Another Day, Another Shell

The long dreary days of the rest of winter are now upon us.  Sigh …  We decided years ago that anything after Christmas is just wasted winter.  Snow is pretty on Dec. 25th, and by the 26th, it has worn out its welcome.  We have had so much ice on the ground that the going has been very treacherous for pedestrians, but never fear, a little ice never stopped us, it just makes us grumble.

I think we just need to stop promising to quit taking pictures of shells.  We can’t seem to help it.  To make matters worse, we are pretty sure they are stalking us.  This little fellow was sneakily sitting in the entry of our favorite Indian restaurant.  We eat there every week, and this is the first time that something like this has intruded:

Shells for lunchLooking at it now, I am not sure what it is, other than hapless shells turned once again into a dust collector.  I don’t know how we are supposed to not take pix, if they follow us around!

This week, we have a couple of pieces of jewelry.  I am not sure why we don’t have more, as we are both hopelessly addicted to the stuff, but it might be because many of the stores stuff the gewgaws into a case, and we have to get it out to take a photo.  We don’t want the jewels to get the idea we might actually take them home.  Hate to raise false hopes.  All we can say on this necklace’s behalf is, “It sure is big”:

Super huge, super ugly necklaceIt was only chunky cheap plastic, but the folks sorting baubles in the back must have thought it was related to the crown jewels, as they priced it at $19.99.  This store has a half price sale every Saturday, and we are pretty sure they price things with that in mind, but I think it is going to take one heck of a fire sale to get this misguided chandelier around someone’s neck.

Now this next one really did reach out and grab me (pun intended):

Lobster pinWhat woman doesn’t need a neon metallic lobster in her jewelry wardrobe?  I think it was hand made with bits of fabric and wire wrapped around a plastic lobster and turned into a pin.  Two strands of plastic beads, and your Mardi Gras ensemble would be set.  I thought it was ridiculous goofy fun, and I would have brought it home, but really, $7.00?  I love it when thrift stores save me from myself.

On to the decorating corner:

OMG, that fabric is hideousThat brown chair has so many strikes against it, it could make the outs for an entire baseball team.  It was not improved by perching next to the floral couch either.  Besides making you bug-eyed with the pattern, it was a terribly uncomfortable-looking thing.  We were afraid to be seen sitting in it, so didn’t try it out.  Plus, it had to have spent its past living in some bachelor pad.  Who knows what has been spilled on it, before the new bride insisted it was her or the chair.

And now some news from the animal kingdom:

Owl spoon restWho doesn’t think of owls when they think of Florida?  Why, that’s the first thing that pops into my head.  Let’s head to the beach for some nice oranges (they got that part right) and owl watching?  The google eyes are just the icing on the cake, or the feathers on the bird, or something.  We also loved the baby perched on mom’s head, as that is probably proven owl behavior.  BTW, I do love spoon rests, but there is no way this was getting anywhere near my kitchen.

This just made us laugh:

Peking DuckIt’s the Peking Duck family out for a stroll!  Mom insisted they all put on their hats.  Wouldn’t want to be Crispy Duck, right?  They had a sort of Indonesia vibe, but it was really the arrangement that had us chuckling.

And now for a cutie:

Cute Elephant pitcherThis is a charming Hall cream pitcher.  We would have snapped it right up, but there was a chip on his trunk.  We adopt orphans like this, but as our house is stuffed, it would have had to go to our Etsy shop.  There were other pitchers in this same line: a kitten, and I don’t remember what else.  Fat lot of good I am!  He was still cute.

Now for a puzzle.  We saw this, and spent a good 30 seconds trying to figure out what it is.  Then we decided it was too taxing for our little brains, and so we took a picture to share, and let others come up with the solution:

What is it2?What is this?It was made of heavy aluminum, the blade was bent at an angle and there was a slit at the bottom of the angle.  It also boasted a well turned wooden handle and some nice decorative work around the edges.  It showed no signs of use, as we are pretty sure no else know what to do with it either.  It would make a heck of a stab wound.  I am surprised none of those crime scene TV shows haven’t thought of it.  Any and all suggestions from our loyal readers are welcome.  We will probably find out what it is, and then decide we need one, and spend the next year looking for two of them!

The weather is supposed to be lovely tomorrow, so we will be primed and ready to search out the weird, bizarre, and goofy to share with all our readers.  Don’t forget, if you find something odd, send it in, and we will make fun of it with the rest!

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10 Responses to Another Day, Another Shell

  1. Karen says:

    IF It opens up, I believe it’s a crumb catcher used at the edge of a table.

    • kathy & deb says:

      You could be right Karen–those crumb catchers are usually decorative. I’m worried about the gap along the fold though … Thanks for the idea!

  2. Stephanie Gazell says:

    Maybe that thing at the end is a fish flipper…or a coal shovel….or…I’ve run out of ideas, but now I must know what it is! Love the shell Owl (is it an owl?) and the Florida Sunshine Owl. Hope you girls get rid of your ice real soon! We’re expecting a snowstorm tomorrow that will greatly inconvenience everyone. Grrr….

    • kathy & deb says:

      I like coal shovel–might as well look good while doing such a dirty job! 😉 The ice floes are slowly retreating; sorry you’re getting snow! I’m ready for spring–how about your?

  3. tkarengold says:

    I’m thinking a Thai spatula for greasy food. The opening lets the drippings stay in the pan.

  4. Andrea says:

    No ideas about that tool. I am also often saved by the prices on things. I really would like to be a fly on the wall and hear what some of these people have to say about the items they are pricing.

    • kathy & deb says:

      Yeah, prices save us fairly often; these things are used so why ask so much for them? When we complained at one place, we were reminded (pretty snippily, I might add) that the money goes to charity. But, the amount of money that makes its way to the charity varies wildly from thrift to thrift.

  5. Monica says:

    I’m pretty sure the elephant pitcher is Shawnee pottery. They also did the Puss N Boots cat pitcher, which is what you remembered. They have a lot of cute figural pottery, including the Corn King line.

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