Christmas Characters Played by …

In recognition that we are all crazy busy at this time of the year, we’re spreading out the Christmas posts a little at a time over three weeks.  Still all the fun and none of the guilt as it won’t take you ten minutes to read even if you click on the links.  We recommend that you have a cup of tea and a nibble while resting and reading; see, it’s good for you!

While looking at our Christmas pictures, it struck me that quite a few are beloved Christmas icons being played by actors and celebrities.  For instance, this Mrs. Claus as played by Phyllis Diller:

Phyllis Diller as Mrs Claus

Phyllis Diller
Too bad she didn’t have a long cigarette holder too!  Can’t you hear her say, “I told Fang, er Santa, that housework can’t kill you, but why take a chance”?  For those of you who are unfamiliar with Phyllis Diller, you should know that she paved the way for modern comediennes.  According to Wikipedia, she was part of the “New Wave” of comedy that didn’t have its roots in vaudeville (along with Bob Newhart, Lenny Bruce, and Mort Sahl); this new wave started after WWII.  She never worked “blue” so she would have made a fun Mrs. Claus.

This Mrs. Claus is being played by a plastic troll dolls from the ’60s, albeit with paler skin and no sign of the iconic crazy hair:

Troll doll as Mrs Claus      White haired troll doll
We couldn’t put our finger on what was bothering us about this Mrs Claus until we thought–troll dolls!  It’s a very strange look, although I kind of like her.  But then, I had troll dolls when I was a kid!  Beloved Husband disagrees with me about Mrs. Claus being a troll doll; he thinks she looks like a Pickled Person.

Good to see Lumiere still getting work:

Lumiere as a Christmas tree   Beauty-and-the-Beast-Woo-the-Girl-2
Hope we don’t get in trouble with The Mouse by using this picture.  It looks as if Lumiere is still spying on his lady-love, Babette the feather duster.  I like Lumiere, but this Christmas tree version is creepy in a stalkery sort of way.  Being in the room with this tree would have me looking over my shoulder every few minutes!

This Christmas sock monkey reminds me of every teen-aged Casanova being cool for the ladies:

Hey there ladies ...    Cool boy
He, he I couldn’t resist!  Looking good, kid, but don’t get cocky!

Well, the conceit is wearing a little thin with this one.  Here is Justin Bieber’s good boy character pretending that he’s still popular with the tweens:

Mr. Naughty himselfIn the interest of brevity, let’s not get started with Mr. Bieber.  Although I laughed really hard at the billboard someone put up during the last Winter Olympics:

Bieber billboard

Subtitled: The Stakes are Now Much Higher!  This also explains why he won’t go home!

Finally, I’m not sure what animal is playing a sheep in this crèche escapee:

I think it's a sheep

It almost looks like a white French poodle that has nostrils the size of eyes.  It’s very unnerving no matter how you look at it:

Sheep?I can see why they would shun the sheep and keep the rest of the manager scene.  If I  were a shepherd, I would NEVER take my eyes off this one! Not to mention, we giggled a bit at the earmuff placement.

See, that wasn’t too painful!  We have some homemade fun coming up, and who knows what else we will find this week.  If the pickings are slim, we can always resort to a Christmas craft pamphlet; they are always a ready source of crafts gone wrong.

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2 Responses to Christmas Characters Played by …

  1. Love the Diller doll! I get a kick seeing thrift dolls with their hair all messed up ~

    • kathy & deb says:

      Yeah we get a kick out of messed up hair too! If I were Mrs. Claus, my hair would look like I styled it with an egg beater–way too much going on up there! Thanks for reading!!

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