I’ve Got a Lovey Bunch of Coconuts?

It’s a bit of a stretch to call any of this coconut carving collection “lovely” but I’ve always had a fondness for that song!

This may be one of the weirdest collections we’ve seen in a while:

Coconut monkey collection2They were all there on one momentous day and then gone the next week, if you could imagine!  At least the collectors came to their senses and hauled them to the thrift store.  Although, now that I think on it a little more, these might be splendid decoration for a tiki bar.  You could certainly be justified in cutting your guests off if they started expressing admiration for these fellows:

CCoconut monkey collection     CCoconut monkey collection
I wonder if there were even more of this bunch that were snapped up before we got to Goodwill?

We stopped at a home sale and were in awe of these next two things (I’m so sorry about the blurriness of the refrigerator picture):

Super cool jukebox     Blurry red refrigerator
The man of the house seemed extremely handy and probably did a little restoration on these lovelies.  He also had a monster train collection that would have made Kathy’s dad drool.  This room had been built or remodeled as a game/train room and was full of all kinds of coolness.

Looking at the pictures, there really wasn’t all that much badness found that day:

Shaggy basket       close up shaggy basket
Having said that, I wasn’t all that fond of this basket.  It’s what Treebeard or Groot would look like if they were made into baskets, which is a pretty appalling thought!  See, I can ruin anything!

We just can’t ignore vacation tchotchkes:

rainbow-trout-arent-native-to-wyoming     Trout info
However, if you were going to feature flora or fauna on such plaques, wouldn’t you pick something native to your state?  Rainbow trout were introduced to Wyoming, and the rest of the world, from the Pacific Northwest and have caused all sort of problems for their adopted ecosystems.  Having said that, I sure liked fishing for them and perch when I was a kid in Michigan.

I really don’t have anything good to say about this piece of shart (pardon my bad language):

Save the wolves     Save the wolves
If you like wolves so much that you want a picture of one on your wall, why would you include their fur?  I just don’t understand trophy hunting–take pictures!  You killed a wolf and this is what you have to show for it?

In fact, this little Faces in Places does a good job of expressing my face when I saw the wolf horror:

Faces in Places     Scented wax faces in places
Oh dear, I’ve just returned from a thirty-minute detour to one of my favorite silly blogs–Faces in Places.  I KNOW that it’s extremely dangerous for me to visit for even a minute, but it’s not one of my strengths to resist temptation.  I’m fascinated by that phenomenon where humans are prone to seeing “faces” in everyday things.

At first glance this appeared to be one of those vintage onion keepers:

Onion planterBut it was marked Fitz and Floyd and the date was 1979.  It looks like a planter, but what could you grow in it except onion or garlic bulbs?

I was about two seconds away from buying this little family:

Donkey and babiesI’m a sucker for any animals chained together–don’t ask me why!  These were super cute and in good shape, but I left them for a donkey collector.  I’m absolutely sure people collect donkeys–we’ve already proven that they collect coconut monkeys!  I have sooooo much of this kind of stuff to dust already, although that wouldn’t have mattered if they had been dogs.

Another survivor of the ’70s:

Unicorn uff-dahOkay, I might be a little off here, it could be a survivor of the ’80s too.  Wish we rolled with a black light; I believe that there might be a little extra glow to this–as if it needed it!  One thing I am certain of–it hung in pride of place on some little girl’s bedroom wall.

This big ol’ shrimp made us laugh:

nsecure shrimpThose puppy dog eyes seem way off for a shrimp; aren’t their eyes on stalks?  Exactly what is he begging for–take me home and eat me has to be my guess ’cause I sure as heck ain’t gonna hang him up on my wall!  However, it must be admitted that he made us lol!

Last find of the day was a good one that had been loved to death.  In case it’s not obvious from my picture, this is a white cotton kitchen valance with crocheted trim and fruits dangling:

Fruity valance      close up crochet trim and fruit
I think it’s hand-made by some nifty crocheter.  It was as faded and worn as a curtain could be, but I wouldn’t have had the heart to throw it away either!  It must have been adorable when it was first hung, and the maker should have been pleased with how it turned out.

Thanks for reading this week.  Of course, we’re busy looking for Thanksgiving turkeys so be on the lookout for that.  I think it’s time for another giveaway too–Kathy and I will talk about it tomorrow!  Happy shopping!

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6 Responses to I’ve Got a Lovey Bunch of Coconuts?

  1. Oh… I would have bought the ‘fridge if it were in my price range. It looks great as well as the donkey family on a chain. And I may have been tempted to buy the curtain. The rest of the stuff? Not so much, but they are good for a laugh.

  2. Andrea says:

    Oh Dear God that coconut art. Art??? I guess anything can be construed as art. Poor, poor Treebeard…

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