Ahoy, There Be Garage Sales About!

No, we didn’t garage sale last week when it was raining biblically here in Colorado, but we did the week before.   Not only did we go to garage sales, but they were mostly good garage sales, even if we didn’t buy much.

This first sale had some fun older things that were priced like an antique booth.  We like cool old things that are priced cheaply, but you can’t always get what you want:

Plaid Flap    Nut Pick Set
This nutcracker and pick set were in great shape, as was the vinyl case they lived in.  What a fun giveaway to get from The American National Bank not to mention that the plaid is sooo ’50s.  Too bad that neither of us need nut picks; I have one of those bark nut bowls with the nutcracker and picks in the center and who knows how many nutcrackers Kathy has!   ;- )

This trivet is made from older clothes pins with the springs removed:

Old Clothespin TrivetI might have bought the clothes pins as they are pretty cool, but I definitely don’t need any more trivets.  However, I don’t have anything too snarky to say about it as it’s kind of cute, although, I might have chosen different beads.

I love these sets:

Egg Nog Set

I don’t own one because we don’t drink egg nog or Tom and Jerrys not to mention that it’s like owning a punch bowl when you don’t entertain all that much.  We have so many fun and useful things stored in our kitchen cabinets, that we smile and pass on by punch bowls.  The egg nog set was in wonderful condition; obviously no one ever put it in the dishwasher!  It’s so sad to see vintage kitchenware with most of the decoration gone after being beaten almost to death in dishwashers for 5o years.

This chopper has savoir faire wafting out of the box:


As soon as you get this honey out of the cupboard, you will be cooking like a French chef in no time at all.  I love that they kept the box!  The graphics are so very ’50s or ’60s with our chef wearing a white hat and the Salvador Dali moustaches.  If they had curled just a bit more, I might have said Hercule Poirot!  Sorry about the glare on the top of the box–just squint a little and maybe you can see.

This horse does not meet the high standards of the other garage sale finds:

Pony BottleFirst off, we were a little puzzled by this until someone ahead of us pulled its head off.  Eek it’s a bottle! Then, I was moving it a bit by its leg and almost knocked it right off the table because the LEGS MOVE!  If you were serving booze in this, I’m pretty sure that an accident would occur at some point in the evening because the head comes off (creepy) and the legs move when you touch them.  It startled me, and I was mostly sober.

I wish someone could explain to me why I bought this:

poodle face2     Poodle side

Even the poodle looks surprised that I bought it!  And maybe he was right–just take a look at that facial painting!  It was only 50¢, but that’s not a good enough reason.  I have lots of poodles, and very few of them are black or plastic, so maybe I was just trying to complete my collection.  Somehow, that wasn’t very reassuring. ( Kathy here; I am pretty sure I twisted her rubber arm and made her buy it! )

After garage sale fun, we headed to the thrift store because we’re gluttons for punishment:

Pheasant Soup

Oh my, pheasant soup!  We were laughing pretty hard when we realized that the tail was the ladle; it was all just a bit over the top!  I especially like the mound of flowers and berries on the poor thing’s back; I think they’re supposed to be a knob to pick up the lid.  But really, wouldn’t anyone who was using this just grab the head?  Someone liked it because it was gone the next week.

This pair of candles caused a snort or two as we passed by:

Someone got their feelings hurt

Is it just me, or does that mouse have  a pouty/sarcastic expression?  How could one prevent said expression when standing next to Miss “Can’t Hold a Candle to Me”?  Mr. Mouse seems to be saying, “Come on dadgum it, I’m a purple mouse!”

We like a man who is out standing in his field (sorry):

Tractor art   He's proud of his tractor art

Mr. Shepard was all kinds of proud of his tractor art.  Sad to say that his kids might not have shared his enthusiasm, or one of his patrons’ heirs had the same lack of appreciation for tractor art.

The next couple of things are on the good side.  We had not seen a Florence Ceramics plaque before:

Florence Figural Pictures  Florence MarkThey are pretty collectible and we even have a Florence figure in our Etsy store.  Florence Ward started the pottery during WWII in Pasadena, CA.  Her designs were mostly of women and men dressed in 19th century clothing.  The company was sold in 1964 and started making a different line of pottery merchandise.  These two plaques are very ’50s in their sensibility with the rose color dresses and beige background.  These figures don’t show up all that often in thrift stores–or they’re snapped up as soon as they show their faces.

We saw these eggs at an estate sale:

Now these are decorated eggsI think they were shooting for a poor man’s Fabergé Egg and that’s a pretty high bar.  The eggs were decorated within an inch of their lives with beads, rhinestones, enamel, velvet, knobs, pedestals, and legs which makes them amusing but not breathtaking.  It must be noted that the maker did an amazingly good job; I would for sure have at least a blob of glue somewhere on the eggs.  Especially after applying all those beads; a person could go blind doing that!

Thanks for dropping by and joining in the fun.  If you find any fun things on your rounds and want to share, just email us at thesecondhandroses@gmail.com and we’ll include your picture in a blog post, on Facebook, or both!


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10 Responses to Ahoy, There Be Garage Sales About!

  1. My mom used to have the Mouli Julienne kitchen tool! I remember using it to shred chunks of cabbage. It actually worked pretty well. Not sure if it broke at some point or if Mom go tired of having to cut everything first so it would fit into the tool (it was a pretty small container). Thanks for the memory!

    • kathy & deb says:

      How cool that you remembered it and the box. It did look fun, but kind of small now that you mention it. Thanks for sharing!

    • Randall Craig says:

      My Mom still uses this to shred cheese. This sort of makes me want to find one for myself, but one kitchen can only hold so many vintage goodies.

      • kathy & deb says:

        You’re the second person whose Mother had a Mouli Julliene; we had never seen one before. Thanks for reading!

  2. Barbara says:

    Love the Florence figures, I’ve started garage saling but it’s still kinda slow. Weather permitting, I will go this weekend.

    • kathy & deb says:

      Good Luck garage saling–maybe you can find a Florence figure! 😉 We went today, but now it’s thundering so who knows about tomorrow! Carpe Garage Sales.

  3. joellyn07 says:

    Can you change my email address to SportYorkie@yahoo.com. thanks, I really enjoy you emails.

    • kathy & deb says:

      I’m really sorry but we don’t have access to the subscription addresses. You can unsubscribe and then resubscribe with your new email addy. Good Luck!

  4. jensine says:

    I love the nutcracker … and I don’t have one …and that egg-hog set (which i don’t need) is brilliant

    • kathy & deb says:

      We liked them both too and admired how well they were made, but didn’t need them. Thanks for reading and commenting!

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