Hoppin’ Down the Crafting Trail

Since Deb did the crazy rabbits last week, it’s left to me to see what has crawled out of the craft room.  Easter is just like any holiday–there are those who should leave the glue gun alone, and just head out to Hallmark.  Fortunately, or unfortunately for us, they didn’t heed my advice, and hit up Michaels crafts instead.  Here are some of the results.

We are going to give this one a few extra points just for being HUGE:

Purple Easter WreathThat is one giant bow, and you know the wreath is supersized when you can put an ordinary stuffed animal on it.  It seems to me that if they had just exercised a little restraint, this could have been good.  Lose the bow and bunny, add a modest-sized bow and few more eggs and “ta-da”, much better.  At least it would give the Easter Bunny a terrific place to hide eggs.  You might be able to get half a dozen in there.

Here is another Easter wreath that didn’t quite know when to stop:

Rabbit hat wreathThe Easter hat bunny might have worked, but he has the oddest case of dandruff ever.  He even looks a bit down in the dumps over it.  Maybe some “Hare and Shoulders” would help.

So if your door can’t handle the wrath thing (Freudian slip, I meant wreath), may be you could go for a topiary?

Easter TreeDrat, this is another of those things that was truly much worse in person.  Honest, it had one of everything slapped onto it with some excess hot glue.  These crafts are always a little more pathetic as they slowly self-destruct.  I am pretty sure that is a defense mechanism, designed to release innocent bystanders from the torture.

On the other hand, these things never seem to disintegrate.  They are in it for the long haul:

Plastic canvas Tissue holder2I might have been able to forgive this one, as I do tend to go a little overboard decorating for ALL holidays, but the colors are just appalling.  That insipid brown and hot pink do nothing for each other, or any one else.

Plastic canvas Tissue holderIt really is a good thing there is a bunny on one side, as the side with the supposed Easter Egg, is pretty hard to interpret just on its own.  It could be almost anything: a bomb, a blue haired guy with square glasses, an ink blot, you figure it out.  I think I would rather see a plain old tissue box, thank you very much.

These aren’t handmade, so there are multiple people who should be shot for producing them:

Killer bunniesThey were pretty weird rabbits to begin with, and giving them the Joan Collins Dynasty look didn’t do them any favors.  Pity the poor kid who finds one of these in their basket.

This person tried, they really did.  They were probably frantically putting it together on Easter Eve, so there was no time to run out and find a better offering for the basket, but oh dear:

Knitted no nosThe chick is not so bad but that bunny has a bad case of Snidely Whiplash whiskers.  They just need a little curl to them.  Well, and I suppose you’d better ditch the dress.  No self-respecting villain wears a dress, unless he is the big bad wolf pretending to be Grandma.

We had to laugh when we came across not one, but two of these, at separate stores, no less:

Another Yarn Bunny BasketYarn Bunny BasketThey were kinda cute, although both of them suffer from “wonky eye”.  It is pretty hard to make google eyes sit still on a pom-pom.  They were probably cuter before they spent a couple of years on the bottom of the box of Easter decorations, but we will pass out an A for effort.

Deb here, horning in on Kathy’s post.  I found this basket in Florida:

Chocolat bunny

This poor little chocolate bunny seems to belong right here; can’t let all those boring vanilla bunnies hog the show!  Plus his googly eyes seem to be attached firmly to his pom-pom!

We much preferred this sweet little basket:

Frilly basketDainty and ’50s cute, and just ready to fill with eggs.  Perhaps even these:

Ribbon EggsWe were quite impressed with the dexterity of the person whp carefully folded the ribbon and applied it to these eggs.  They came out really pretty, and hardly deserve the fate of the Bag-O-Stuff at the thrift store.  Maybe they didn’t need all the silk flowers, but we can forgive a little lapse.

Last up … the cake.  I noticed I forgot last month’s one of these, but it actually wasn’t too bad, so it slipped my mind.  This month’s makes up for it:

scan0002You know, if you used licorice for the whiskers and curled them just the tiniest bit, yep, it’s Snidely again!

We realized that we did not include the link to the annual Peeps Diorama contest, so we had better rectify that.  I had a hard time coming up with a really good way to look at all of them, but if you click on one of the brackets you can scroll through them.  Click on each photo for a larger picture.

Washington Post Peeps Contest

Hope you all have a lovely spring day for Easter.  Have a chocolate bunny for us!



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  1. tkarengold says:

    Happy Easter, Happy Passover, Happy Spring or just have a nice day.

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