More Christmas Characters

Somehow Christmas brings out all the characters.  We highlighted those being played by others last week.  This week, these folks don’t even have the excuse of trying to be someone else.  We think they are just being their own creepy selves.  Take a look and see what you think.

Santa has a full schedule this time of year; what with trying to overlook all the naughty and still pretend some of those kiddos are nice.  Plus, he has to deal with elves on strike (how else do you explain those sold-out Frozen castles?) and Mrs. Claus reminding him to take out the trash, as she isn’t setting foot out there in those five-foot drifts.  It was his idea to move to the North Pole anyway; she had Florida in mind.  Anyway, it is no wonder these goblets give such a good representation of before and after Christmas:

Santa before and after Christmas

We did find the other before and two more afters for a full set of six.  Not sure what your choice of drinking vessel says about you, but it is probably pretty Freudian.

This Santa went full postal and flipped his lid:

Um, Santa you have a problem

How else do you explain the poinsettia growing out of his head?  We weren’t sure whether this was some creative shelving by employees, or a disgruntled customer getting back at Santa for lack of a Cabbage Patch doll as a child.  Did you notice that poinsettia Santa is being photobombed by the “Antique” Santa Taper Candle made from fine Poly Stone?

The first two were overall pretty harmless, but we were totally creeped out by this elderly lady hiding in the tree:

Creepy old lady tree

We actually think she is the tree, rather like some sort of Christmas-possessed dryad.  She is so scary they had to tie mittens on her hands.  Wonder what kind of claws are under there? All I know, is that it terrified this snowman, who in turn has become a sneaky side glancing peeping tom:

I see you when you're sleeping

He lies about it too, or there is no way his nose would be that long.  I just recently found out there are collectors of these mold blown Christmas things, and they can be worth quite a bit of money.  Who knew?  We still think he is sort of scary.

After all that, we need a bit of cuteness:

Mr and Mrs Claus under the mistletoe

Guess Santa did come through on the trash, and Mrs. Claus is properly grateful.  Considering this is a Styrofoam stove, plastic greenery and gold braid, it still came out pretty charming.  So, it is possible to DIY a cute decoration from a kit; just pick your kit well!

We got a kick out of this little fella making a break for it:


I don’t blame him for trying to get away from the plastic and crochet–I would too.  We get cranky about the thrifts dumping all the ornaments into bags, as we hate buying bags of junk for one cute vintage ornament.  But, we do buy them, and lest they think they are getting rid of the bad ones, they should know that we just bring them back and donate them again.  Although, this year, I did find a use for a few things:

Ugly sweater

I had to jump on the bandwagon of the latest Christmas phenomena, the Ugly Sweater. Having been invited to a party, I had to come up with suitable attire.  When doing this, a girl’s best friend is a glue gun!  I want you to notice the restraint I used in only adorning one sleeve.  I didn’t want to go overboard.  Of course I did come in second, so I suppose I blew it.  Check out the award:

Hey, It's a prize

The friend hosting the party went all out, and we got other prizes as well:

The real prize

Hubby was totally un-amused by the ornament, but I think it’s a hoot, and it will be on the tree.  The sweater will, of course, adorn a doll for her own ugly sweater party!  The winner got a bottle of wine with a cutting board that said: “Party till the sweater’s cute!”  I don’t think one bottle of wine is going to do it.

Last, I want to share some decorations from around the house.  Look, my tree had a baby!

Metal Tree

More accurately, my baby got a big brother, as I have had the baby tree, since I was a kid.  I have had the larger tree for a while too, but have not set it up for some time.  This year, in the new house, we had room, and I was itching to set up the tree in the rotating stand (off to the right) and use the color wheel and the whole shebang.  Unfortunately the rotating stand is not working properly, and it will take a while to fix, so you will have to wait till next year, for the video of the great aluminium Christmas extravaganza.  By the way, crazy people collect these too! (I should talk, I have two!)

I also want to point out the charming crochet garland from a wonderful reader and fellow blogger.  She sent one for both Deb and me, and we love them.  They are just our style and mine looks great on the tree.  I still have some other ornaments to add, but I will enjoy it all season.  “Me too, me too” says Deb.  Here’s a picture of my bunting:

Dani's Bunting

If you get a chance, check our her great blog too–Teddy and Tottie.  Thanks Dani!

We will have even more holiday stuff, next week, so make sure to come back for another dose of holly jolly Christmas folly!

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3 Responses to More Christmas Characters

  1. Stephanie Gazell says:

    Love your sweater! I’d like one with light-up stuff all over it. Maybe next year! ;>) The tree-woman dryad thing scares me – I couldn’t have it in the house. Love your silver trees! Enjoy the weekend, girls!

    • kathy & deb says:

      Okay, the idea of having working Christmas lights on Kathy’s ugly sweater would have propeled her into first place! lol. Thanks for reading and hope your weekend is super!!

  2. I remember the Silver Christmas Tree…we had one with the rotating light. I preferred our tree to be green. I think we only used it once when I was young. That scary tree..ugh. Cute snowman with the sideway glance. Looking forward to your next post. 🙂

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