Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

No, this isn’t a wedding post, although we are swathed in crystalline white here in monochromatic Colorado.  I was just looking through the pictures and that phrase popped into my head.  I do have to admit that borrowed is sort of a reach, though to be fair, all the bad things we take pictures of are on borrowed time.

The somethings old were mostly adorable:

Child's bowl     Child's bowl2

This child’s bowl had the cutest elephants all around the edges doing sporty kinds of things.  I’m not sure why they went with little girls making up doll beds for the central picture.  Sigh, boys had all the fun way back then!  It was well-loved and used; the interior picture was hard to see in person, never mind the glare and poor photography.  Plus, they had $13 on it, and you know what cheapskates we are!

This little bowl broke our hearts:

Bunny Child's plate  Bunny bowl mark

Again, very well-loved and used; sadly the cracks went all the way through.  The bunnies are so appealing and it’s Roseville to boot–probably from the 1920s.  They had the same price on this, and so we left it for someone else who would cherish this charming little bowl.  I know it’s hard for you to believe, but we don’t buy everything we see, just most of it!

Finally, something cute from that decade from hell–the ’70s:

Cute Rooster plate   Rooster plate mark

There are older versions of this pattern from Metlox, a California pottery, and they are even cuter!  If there were more pieces of this, I would have been mightily tempted to buy it and sell it on Etsy.

We have a couple of vintage crafts that we found–one good and one bad.  Guess which one this is:

TP hat

Rarely, does anything good come from a roll of toilet paper combined with plastic doilies, crochet, and fake flowers.  The worst part of all is that you couldn’t pull the t.p. out for use in emergencies!  This is purely, cough, decorative.

On the other hand, this is decorative and theoretically useful:

Crochet apron with rose

I don’t remember ever seeing a crocheted apron with a crocheted rose attached.  This little honey is in desperate need of starch to make it hang correctly.

These somethings new could qualify as somethings really, really old:

The Shelf that Time Forgot   The Shelf that Time Forgot

I’m not sure what market these dinosaurs are aimed at.  They aren’t cartoonish, but few adults want realistic resin dino tchotchkes on their shelves.  As far as kids are concerned, plastic or cloth dinosaurs are more fun to play with and won’t break–so what the heck?  The weirdest part is that they were gone next week.  Maybe a teacher bought them for a fun class display??

My take on this is going to surprise you:

Bottles with possiblities

Yeah, most of this is disgusting junk, but the two things with the orange arrows have definite possibilities, if I were the type to buy food at a thrift store.  The bottle on the far left end is oil with chili peppers and herbs.  This was probably a good thing at one time; too bad the recipient wasn’t open to trying it.  The bottle next to it is filled with different kinds of peppercorns–attractive and useful!  I’m sad that it ended up at Goodwill.

This poor giraffe goes right into the wtf file:

Wooden GiraffeI’m sort of freaked by the short neck–poor thing will never get a mate.  But what is the deal with the onesie?  If you look closely, that’s real fabric on the poor wooden thing and that knocks the whole shebang right out of the sanity ballpark.

Yes, we have bad crafts that aren’t too terribly old:

Bless this Child   Yes, bless this child

Yes Lord, please bless this child; it needs all the help it can get with a chimpanzee for a father.  If they’re trying to go for the Amish look, then it’s a fail.  I think it would have worked better just to use brown yarn for the beard, as ghastly as that idea sounds.  We totally get why this is at the thrift store; the only way it’s leaving is via the trash can.

This is the best of the somethings new:

Bovine S & P

I’m not sure why they’re in a basket, they aren’t kittens for Pete’s sake!  I think they would better fit in a salt and pepper corral or paddock.  They are decorative–just look at the necklaces of pink flowers they’re wearing.  If I wanted salt and pepper shakers, I could do much worse than this pair.

On to somethings borrowed:

Pheasant in a bag

This poor bagged pheasant would be on borrowed time in either of our households.  Kathy’s Scrappy cat would rip it to pieces on sight, while my dog Koko would probably carry the pheasant around getting it all wet and yucky before eating it.  We find these feathered birds amusing, but rarely bring them home because we don’t need more housework, thank you very much!

These pictures are very much on borrowed time in my book:

Figurine pictures

They were actually made this way–this isn’t someone’s craft project gone terribly, terribly wrong.  We couldn’t let the ’70s totally off the hook, even for one post.  I can see this pair hanging over someone’s piano and there they remained, until the household was broken up.  The heirs, to their immense credit, weren’t totally oblivious to the hideousness of these two instrument-torturing imps.  I nearly dropped them, but with my luck they would have survived the “accident”.

You can’t get much bluer than these glass poodle bottles:

$7 Blue Poodel bottles2

They’re trying so hard to look old, but they aren’t.  I have no idea why Goodwill marked them $7 each; what the heck would you do with them?  I suppose they would look okay on your window sill (if no one looked too closely) with the sun shining through them.  I like poodle stuff and yet left them right there on the shelf.

Well, that used up most of our picture backlog.  We’ll be shopping and snapping photos tomorrow like usual.  Thanks for reading, and if you have an idea for a post, or pictures you want to share, send them our way.  We need all the help we can get!


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10 Responses to Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

  1. I bet those dinosaurs end up in someone’s science fair diorama… 🙂

    • kathy & deb says:

      Of course, why didn’t I think of that! Beloved Hubby was a little peeved that I didn’t buy him one or two. 😉

  2. (Although I could wish that this lady had found them and turned them into something, er, clever:

  3. Love the crocheted apron. Even though my apron collection is bursting at the seams, it is such a sweet little apron. I can just imagine a little girl wearing it in the kitchen as she helped her mom.

    • kathy & deb says:

      It was so cute, but I’m like you! It has to be extra special to make it into my collection because something else has to leave! I’m surprised you didn’t mention the dinosaurs. I’m pretty sure Mr. Overalls would have liked them.

      • True… there are little dinosaurs all around the house. And given the current kitten capers… chances are they would end up shattered on the floor. The young one has figured out how to get on top of shelves and she likes to knock things to the floor. Hopefully whoever got the dinosaurs has them in a kitten-free zone.

      • kathy & deb says:

        Someone took all of them; it was suggested that they would be good for a science fair project which is good thinking. Not too many kittens there! ‘-)

  4. Steph Gazell says:

    Love the Metlox – hubby and I use our two plates and two bowls every week, and I wish I had more pieces – I’ll have to check Etsy for more!

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