Getting Back to Normal–Whatever that Means

Well, we’re both back home and fixin’ to go shopping on Friday for the first time in two whole weeks.  The weather looks like it will be pleasant, so hopefully that means some garage sales!  Woo hoo!  Kathy has been out on Saturday with her clan, but this will be the first of the season for us.  I’m pretty sure all that anticipation has probably jinxed any chance of Friday being sunny–that’s how the weather rolls in Colorado, especially in the spring.

We’ve got to clean up some old finds from way back.  Like this one:

Belly button cleanerAre any of you old enough to remember Spencer’s Gifts?  There was one in a mall near where I grew up and my friends and I would spend hours looking at the silly and naughty gifts; we thought they were the funniest thing we had ever seen!  This perfumed, jeweled, studded belly button brush would have fit right in with the switchblade combs, whoopee cushions, and over-the-hill humorous “prescriptions” that we giggled/snorted over way too many years ago.  My favorite part of the directions is where it says, “BE POPULAR.  KEEP IT CLEAN.  MAKE MONEY AT HOME.”  Yup, that pretty much sums up my opinion of people’s belly buttons.

This HAS to be decorative–don’t you think?

Age of Aquarius

I cannot imagine making a zodiac molded jello salad unless I was hosting a Hair: The American Tribal  Love-Rock Musical after-party, and then it would be hilarious!  I had no idea that the musical had any other name besides Hair–thanks Wikipedia!  Of course, it’s also hard to imagine any one having a groovy enough kitchen to use the signs of the zodiac as decoration.

We kind of liked these; if only for being a nice change from the plastic squishy ones:

Grapes of Rock

The grapes of wrock, we called them.  While we liked the polished blue stones, I think the leaves could have shown a little more flair.  The whole thing felt wired together.  I can’t imagine drilling and gluing wire onto all of those grapes only to have the whole thing end up in a thrift store.  On the other hand, I can’t really blame anyone who decided to get rid of it, either.

These pieces of glass are kind of hard to see being back-lit and all:

Chihuly on the cheap

We thought they would make a nice decoration for the garden, ala Chihuly.  Unfortunately, they wanted around $15 each for them, which is ridiculous!  Especially considering how they would be smashed by the first hail storm or even the first time mule deer came tromping through the yard.  Someone liked them, as they disappeared–hope they had a coupon.

I recognize that eye roll wise Mrs. Owl is giving her fledgling:

Words of wisdom for teenagers and know it alls

I was (and maybe still am?) a bit of a know-it-all myself, so I probably should have this tattooed on my forearm.  However, it’s still appropriate for every teenager, every where!  Too bad they don’t spend much time reading trivets.  Parents should just serve dinner using the trivet and roll their eyes while sipping a nice Merlot.  Thankfully, kids usually come to their senses sometime in their twenties, or even earlier if you’re lucky.

We so know why this was at the thrift store, and there were two of them:

Yarn Pillow Corset

It wouldn’t take me long to toss this monotonous corseted pillow.  Off-white pillows are problematic for most households, now add something that will pill and attract pets who chew and claw.  Smart move dumping it at the thrift store!  Now if they had only put a real corset on the pillow and added some color, it could have found a home in someone’s boudoir.

We haven’t seen one of these in quite a while:

Cake of SoapWe know why they didn’t use all this soap–it’s for good, not just everyday.  Gosh, we rip choice stuff open right away and get busy using it.  I’m not leaving “good” stuff for some ungrateful wretch who will just cart it off to a thrift store!  I guess they could have saved it because it was “too pretty” to use; those words make no sense to us whatsoever!

Kathy isn’t much a fan of the color green–except in nature.  But even I had to admit that this was a little much:

Colorful sofaHope they had it in a garden room with plain walls so you didn’t go cross-eyed looking at patterns.  It might have helped if the print weren’t so vivid and quilted!  But of course, what do we know?  It was gone the next week.

We have no idea what’s going on in this picture:

Corona glasses are the least weird part of thisWe were just innocent bystanders, walking into a thrift store and BAM!  Really, the Corona glasses are the least weird thing about the male mannequin.  This could explain the store’s pricing strategy–the whole staff is drunk, high, wasted, wrecked, three sheets to the wind, in their cups, or whatever the kids call it these days.

Let’s end on a good thing:

Falcon ware candlesticks   Falcon Ware mark

We could tell that these were old and nicely made despite being orange, a color that I like but maybe isn’t so popular with the masses.  The windmills look hand painted as does the decoration near the top.  The mark JHW & Sons refers to J. H. Weatherby & Sons pottery started in 1891.  This mark was used from around 1928 to 1936.  There is an ebay auction for a pitcher with the same decoration, which called the glaze “radioactive orange”.  I quite like orange and hope that’s the seller’s description and not the maker’s.  JHW & Sons made some souvenir pottery, so maybe that’s the market it was produced for or maybe windmills were considered exotic and that’s why they were the decoration on these candlesticks.

I was intrigued by the use of “radioactive” orange in interior design and tried to research color use through the decades, online.  This lead to the purchase of  Pantone: The Twentieth Century in Color.  I can see a book review post coming up in the future.

That’s it for this week.  We’ve always got more surprises coming, so keep tuning in every Friday!


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2 Responses to Getting Back to Normal–Whatever that Means

  1. Carol says:

    My local mall still has a Spencer’s Gifts. My teenage daughter refuses to go into the store.

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