We Witch You a Happy Halloween!

Of course we have enough finds for two Halloween posts.  They might not be the longest posts, but who has extra time right now?  It’s the last push before winter when you’re trying to finish harvesting, plant bulbs, and of course, rake up a gazillion leaves!  Good gravy, no wonder it takes all winter to recover and get yourself ready for spring.  Plus, you certainly need to take a break to go walking and kick some leaves before they all get blown to Nebraska or get raked up.

Finally, some pickled things in a jar that don’t make me shudder:

More pickled eyeballs   Pickled eyeballs

Even though they are eyeballs and a little bloody looking, I still prefer them to the peppers, beans, and other unidentifiable veggies that get put into jars to decorate your home.  If you’re wondering what I’m talking about, here’s a picture of decorative jars when they are still decorative, if you like that kind of thing:

Pickled veggie jarsThey look okay when they are new.  Fast forward a few years when everything in the jar has turned brownish and mushy because they were not purchased as food, but rather as decoration.  When you can no longer even identify what veggie is in the jar, they become more horrifying than those pickled eyeballs.  Exhibit A:

Now if we could only taste no evil

Hey, we’ve had owls two weeks in a row!  Yay!! This Tuesday Morning find has a crow as a BFF:

For the birdsI like them both, although the crow in the white feather hat is a little confusing.  Maybe one of those fool’s hats would be more appropriate.  Crows remind me of jesters or fools who entertained kings and noblemen in the Middle Ages.  The fool’s main jobs were to entertain and provoke, which pretty much wraps up most of my crow interactions.  I’m always amazed at the range of noises crows can make and then when you look at them, it’s, “Caw, caw, caw!  Made you look!”

This might just be the evil cat to keep an irritating crow at bay:

Evil cat

Lock up your pet mice and tweety birds because this cat would probably eat anything not nailed down.  There just isn’t anything cute or cuddly about this puss.  Right now he’s probably trying to figure out the fastest way to cross your path to give you the bad luck you so richly deserve.

Do you remember the exchange in The Wizard of Oz movie when Glinda asks Dorothy if she’s “a good witch or a bad witch?”:

Are you a good witch or a bad witch?  I'm the bad witch!

Based on appearances, it’s pretty obvious which witch is which.  I can’t really vouch for the witch on the left, but she is wearing an apron which is a good sign, unless you’re Hansel or Gretel.  Between the apron and her general goofiness, there isn’t anything too frightening about her.  The witch on the right, however, is another story.  I rarely trust anyone holding a skull–not even Hamlet.  On the other hand, she used some cheerful fabric to patch her black gown.  How can you be evil and wear polka dots?

We were walking down an aisle at Goodwill and saw this peeking over a shelf at us:

Homemade Dragon

Someone made a wonderful Chinese dragon head out of that sequin-like material.  This mask shows great imagination and creativity:

Inside a dragon

It would be a fun group costume, and pretty cheap to make since the base is a box.  It was gone the next week–rightfully so.

For those people–you know who you are–who can’t leave a plain roll of toilet paper on the back of your stool:

TP Pumpkin

Someone draped orange fabric around the roll and then stuck a paper stem in the top of the roll to hold it all in place.  I don’t often have the urge to make my bathroom seasonal; it’s usually a refuge from all the madness of daily life–Calgon take me away!  However, I could see my friend the Halloween aficianado (aka Kathy) putting a little spooky in her W.C.

Stay tuned for the second half of our Halloween extravaganza next week.  Until then:


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4 Responses to We Witch You a Happy Halloween!

  1. Agreed… produce in jars can be scary if they are used for decoration rather than cooking. I have been some awful examples at the local thrift shops. They would be best put out of their misery by someone taking them out to the gun range and using them for target practice.

    • kathy & deb says:

      Just imagine how satisfying to blow that stuff up! It would probably look like someone was murdered with all that reddish brown yuk spread all over.

  2. Whoa! I’m just getting over the scary dolls from your last post and now I have some creepy witches to deal with! Seriously, loving the Halloween finds – the decorated toilet roll is so funny! I also love the “cobwebs” comment at the end – that definitely applies in this house this week! xoxox

    • kathy & deb says:

      Thanks for reading Dani! I love the cobweb thing too–we get so many spiders in the house every fall that I don’t have to hang a single spider web for my Halloween decorations. Might as well smile about it! ((Hugs)) Deb

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