Over the Top

Congratulations to Terri for winning the hanky giveaway–use it in good health!

It’s usually a “good thing” when folks go above and beyond.  How happy are you with a “baker’s dozen”, the wait staff who takes extra care of your kids, that mechanic who doesn’t charge you an arm and a leg for something simple?  Well, we have some examples this week that prove there really is a line that can be crossed over.  Not that we are advocating against those wonderful extras, we just think these folks could have stopped a little sooner.

Take this little souvenir for example:

That's what I call flair!No matter how hard you look at it, it’s still a tacky souvenir plate to hang on your wall, but did we really need the 3-D ruffled skirt to catch all the extra dust? You gotta give the dancer full marks for trying to make the fashion work, but even her partner seems a bit put off by the whole look.  Yeah, Yeah, I know, Flamenco dancers are supposed to look that way, but I still say they look pissed.

Here is an example of the Energizer Bunny of decorating things:

Decals and crochet cannot save these platesFirst they tried adding decals to the plates.  Nope, not quite there.  I know, let’s put some crochet around the edges.  Hmm.  Still needs something.  Hey, how about some rickrack?  Cause everything looks better with rickrack.  Or maybe not.  It might have helped if the decals had less orange and more red to match the crochet, or maybe they should have just left the plates white and put some cake on them.  Pretty sure most folks would prefer that, unless she really couldn’t cook, or it was fruitcake.

While we are speaking of crafting, we found this little lady this past week:

I'm hiding something under my skirt!She kind of made us giggle, and you know how we are about dolls.  About that time, Deb tired to move her to take a photo, and noticed she was hiding a deep dark secret:

How dare you!Yes, her B.O. was so bad, it took a whole air freshener for it!  You know, I never thought those Renuzits were all that decorative, so this was probably better.  But maybe you should just clean the house with some nice lemon juice, and skip the whole thing.

Of course, if you are embarking on a spring cleaning binge, this is never going to help:

Mop angelHere we have your basic, bug-eyed, feather-winged, mop angel.  Just what everyone needs.  I don’t know what they were going for.  Trying to make a doll, or disguising the mop and hoping the housework goes away?  Maybe they were just hoping the good floor-cleaning fairy would smile on them, and scrub the floor.  At least, if all else fails with this, you can fasten it to a pole and mop the tile.  What a novel idea.

We both come from the school of overoptimistic gardeners (Is there any other kind in CO?), so we love garden art.  It makes up for the color that we lose every time Mother Nature lets loose with a hailstorm just when all our favorite pretty things are coming into bloom.  But … we draw the line here:

Happiness is a ladybug?Happiness is a fake rock with ladybugs?  I think not.  We like ladybugs, might go so far as to even love them (once had a whole bevy of them clear up the aphids on a hibiscus that I had totally despaired of), so much so that we would never fill them up with fake jewels and put them on a rock.  Best you could do with this one would be to tie a threatening letter to it and chuck it through a window, although I don’t advise it.

Lake Tahoe is a gorgeous place, which just happens to have gambling, so this is the memory you bring home?

They must have been drunk when they bought thisSeriously, why didn’t you gamble your money away, rather than buy this?  Go to the edge of the lake and throw the money into it.  Lose it while hiking in the beautiful mountain areas near by. Take yourself to dinner.  Heck, give it to a passerby and let them gamble it away.  It didn’t work, so we have no idea what it played, but I am praying it was “Something Stupid”.  For the record, I love this song, but the title just works here, plus, if you watch the video, you got a Smothers Brothers extra.

This next item falls into our WTF category:

Throw them both backAnd it only gets worse, as you travel around to the dark side:

Throw them both back2Are we supposed to believe that the fish fought so hard he bit out the back of his pants, or does he just always fish in that attire?  We are pretty sure why his wife sent him out to fish.  Who would want that around the house?  I guess you have to be happy he is not coming home empty-handed.  There will be a heck of a fish fry tonight, but I would say he is already to sozzled to care.  We think the world would be an infinitely better place if this had never been made.  We could break this one, but you know there were more of them, and they are probably not extinct yet.  Maybe not even on the endangered species list.

All righty, I think you all have suffered enough, so here is your reward for slogging through the weekly rubbish:

Paint and ColorAre these just about the cutest graphics you have ever seen?  The coloring pages inside were not that cute, and it was missing the “handy plastic tray of paints and crayons”, so we didn’t bring it home, but it sure made us smile.  Showing my age by saying that this would have about made my month as a kid.  Does anyone color any more?

Here’s hoping that spring is coming to your area, and that all your finds are good ones.  If not, you know where to send the photos.

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8 Responses to Over the Top

  1. tkarengold says:

    As a child my grandparents would always bring me something if I got sick. The Paint and Color set reminds me of those days. I loved stuff like that. Now if you could find candy cigarettes…that would really make me nostalgic. Can you imagine giving a kid candy cigarettes these days?
    AND…thank you for the lovely handkerchief.

    • kathy & deb says:

      That paint and color set also reminds me of colorforms which we also loved as kids. Yeah, we all liked the candy cigarettes too and used to puff away on them until they were sticky. Glad the hanky made it.

  2. Oh dear… I remember the hand-crafted dollies to cover up the air fresheners. I think they graced the bathrooms of all of my aunts as well as grandma’s house. Fortunately, mom didn’t sew so we were saved from this taking up residence at our abode.

  3. Oh, wow…that Tahoe souvenir…I’m speechless…

  4. Stephanie Gazell says:

    The angler with the peekaboo pants just about did me in! Hilarious! And the “something stupid” is a riot! Thanks, as always, for the smiles – and HAPPY SPRING! :>)

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