Friday Finds, This and That

Deb is our intrepid photographer most of the time.  Mainly because at this point, her point and shoot camera is better than mine, as the flash quit working on mine.  Well, unless I want to carry around a big ol’ DSLR, and it is hard to be subtle with something like that.  It limits our shopper’s cart picture abilities.  Anyway, where this is leading is that she put up a WHOLE passel of photos for me to pick and choose from this week, so this is a bit of this and that.  These are just the things I choose to write about.  I am not sure what that says about me; I will leave that up to you!

We kind of liked this Tiki plate:

This cool tiki plate has had a hard lifeApparently, so did its previous owner, as it was used and washed to within an inch of its life.  If it had been in better shape, one of us probably would have brought it home, so we could feel tropical in the middle of a Colorado snow storm.  Hmm … that might be why it was so well-loved.  It made it through a couple of blizzards.

We liked it better than this souvenir plate:

Sweet Souvenir PlateThe deer just seemed a bit off.  It tried to be cute, but heck, it has a tree growing out of its front leg, and a rabbit eyeing it to chew on next.  We forgot to write down where it was a souvenir from, but neither of us had ever heard of it before.  Guess they had a teeny tiny budget for mementos.

At least the plate was better than this Baroque-style candle:

This candle has everything but a kitchen sink!I only call it Baroque, as they went for “broke” and put everything but the kitchen sink on here.  The flowing pieces down the side were wax, and it looked like they just heated up the birds and smashed them on in.  It’s hard to tell, but there is a deer trying to pretend he has nothing to do with this wax madness over on the right side.  We were afraid to turn it around and see who was hiding out on the back side.  I can only be thankful that they didn’t paint the whole thing gold!

We spent a lot of time going Hmmmmm over this one:

Decorated Grass BowlIt’s a yarn basket, and I have seen these things done a lot by crafters, but this one was so very well made that I think it might have been done by a pro.  Check out the back.

Back of decorated grass bowlThat blotch of yarn was a spot that was coming undone, not part of the design.  OK, now that we have the “done on purpose” established, we have to ask the question “why?”  Are native grasses and soft colors not enough?  Is there not enough Pepto-Bismol pink in the world to satisfy EVERYONE?  We will never know.

Got a couple more entries in the yarn category.  First off, this hot pad:

Sunflowers demand an apologyWe think every sunflower in the world should band together and demand an apology.  With this kind of press, their reputation is going down the drain faster than Van Gogh could paint them.

We have to give this next trivet kudos for inventiveness:

Crocheted TrivetIt’s red and white, and what is more cheery for your kitchen?  AND it uses up those spent Kerr canning jar lids:

Back side of crocheted trivetWe got a kick out of them covering the lids with foil before going nuts with the crochet.  Hopefully they recycled the foil and made it one of those really “Earth-friendly” crafts.

We were at an estate sale a couple of weeks ago, and were looking through the craft room.  For some reason, we are always drawn there, and spend a lot of time digging.  You have no idea what an addiction we have.  Fabric, pompoms, trim, paper, stamps, buttons, paper doilies (that is an addiction in itself, and some day I will prove it!), yes, just put it out there and it comes home with us.  Anyway, while digging, I pulled out the lid of one of the tins:

Monkey Business Tin LidWe both laughed out loud, and then had to explain ourselves to others in the room.  Seriously, how could you not?  It’s our old friend Fun Fur used in a silly new way.  We don’t know what kind of monkey business was involved, or why they are playing Tantalus with the ice cream cone, but it was worth the time to take a photo and share!  Deb here and I have a couple of questions myself.  1) Why is there an owl hanging upside down  from the right-side monkey’s armpit, B) why are the monkeys wearing shoes and bow ties, and III) what’s the deal with the sticks overhead?

We love vintage fabric, but even we draw the line at this.  We are seriously considering this for the worst fabric ever award.  We are pretty sure we know why it was never used, but as to why it was ever bought?  Must have been a heck of a clearance:

Mod PolyesterThe colors are pretty accurate and to make a bad situation worse, it was that super duper, well wearing polyester double knit.  It never wears out, it never goes away, and probably like a Twinkie, never spoils.  Millions of years from now, they will be pulling it out of important archeological digs and questioning our taste, with good reason.

For a dolly entry this week, we have something from the “you’ve come a long way baby ” theme.  We noticed these two dolls, but it wasn’t till we looked closer that we figured out what they were:

AT &T DollsThe doll on the left has her little mouthpiece so she can be an operator, and the one on the right has graduated to a Ma Bell lineman.  Just look what can happen in 100 years. Apparently blue eye shadow is still de rigueur through all ages and careers.  I am pretty sure that Victorian lady would have been tackled and had her face washed by her mama before she was allowed to leave the house with her face “painted”.  The outfits are cute though, too bad they weren’t 1/6th scale.

One last photo in honor of the summer intern.  Even after all these years, he has a thing for flamingos, or flingoms, as he called them as a child.  We saw this one, but decided that he really didn’t need a three-foot tall bird:

Big Ol' Pink FlamingoLooks like he has been hitting the sauce too, and what kind of an example is that for an impressionable teenager?  Actually, now that he is older, what he really wants is a real pet one.  We keep trying to point out that they don’t so well in Colorado.  If anyone has one that needs a new home, please don’t let him know!

Have a great week, and tune in next week to see the photos that didn’t make this week’s post!

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6 Responses to Friday Finds, This and That

  1. jensine says:

    That tikki plate would be perfect for my friend … and that fabric is brilliant

    • kathy & deb says:

      The plate was pretty unusual; sadly the glaze was really crazed and you could see a ton of discoloration underneath. It would be a fun display for a tiki bar. And yes, that fabric was literally brilliant! Thanks for reading!

  2. Linda Dreeszen says:

    What does it say about me that I liked the “baroque” candle?

  3. Andrea says:

    I think I have some fabric like that kicking around somewhere. Those monkey thingys are ridiculous. I would really like to know the story behind that owl in the armpit.

    • kathy & deb says:

      Wow, you can make some eye-popping outfits from that fabric! We agree that the monkey’s and their owl buddy were pretty silly.

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