Easter Finds Multiply like Rabbits

Usually we only find enough weird stuff for one post, but lucky you, it’s two this year.  The good news is that they will be shorter posts–we know everyone is busy right now what with the holiday and warmer (hopefully) weather.We just have one rule for Easter: There is no such thing as too much candy, especially chocolate!

We both like to read children’s books, even as supposed grownups.  One of our favorites is Bunnicula:


Well, here he is to the life!  It even looks like he has fangs sunk into the carrot!  My goodness, that poor little carrot must be quaking all the way down to its roots.  If I didn’t have a soft spot for Bunnicula, there is no way I would have this evil bunny near my garden, much less delivering a basket of candy.  His mean looks might curdle milk chocolate.  He even looks evil from the side:

Bunicula is garden artThis picture is just to prove that there’s art out there for every taste, even if it’s only “garden art”.  Seeing these pictures kind of makes me sad I didn’t buy Bunnicula.  Maybe he would scare the real rabbits that are infesting my yard, torturing my drip tubing and the garden.

Here’s Bunnicula’s absolute opposite:

Ahh, Look at that little faceYou know he wouldn’t terrify innocent veggies in your refrigerator, nor would your cat or dog be worried about him hopping about the house.  Honestly, he is just too adorable in that so-sweet-your-teeth-ache sort of way.  But, you could definitely turn your back on him and not have to worry.

I’m not sure what exactly is going on with this covered dish:

Rabbit in the haystack covered dish

For starters, I don’t think it’s all that attractive as a decorative piece.  There are so many cute bunny candy dishes out there that would make better Easter trimmings.  The hay wagon is kind of clunky, the painting could be better, and what do bunnies and hay wagons have to do with each other anyway?

Haystack Rabbit why are you covering your child's eyes?

We also noticed that the mother bunny on top of the hay is hiding her child’s eyes.  It didn’t make much sense until we saw the child on the ground about to be smushed under the tires (see above picture).  No one wants to witness that!  No, we didn’t set that up; just more antics by those humorous thrift store workers creating quirky vignettes on the shelves.  Of course, if this were sitting in your living room, you would have to make sure to buy the child under the tires, too.

This is our kind of bunny:

Our kind of bunny

Full of helpful advice–eat jellybeans and save rabbits?  Sign us up!  It kind of reminds me of the old joke:

For Codd

Oh the life of a chocolate rabbit!

This plate tries sooo hard to be a charming and old-fashioned:

Trying so hard to be old and fun

The bunnies have strange heads; there’s just something wrong about them.  Oh well, it’s not good enough to be decorative, or decorative enough to be good.  I’m not wasting my money; the world is full of much nicer things.

The thrift store has a huge wall of stuffed animals:

Good and Bad

The bunny with a human mouth is super creepy.  Why would they put human-colored plastic flesh on a stuffed animal?  I also cannot figure out the deal with the little pink button nose either.  If you wanted a stuffed animal, why wouldn’t you pick the little dog with the rabbit ears in the upper left corner?  He’s adorable!

It seems to be the Easter for angry rabbits:

Pissed off bunny

If we hadn’t found the “Garden Art” rabbit at the beginning of the post, this might be our choice for Bunnicula.  That narrowed-eye Clint Eastwood gaze seems to be saying, “What the heck are you looking at?” or “Move along, nothing to see here!”.  He looks like one of  those bunnies who could stare down a rattlesnake without breaking a sweat.  Glad I’m not a carrot!

We’re frequently jealous of clothes and boots they make for kids (probably because we’re overgrown kids ourselves) and we want this boot in our size:

I want these my size

Who wouldn’t feel like splashing around on a rainy day if you had duck feet?  It might even make you look forward to a real downpour!  You could stomp puddles, quack, and probably gather a few worried glances; sounds like fun to me!

Thanks for reading, and come back for Kathy’s post next week.  She’s going to show you some homemade Easter trouble!


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4 Responses to Easter Finds Multiply like Rabbits

  1. tkarengold says:

    The only good rabbit is a chocolate one.

  2. Lisa S. says:

    Hi I’m wondering how or where I can purchase the Dudley’s save the bunny eat jelly beans stuffed bunny? Thank you very much.my name is Lisa

    • kathy & deb says:

      Sorry Lisa, we aren’t sure where to buy one. We saw the one in this post over a year ago at a thrift store. 😦 Maybe you’ll get lucky!

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