Bewitching You More

So Deb left a bit of Halloween for me, as she knows how nutty I am about the day.  I mean, really, it has it all: you get to be someone else, you get cats, owls and witches in abundance, the only gift shopping you have to do is for candy, and you get to eat the leftovers.  Is that a perfect holiday or what?

We go a bit crazy at our house:

HouseYou know the cool thing is, we have a much bigger yard now, we can have even more!  The neighbors just shake their heads and smile resignedly.  They’d better get used to us–wait till Christmas!

At least we don’t live in the Southwest, where we’d be reduced to this:

Southwest PumpkinThat has got to be the most painful Jack-O-Lantern carving ever!  Glad this one is just ceramic, and he is properly creepy, but I know there are some nifty little wild gourds that grow along the roadsides in New Mexico.  I think I would rather have a dozen tiny ones that have to resort to taking a knife to a Saguaro.

This pile of ceramic pumpkins is just as creepy:

Just plain creepyIt added to the ambiance that the flash on my poor long-suffering point and shoot is a goner.  But no matter how you look at them, these were a little disturbing.  Guess I like my decorations on the cute side.  In the right haunted house these could work, just not my haunted house.

I would rather have a little creepy, than quite this overly cheerful:

Slimer after too much candyTo tell the truth, I am not positive this was a Halloween decoration.  It did plug in and light up, and there is candy involved, but other than that, I am not sure.  It looks like Slimer got a little pale after eating waaaay too much candy.  Who ya gonna call?

This one goes with Deb’s good witch, but it is only half a witch.  Where does that fall?

It's got one of everythingYou have to admit, it had just about everything: witch feet, a pumpkin, a spider, an electric cord …  Yeah, this lit up too.  Even as goofy about Halloween as I am, I am not sure I would give up the storage space to this.  Guess we know why it was at the thrift store.  Sometimes I think they are pretty desperate to come up with something new.  Just give me a nice old black cat any day.

While scouting the thrift store, the summer intern and I came upon this display:

Trick or Treat OverloadPlease don’t go out and buy a new pumpkin candy collector!  I am pretty sure we could outfit an entire neighborhood right here.  I believe I still have the one I used as a kid in my decorations.  I am beginning to wonder if this generation ever uses anything twice.  It’s not like they come out with an iPumpkin 5s every year, so get a grip.

On the other hand, here is a nifty recycled Halloween costume, for the hubby who just can’t be bothered:

No stress Halloween CostumeSee, it says right there: How to Make your Husband a Sultan!  Just take up belly dancing for him.  Costume complete.  I am pretty sure my hubby would much rather watch the girl on the cover belly dance, than me muddle through it.  As much as he loves me, it would probably be pretty painful to transform him with my moves.  I probably couldn’t muster even half a turban to dedicate to the costume.

And here is one last little creepy thing:

BuggyI actually think he is rather cool, but for those not into insects, he could cause a problem or two.  Poor fellow forgot to turn brown, so he is a lot more obvious than usual.  Looks like he is studying that leaf for a correct color choice.

Hope your Halloween is hauntingly fun.  Sit back, relax, and eat some candy for us, not that we won’t be eating our own, but hey, we’ll take anything.  By the way, this is probably a good witch, if not, at least she’s a cute witch!



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4 Responses to Bewitching You More

  1. Diane Rhodes says:

    I feel obligated to advise you that witches, by their very nature, can’t BE “cute”! And I loved the scary stack o’ jack-o-lanterns.

  2. Andrea says:

    Your place looks great!!!
    I’ve already packed her away, but I have an adorable, primitive witch. But I guess if you’re thinking along the traditional, evil witch line, then no, I suppose they have to look nasty.
    Anyway, we had a fantastic Halloween despite the cold. The kidlets acquired way too much candy. It should last until March.
    That light up ghosty thingy is bugging me. It really doesn’t work. The creep jacks are more up my alley for sure!

    • kathy & deb says:

      Kathy and family go all out decorating! There are tons of stuff up by the house too that doesn’t light up–a zombie flamingo, a grave, and various flags/signs. We are still talking about the ghost too–it’s very annoying. Glad your kiddies had a good Halloween–I hand out candy by the handfuls because I always wished folks would do that when I was a kid!

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