Sweet Dreams Aren’t Made of These

Garage sale season is in full swing, and while there haven’t been any home runs, we’ve had some good finds.  If you haven’t gone by our Facebook page, you should take a gander at Kathy’s pretty little doily that she bought at a garage sale.  Sometimes, it’s the little things that turn out to be the most rewarding.

Boy, we’ve seen some funky art lately:

Pressed Copper Asian PicturesThis is someone’s pressed copper art that is also tinted.  You’ll have to take it from me that it was much more hideous than my photos convey.  I’m not sure copper is the best choice for skin tone either despite the Coppertone baby ads.

This framed masterpiece was about forty inches tall, which is about thirty-nine inches too much in my book:

Romance book coverIt sure looks like the cover art for some torrid romance novel.  “She was an innocent serving maid in old Seville; he was a rakish Don with a different kind of service in mind.  See what happens when these two strong-willed Homo sapiens collide!”  I have to admit that I enjoy a trashy novel occasionally–brain candy, I call them.

We’re not sure what this is, or what you would ever use it for:

Golf CartIts purpose cannot be decorative!  It was probably about three feet tall and it really rolled on its wheels.  Of what possible benefit could rolling be?  It was heavy enough to cause some damage if it happened to roll into something breakable.  I’m thinking that could be considered a stupidity tax for bringing this horrible thing into your home in the first place.  Of course, it was gone in the next week or two; we’re hoping it rolled right off the shelf and suffered a hard landing.

Another head scratching thing:

Testosterone Test Site

I’m not sure there is a manly enough man cave to merit this sign.  Maybe a garage full of Harleys, football gear, tools, spittoons, UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) posters, and dirty tube socks would be appropriate.  Hard to tell from the feminine perspective.  However, I’m pretty sure that  a woman created this; no being with testosterone would ever think of painting a plaque, much less with those jazzy dotted serifs.

We stopped for the flamingo and stayed for the plastic canvas fly swatter:

plastic canvas fly swatter

Poor plastic canvas!  What did you ever do to be the basis of so many failed craft projects?  Can you imagine how nasty this fly swatter would get after a season of flies?  That poor little goose certainly doesn’t deserve that fate.

On the other hand, this purse’s best use would be as a fly swatter:

Just a little too much going on

Beware, you could break a window with it as it was the size of a beach tote!  I guess that we just never got on the fabric animal print purses adorned with plastic bejeweled decorations bandwagon.  I’ve seen this same fabric with hand guns, crosses, guns and crosses, animals, and flowers.  None of it works as far as I’m concerned.  Glad that fad is passed.

Is it a rhino … a cow … or some Island of Dr. Moreau hybrid?

Rhino Cow looks awfully jittery

Poor thing looks awfully spooked which is never a good thing with either of those critters.  I expect baskets will be flying any minute now.  If I could have thought of a place to put him I would have taken him home; he’s that pitiful.

Here’s another crafty mystery:

Hanging Something    Hanging Hamster Balls!

What the heck is it?  We can tell you that it started life as a hamster ball, but that’s as far as we go.  The rest of my comments start with why.  Why did they paint it gold?  Why did they stick a plastic bead tower on top it?  Why is it bedazzled and braided?  Why are there clock works inside of it?  The questions go on and on with no answers in sight.  Theories anyone?

Let’s look at something cute for a minute and give our eyes and minds a rest:

Everyone needs a friendEveryone needs a friend–especially if you live in a thrift store!  We liked the big-eyed wooden owl and then noticed his companion.  Hopefully someone will take both of them since it would be sad to leave one behind.

Speaking of friends and family, we were amused by this squirrel chain gang:

Squirrels in chains

Ma and Pa squirrel probably have their hands full with these two.  Best keep them right by your side.  They were pretty chipped up, and the thrift store wanted too much for them; besides, we don’t really have a squirrel thing.  If they had been poodles, well, then we could talk.

I think we can end with a couple of fabric follies.  I sure would hate to take a nap on this pillow:

Art Pillow

Can you imagine all the lines on your face after your siesta?  If you could even sleep in the first place.  All that decoration kind of reminds me of a Portuguese man-of-war tentacles, and not in a good way.  The other problem with the pillow is that it fills that chair right up, not leaving any room for the chair’s primary purpose–seating!

I grouped the pillow and this crocheted wind sock together because they both reminded me of a jellyfish:

Crochet Jelly Fish

I don’t know about you, but comparisons to jellyfish aren’t what I’m trying to achieve with my eclectic decorating style.  We really don’t know if this is trying to be a wind sock or not, but however you unravel it, it’s a fail.  Not to mention that you would need a gale wind to move those tentacles!

We want to end with wishing all you mothers a Happy Mother’s Day!  Hope you have a super weekend.Mother's Day Girls


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4 Responses to Sweet Dreams Aren’t Made of These

  1. My theory on the gold ball: Someone did a low budget production of Monty Python and the Holy Grail, and used that as the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch?

    • kathy & deb says:

      That’s a great idea. D. H. thought it could be an Imperial Orb with the clockworks representing the temporal world. I like your idea better!

  2. Diane Rhodes says:

    I think the golden orb was a time machine for very small creatures, probably insects, transporting them all over time and space, until it broke.

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