Old Grind Friday Finds

We keep thinking our lives will get back to normal after the holidays, after this, after that, etc.  We have just about decided that is never going to happen; it’s always something, so for now, here is a post-holiday post (a little redundant, but, oh well) that is about as normal as we get.  Of course, if we were too normal, guess you wouldn’t be reading.  There are some real yuckos in here, but that’s what comes of saving them up while doing Christmas posts!

We are going to start out with some “fine” art:

Mess of art

At first, we thought it was a crazy quilt and were intrigued.  Then we got closer:

Arty close-up

I can’t believe it looked that good in the picture, but trust us, it wasn’t.  Each one of those little pieces of canvas was painted (badly I might add), cut out, pasted to another canvas, and the whole mess was varnished into one large non-artistic “Don’t”.  Sometimes art is not a pretty thing, and it doesn’t always have to be, but don’t be surprised when it ends up at the thrift store.

While we are hanging stuff on the wall, or hopefully not, considering our offerings, we present this couple for your enjoyment.  We hope you are enjoying them, as they looked like they never enjoyed much:

Fun Couple

Bet they were the wet blanket of every party they ever attended.  OK, we know this was the fashion for portraits, but these two looked particularly glum.  Actually, we thought he looked long suffering and she looked like a nag.  Sometimes, you want the back story.  Who knows, they could have been the swingingest pair around, but we will never know.

All right, it’s time to be a little more cheerful:

Happy Crab

Grab your crab, come on get happy, chase all those blues away.  You have to admit you smiled a bit, right?  Not sure what his purpose in life is, but there he is.

At least we can forgive the crab his uselessness.  There is no excuse for these:

Ugh Vases

And they are really NOT improved by there being multiples.  It doesn’t show as much in the picture, but they were a nasty dull beige trio.  Probably not the life of the party either.

Since we are decorating, or deciding how not to decorate, we have this:

Golden Plastic Clothes Hamper

The lovely metallic gold hamper.  Oh please, can we have the pink bathroom decor instead?  What is with the ’60s and gold?  This is probably the only hamper I have ever seen that would be improved with the clothes hanging out of it.  Preferably dangling over the edge to hide as much as possible of it.

To complete the decor, it seems to be de rigueur to add a large number of plants, and I know everyone does not have a green thumb, but how come so many of the fake ones are just not pretty?

Rose tree

This one has a lot to answer for.  It is a rose bush, pretending to be a bonsai, with a weird pot garnished by a rope trim, and a giant leaf at the base, and yes, the leaf was an integral part of the whole package.  We tried to figure out what sort of decor this would go in.  Oriental, English garden, Western theme?  Probably should have added some barbed wire to finish it off then.

We try really hard not to make fun of homemade ceramics, especially if we think it is kid art, (luckily this one isn’t kid-related) but this jaundiced dolphin just upped the ick factor too far:

Sickly Cetacean

What is he doing?  Pretending to be a yellowfin tuna?  I think the tail fin is a little suspect too, like there are some mermaid tendencies there.  I am surprised the red mouth paint didn’t extend out to dolphin lips, that just beg to be kissed.  It would be much kinder to find good things that match your bath, rather than force things that shouldn’t, to be color-coordinated.

We’ll keep this short, as we know there are after-Christmas bargains out there just waiting to be found.  We hope your hunting is good, and if the dregs left over are too ugly, send us a photo; we promise to make fun of them.

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