used as a verb!)  What is up with this lamp?

Enough lamp to hang yourselfAre we supposed to think it is a nautical thing, or is it for someone with a noose fetish?  Or maybe it’s from a cowboy’s last lasso?  I guess I can admire the ingenuity that got the rope rigid enough to be a lamp.  Not sure whether they petered out on getting the socket attached, or they got so athletic around it that it broke, but I’m pretty sure why they gave up on it.  Seriously, get a vase, make a lamp.  OK, maybe not:

I guess they would light a roomThe sad thing about these two, is that they were obviously VERY expensive in their day.  Beautifully mounted and trimmed, but they were definitely hit with the gaudy stick multiple times.   Slap down a Persian rug, and scatter a dozen china shepherdesses, and any self-respecting Victorian would be right at home, while the rest of us would be drowning in gewgaws.

I saved the best for last:

For DebI took this photo several months ago, as I knew Deb would love it [I do!!!].  She has a soft spot for these cute little Japanese dolls, but she tries not to buy them, so I took a picture of the sweet thing, and left her on the shelf.  Deb’s house and hubby thank me! Some day, someone will see these sorts of things and think of Deb.  Who and what brings back those memories for you?  Drop us a line; we love to hear from our readers.

Speaking of hearing from our readers, we wanted to share a couple of pictures sent to us by Giarte:

bottle doll 1    bottle doll 2

He was shopping at a thrift store in N.J. and saw this dish-detergent-bottle doll.  The doll’s dress is strange enough without the individual pockets sewn around the hem.  What the heck would you store in all those pockets???

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10 Responses to Friday Files

  1. tkarengold says:

    OK You’ve finally crossed the line. I have that cow/pig. Then again, I also have a pig collection you would not believe. I still love you anyway.

    • kathy & deb says:

      Your pig collection sounds legendary! Glad you can forgive us–it’s all fun and games until we insult your collection! 😉

  2. Stephanie Gazell says:

    Wow – the vase-lamp on the right matches a plate my MIL gave me when she moved out of her apartment and gave away her treasures. I’ll have to look at it carefully when I get home! Love the napkin holder girl and the little sleeping doll. You showed remarkable restraint in leaving her there! :>)

    • kathy & deb says:

      I think the lamp decoration would work on a plate–it’s all about the scale! I’m glad that Kathy had to face the sleeping doll challenge; I might not have been up to it! Thanks for reading!

  3. As always, great finds! I also dig the May cake. You can’t go wrong with ribbons. And the 1960s fabric works, almost. Almost! (The sample on the left.)
    Enjoy the weekend!

    • kathy & deb says:

      Theadora, I’m with you about the fabric almost working; maybe it’s the scale of the pattern. Kathy really dislikes the color green in most of its incarnations. It’s her only flaw! Thanks for reading.

  4. Giarte says:

    oh wow, you liked my bottle doll pictures, thanks for posting them! if i could just get you to change the “she” to a “he”, i would be a happier man.

    • kathy & deb says:

      OMG I’m so sorry! Assumptions are BAD things–eek! I’ve changed the post and thanks so much for the picture!

      • Giarte says:

        Lol! I’m a guy who likes to laugh at crafty kitch, and I’m fine with it. 😉

      • kathy & deb says:

        Welcome–you ARE one of us! Crafty kitch is our favorite kind of good bad or bad good!

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