Evil Twin

Beloved Husband and I were debating titles for this post filled with slightly off duplicates; our favorites were Spitting Image (they made me want to spit!), Through a Mirror Darkly, Carbon Copy, Dead Ringers, and a couple more I can’t remember.  But, really, Evil Twin explains things very succinctly.  Ahh, it’s good to be back.

This pair made us laugh for wildly different reasons:

Hope that isn't a duck feather   Back when baths were fun

Poor pink ducky–I surely hope that isn’t a duck feather she is wearing.  I can’t even understand the thinking behind the Native American waterfowl decoration.  It took a while for me to understand that those pink and blue things on her chest were feathers.  Not her feathers, but donated, decorative feathers.  On the other hand, those yellow rubber duckies are adorable–especially the last one!  It should give the kiddos something to think about while playing in the tub.

Next, yarn comes into play:

Colorful Crochet    Decorated can

The afghan proves you can give people headaches by mixing and matching patterns and colors.  The blankie might work at a day care where the color scheme looks like it comes from spilling a box of crayons.  On the other hand, the crocheted flowers on the oatmeal carton make for a fun storage or gift box.  It’s scary how much a creator can make or break a craft project.

Our next entry features rodents, and frankly neither may qualify as good, but one is definitely worse:

The finishing touch   Zsa Zsa 2

The mouse definitely has evil eyebrows and I’m afraid to ask what the finishing touch is–especially if it’s cheese with bright orange mold.  Even the bunny photobombing in the back looks a little nervous.  Now the squirrel is the most fabulous, deco squirrel ever.  I call her Zsa Zsa because of the fur and glitter. I was oh so tempted to buy her and hide her in the snow at a friend’s house.  As long as the snow didn’t melt, I think she would be invisible!

We even have ’90s twins that are both pretty darn floral:

More '90s fabric   Oh '90s we miss you

The couch is what it is–it would probably be fine in most houses not painted pink.  We just laughed at it because it reminded us of the fabric gift set which we are told is a “basket full of dreams”.  You are encouraged to indulge yourself with its contents: a phone book and note pad, a plush teddy bear, a vanity hand mirror, a large handsomely decorated basket, a heart-shaped jewelry box with a heart-shaped sachet, a double photo frame, two scented hangers with a brass plated hook, and a sachet that doubles as a basket cover and pincushion.

I have a couple of questions about the fabric gift set: 1)  how does all that fit in a box that doesn’t even measure a foot by a foot, 2) are there two baskets in there, and 3) what happened to indulging yourself with chocolate, jewelry, a foot massage, or a hot bubble bath, instead of fabric?  It’s pretty easy to tell that the fabric gift set is the evil one!

Again, of the next two items, I’m not sure one is evil and the other benign.  Calling one good is surely going too far!

But why that color   Colors not found in nature

Colorful Colorado is a wonderful motto for a kicking state.  But I somehow think they’re thinking of the blue skies, purple mountain majesties, and meadows of wildflowers, not a pea-green ashtray.  Of all the possible colors, that has to be one of the worst!  Now the link to the bird picture is the wild and unusual colors of the grass plants.  If you were choosing a color for an ashtray or grasses, I’m pretty sure these aren’t the colors most of us would choose.  Okay, that was weak, but I just wanted to try to do another twin.

Time to abandon ship on the twin theme.  Okay, this kid’s chair made us laugh and laugh:

Arggh matey, have a seat

Arrgh, that be a fine, fightin’ chair, Jim Lad!  I’m wondering if that’s a hat that’s been stretched over the back of that chair.  If so, it’s inspired!  If I had a little boy, this would have come home with me in an instant.  It was gone next week, so hopefully it did go home with a little pirate!

Wow, we wondered what they served in this extra special serving dish:

Tassled Serving dish

Whatever the dish was, I hope it didn’t come with a lot of sauce–how would you ever clean those tassels?  That neatly dodges the question of who in the wild world of sports would put fabric trim and tassels on a silver serving dish?

Thanks for coming by and keep checking in because we have some fun posts coming up.  By the way, the Etsy shop is open again–check us out!

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4 Responses to Evil Twin

  1. tkarengold says:

    Learning how to make those “granny squares” was a crochet highlight of my young life. Decorating oatmeal boxes – no.

    • kathy & deb says:

      I like making granny squares myself and even find them attractive when they’re done in sane colors. Who knows what gets into the minds of crocheters when choosing their yarns? We had to decorate oatmeal containers in Girl Scouts–usually with some hideous fabric and pipe cleaner flowers. They were something to behold but we used them for our hair bobs. 😉

  2. I’m actually a bit partial to the mouse with the evil eyebrows! Now that’s a bit of a worry, really! Also, it never ceases to amaze me how good “floral” can be – or how dreadfully bad! And the crochet – golly! Perhaps they had used up all their pretty colours and were stash busting! Great post! xoxoxox

    • kathy & deb says:

      Thanks Dani for your kind comments. We see some amazingly wonderful crochet and then the “stash busters” to use your clever turn of phrase. Kathy bought a beautiful crochet twin bedspread today. Maybe she’ll take a picture of it for the blog; so much work for $10!

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