Holly Jolly Christmas Folly

Well, it’s getting down to crunch time for us Christmas procrastinators–eek!!  Wish I were more like Kathy who always has her projects done on time; I’m a burn-the-midnight-oil type of gal.  In honor of the procrastinators out there, this will be a short time-waster of a post; don’t blame us if you didn’t get everything on your list crossed off!

A lot of the finds this week are of the crafty nature, or uncrafty as it turns out:

What NOT to do with extra batting

To be fair, the “person” on our left is broken as its arm has become separated from its muff.  However, in the big scheme of things, that isn’t really an excuse.  If you have this much batting left over, you should probably use it to make quilted lap throws and bypass that easy craft project you saw in some magazine eons ago.  We know why these are at the thrift store; there they sat, week after week, until someone picked them up for a white elephant gift.  Hopefully the recipient will have a dog or cat who will have the sense to dispose of the problem for their owner.

Dog shamingOMG, I can’t even write this post without procrastinating.  While looking for a picture to illustrate my point, I got sucked into the addictive world of dog shaming.  But I was right, there was a picture of a dog tearing batting to pieces–thanks Fiona, it was dangerous!

There is an upside to this kit being at a thrift store:

This kit will never be madeIt means that the person who bought it originally came to their senses just in time!  Let’s just hope that it remains unfinished and in its box.  Otherwise, we all will be seeing it in a future Christmas post–and of course we would share the misery!

This next piece of ceramics is a prime example of why some people should never, ever be allowed to craft:

Some people should never be allowed to craftWhoever did this, your crafter’s license has been revoked!  What the heck were you thinking?  I’m pretty sure that even a kid knows that you don’t make snowmen from yellow snow!

Felt crafts rule Christmas:

Felt Christmas CraftsThe main problem with these two craft projects is color related.  That harvest gold refrigerator color is not conducive to warm Christmas fuzzies.  The pink angels add to the viewer’s angst.  How much cuter would this have been in another sane color combo–red and green perhaps, or blue and white?  Ah, wasted opportunities.  On the other hand, the deer stocking is pretty cute.  But think how much cuter this would have been if it had been green, red, or white!

I couldn’t leave the bakers out of this post:

Christmas cake

I just noticed that the picture is flipped; otherwise my dyslexia is worse than usual–REBMECED.  Oh, well you can still see the cute Santa cake, although he looks like he has a touch of high blood pressure from the color of this face.  This is the Christmas cake from Kathy’s Bakers Coconut recipe pamphlet that we debuted in the Thanksgiving post.

Here’s another cute winter cake that we saw at Jo-Ann’s:

Penguin cakeSo much more fun and delicious than making another yarn wreath.

Do you want to make a Christmas fireplace decoration?  We’ve got you covered:

Create your own crepe brick fireplaceBet you didn’t even know that crepe paper could be made flameproof!  Now if it just said fireproof I would feel a lot better.  I’m assuming flameproof is some lawyerly speak for “it still will burn, but it’s harder to do than you think”.  We definitely wouldn’t recommend this as your brick wall behind the wood stove.

Well, just a few orphaned finds to round out the post.  This box of candles had us cackling like a couple of teenagers with the giggles:

Shocked altar boy candleWe’re pretty sure something shocking happened to the choir boy in the instant before we glanced his way.  I blame the deer despite its innocent expression!

We saw this awesome set at an estate sale:

Santas candy land express

Looking at how cute the box is, I can’t believe that: A. we didn’t take a picture of its contents, and B. one of us didn’t buy it, just for the box.  I might have something pretty darn close, but it doesn’t have a box.  Guess we had a case of the cheaps.

Well, that’s it for this holiday season.  We wish our readers a Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, a Joyous Kwanzaa, a Peaceful Winter Solstice, and a Freaky Festivus!

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5 Responses to Holly Jolly Christmas Folly

  1. Oh, the art deco reindeer with the Santa and sleigh are SO COOL! Wish I could find a set like that! I hope you girls have a happy holiday season (including the Festivus for the restofus!) and may wonderful things come your way before and after the New Year begins! (Maybe a Wildflower doll will find its way there?) :>)

    • kathy & deb says:

      Lol, love the Festivus comment. We’ll keep a look out for the art deco reindeer set, you never know with us! We would both love to find a Wildflower doll in our stocking!
      Santa–we’ve been so good!!

  2. dal says:

    Oh Kathy! If you could get me that box of vintage candles I would love it. My GF collects the altar boys and that’s the one she’s missing! Email me!

    • kathy & deb says:

      Sorry Dal, we saw those candles quite a while ago. Now that we know you want one, we’ll keep our eyes open and let you know when we find one.

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