Leftover Crafts

Deb was off again this week.  Of course, we are both usually “off”, but that’s not what I meant.   She was off sunning herself in tropical climes.  Take a look:

Todos Santos Los Colibris

If that doesn’t make you want to shoot her, you are a better person than I.  [Deb here: for those of you interested, we were at Los Colibris in Todos Santos BCS, Mexico.  It was really beautiful, especially considering they were hit by a hurricane last September.  Back to your regularly scheduled post.]  Here at home, we had days with highs of 25°F and nights of minus 10°F.  Yep, officially hate her.  Of course, now she is back home and has to suffer with the rest of us.  I am only bringing all this up to explain why this post is full of stuff I saw this past summer.  When we don’t shop, we comb the archives.

I suppose she could have brought me a souvenir like this [Deb here: I bought her a much nicer present]:

Padre Island Shells

I know, I know, we swear off shell craft every time we post some, but these two just made us giggle, and we had to share.  I mean all the octopus needs is some shades to be the complete tourist.  Oh, and maybe a tote bag, and a shell figurine to take home to Mom, who will then donate it to the thrift store and complete the cycle of life.

We found this book at the local thrift, and had to take a photo:

Shredded Ribbon front

Hey, it says it’s for professionals, and it comes with all the things you need to make these delightful projects:

Shredded Ribbon Techniques

Because every woman needs a ribbon wig in her wardrobe.  I am pretty sure even Lady Gaga would find that one beyond her fashion panache.  I am going to let them slide on the bows and flowers as long as they are used on packages.  Please don’t wear them, or professionally decorate with them.  Just for everyone’s safety.

The rest of this stuff all came from one sale the past summer.  If Deb had not been out of town that week (What is it with that girl?), I would have called her and insisted she rush right over there to be assaulted by the sheer scope of the craziness.  Take this table:

Crafts a Plenty

Multiply that by about eight feet and probably ten tables, and you will see what I mean.  Ack. The colors were a cacophony of ’60s and ’70s, and there was NEVER only one of something.  Take the three log cabin tissue boxes for example.   There were supplies and finished crafts galore.  I had to be sort of surreptitious taking photos, as the place was crawling with family, but I did get a few gems.

Here is our favorite Fun Fur, this time as a romantic maiden:

Fun Fur Diva

She is quite the diva with her hot pink fur, rhinestones and sequins.  Eat your heart out, all you fashionistas; there is no way you can compete with that, unless you are wearing a ribbon wig!  OMG (I scared myself for a minute there), thank goodness she didn’t discover that craft book!

I have to admit to having a soft spot for these crazy tin can chairs.  Apparently, she did too, as she made many of them:

Have a seat!

Pity the poor relatives who got one for Christmas EVERY year.  And they don’t even sew, so who needs a pin cushion?  Now I will confess to there being one of these tucked away with my dolly stuff from when I was a kid, but let’s just let that be our little secret.

This last one was just too weird for for anything:

Prickly Puppy

It’s kind of hard to tell what he is, as he is missing and eye and wearing a hat, but I am pretty sure he’s a poodle.  What’s more, he is made out of cockleburs.  I have spent way too many hours picking these out of my socks to ever think this is cute.  Think of how painful this must have been to make, never mind how painful it is to look at.  But, I suppose if your hot melt glue gun is languishing in the closet for lack of use, in a pinch, you could make one.  Nah, didn’t think so.

I don’t believe I bought anything at that sale, except for one tiny pamphlet cookbook.  Boy, was Hubby relieved.  I am pretty sure they didn’t sell much, and I shudder to think of where it all ended up.  Oh well, bet she had fun while it lasted.

Deb is back, the summer intern has returned to school, and shopping is on for next week, so maybe we will be a little more on track.  Who knows what the new year will bring?

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4 Responses to Leftover Crafts

  1. Barbara says:

    All those crafts!!!! I’d rather be in a warm environment right now.

  2. Andrea says:

    I think maybe the cold weather is getting to me, as I’m actually quite drawn to the shell snails. Not sure if it’s the snails making me long for my garden or the shells making me miss the beach. Either way, my mind is definitely suffering from the cold.
    Always had a thing for those chairs. Had no idea they were made from tin cans. How did I not know that??? Next time I see one, I’m sure it will be obvious.

    • kathy & deb says:

      Andrea, we have pamphlets that show how to make a tin can chair. We published a pattern in the post published May 10, 2010. I’m pretty sure I would cut myself badly if I ever tried cutting a can like that!

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