Hello, Dolly!

We’ve had a bunch of doll finds lately, so we thought we would save them up for one big dolly palooza of a post.  Some of them are very nice indeed, and there is one that’s just dreadful.  Being us, we kind of enjoy both ends of the spectrum.

Let’s start out with something adorable:

Shot glass totin' cutie

It’s bar ware and a doll all wrapped up in one–two of our favorite things.  She’s a shot-glass-toting cutie.  She is missing one of her shot glasses and an arm, but who cares?  Her little red vinyl outfit was definitely homemade, but they did a fairly nice job with it; blanket stitching evenly all around something is more difficult than you might think.  No, we didn’t buy her, but we thought she was appealing.

Here’s another homemade sweetie:

Little cutieI remember my mother making a granddaughter something similar in the ’80s.  The dress is cute and well done, but it’s the face that makes this girl a winner.  Her embroidered expression is very winning.  We don’t often buy this kind of homemade doll, but we appreciate a good one after looking at a ton of bad ones.

We run into Madame Alexander dolls more often than you would think:

Madame Alexander cutiesAgain, not our kind of doll, but we think they are charming.  My sisters and I had three of the Little Women set when we were young.  It was a big deal because these dolls were never cheap!  The front girl’s dress was crisp and intact and she was lovely.  It was the doll in the back that had cool stuff.  She had one wooden clog and something attached to her wrist:

Tiny little chicken

She still had her basket holding a chicken!  It was almost irresistible, but we decided to let an M.A. collector find them.  Or maybe they would be snapped up as a present for a child who likes dolls.  We know why they still look so nice; these weren’t dolls to play with as much as look at.  Unlike our Barbies, who lost their shoes and jewelry on the first day we played with them, our M.A. dolls were still perfect when I left home.

While this little man isn’t strictly a doll, he still belongs in this post:

Bunnykins     Bunnykins backside

Oh, Kathy struggled mightily NOT bring this little fellow home; I know this will shock you, but Kathy has a thing for rabbits, and this one is about as cute as they come.  We loved his outfit, but his physique was the killer.  That hippy body and tail sticking out back are pretty funny.  Hey, wait a minute, this could be a lady rabbit too.  How sexist of me to assume it was a male!  Hopefully someone will take shim (she/him) home to love, but until then, Bunnykins had found a friend the next time we visited:

Red and Bunnykins

She sure looks like Red Riding Hood, and they make a nice couple.  Glad they have each other to help deal with the secondhand awfulness around them. (Kathy here: Doesn’t it look like that bad bunny just told her a dirty joke?)

There just isn’t anything nice to say about this pair:

Dolly Lamp Horror

I don’t think these were ever good–EVER!  I have to think they are victims of the ’70s general decorating insanity.  If these were next to my bed, and I saw them in the middle of the night, I might think they were monsters from under the bed coming to take me away.  These dolls generally aren’t great quality, as you can tell by the neck issues.  Then there is the over-the-top ruffled gingham costumes and lacy parasols.  They look like rejects from Kmart’s antebellum clothing and decorating department.

This winsome lady was the decoration on a Christmas present:

Clothespin doll

She’s a very nice clothespin doll.  She reminds me of Eliza Doolittle from My Fair Lady.  We both have a soft spot for these kinds of dolls made from clothespins, corn husks, or dried apples.

Kathy made my dolls a Soft Kitty t-shirt:

Soft Kitty Momoko

She added to the cute factor by including the cat hat that originally came with the little plastic dolly on the left.  I’ve said it before, but Kathy sure is a clever duck!

Lastly, we couldn’t have said it better:

Happy New Year


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10 Responses to Hello, Dolly!

  1. Karen says:

    My mother-in-law made rag dolls for Christmas when a granddaughter turned 3. So all the mom’s where so anxiously waiting to see how the doll was dressed and how her face looked! Now the rabbit has naturally large legs at the back. If the doll was sitting it might look okay. Karen

  2. tkarengold says:

    Happy New Year, ladies. Thanks for another year of treasure, trash and hilarity!

    • kathy & deb says:

      Hey Terri, Happy New Year to you! That’s the great thing about being junkers; there is always more trash than treasures which leads to hilarity (we hope). Thanks for reading.

  3. Steph Gazell says:

    Your Momoko is darling – I love that color hair with the red lips! And that t-shirt is wonderful! Love the red checked dressed soft doll – I’ve been looking for one like that to replace one my Mum had when she went into the assisted living. I never see really pretty soft dolls anymore. Happy New Year to you girls! xoxoxo

    • kathy & deb says:

      THanks Steph, she is one of my faves, but her name escapes me right now. She is a fun redress because of that coloring.

  4. It’s so great to have time to visit your posts again. I’ve missed all the fun! As a rule, dolls tend to freak me out a little – but I think it’s more the porcelain variety. They’re scary! But you’ve found some rippers here. I love the Eliza Doolittle one and would have had great difficulty walking away from it. Funny bunny, too! Happy New Year lovely ladies! xoxoxox

    • kathy & deb says:

      Dani, glad you’re back! Glad our dollies didn’t freak you out and we also loved the bunny! Happy New Year too! Hugs, Deb and Kathy

  5. dal says:

    Your Momoko is 2008 Fun Room Fan Vote Silver Version Momoko! I know….the translation is long….! She’s a cutie with platinum/silver hair.

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