A Sale Behind

Right now, as I write, the weathermen are predicting snow for the Front Range of Colorado.  We protest!  As semi-rabid gardeners and totally rabid garage salers, this is the saddest time of year for us.  Every year we are thankful that there are thrift stores to fill in the holes in our shopping, but the best bargains come from the garage sales.  Heck, we only found one cranberry server this year.  It’s going to be hard to share it at Thanksgiving.  Right now we are hoping for the typical Colorado Indian Summer which stretches into October.  Keep your fingers crossed for us.

We sort of got sidetracked by our Chihuly post and the Unitarian Church post, and we gamboled right past a sale that really was of epic proportions and full of craziness.  So to right that wrong, here is our report.

We drove up to the sale that only had one little ad on Craigslist, and no signs, to find the garage open, and a bunch of junk in view.  Lots of overpriced furniture in bad shape in the garage and yard.  Deb thought this radio was kinda cool:

Cool old radioNever daunted, we ventured in the actual house.  More piles of over priced stuff.  Ordinary cake plates for $30.00 and dishes for $5.00 or more.  Some cookbooks, but nothing worth getting excited about.  We did found some vintage doll patterns in a back bedroom that we snapped up, even though there was no price on them.  We are never averse to dragging something around a house to keep the other vultures, I mean shoppers, at bay.

After surveying rooms of dusty, musty books and bedding, we headed to the basement.  OMG, we have never seen so much fabric in our lives.  This is the pile in just one room:

One room of fabricThe center table is piled high and there are full boxes underneath.  Other tables around the room had more stacked on them, and boxed beside them.  Fabric spilled out into the hall and into two other rooms.  They had it advertised as fill a bag for $5.00. Well, alrighty then.  Of course, you had to pass on things like this:

Flocked Flower FabricI really did offer to buy Deb this “lovely” flocked fabric.  She declined rather forcefully.  You would have to be careful standing around in a vintage ’70s room.  You might blend right into the wall paper!  Gives new meaning to the term “wall flower”.

We both managed to stuff a bag full of linens and fabric.  Here is a sampling of my haul:

Fabric haulWe had to dump every last bit of it straight into the washer, as it was so musty and smokey, but that kitty fabric in front was worth every bit of it to me!

There was also an entire room full of vintage clothes.  Most of them weren’t worth a thing even for amusement, but we did mange to find a few groovy togs.

This shirt caught every single person who came into the room:

Ohh wee, that's modIt was certainly an eye opener.  It screams mod at the top of its lungs doesn’t it?

This dress made us chuckle, as we are pretty sure Barbie had one just like it:

Yellow Mod dressSee the image here.  OK, maybe not just like it, but it sure reminded us of it.

If I could have thought of anyone who could wear these, I would have snapped them up, as they made me laugh:

Hee Haw!You remember Hee Haw don’t you?  They were a child’s size, and the summer intern is long past that size, as he is now taller than me.  Oh well, hope they found a good home.  Heck, I probably would have worn them, and chewed on a wheat stalk, if they had fit me.

What outfit is complete without a vintage purse?

Vintage purse with grass embroideryHow summer chic is that?  You will be amazed to know that we both managed to resist.  Guess we are now high grading to Enid Collins or nothing.  (If you believe that, we have some oceanfront property in our back yard for you!)  I did snag a nice bamboo purse frame that will sit in my craft room for several years until I get inspired, or pass it along to someone else to stare at.

We were still trying to recover from the fashion and fabric overload, when we stumbled on this:

Kentucky Fried Tijuana BrassNothing says Tijuana like fried chicken!  Apparently, they were cashing in on the popularity of Herb Alpert’s Tijuana Brass, as the album contains some of their most popular hits of the time.  I am a bit worried about the Colonel crashing this innocent family’s picnic.  Probably forcing them to listen to trumpet music, too.  We assumed it was a giveaway, and since I was raised on Herb at my daddy’s knee, I would have drug it home, if the record had been in the jacket.  Guess I was saved from myself.

When all was said and done, neither of us had spent more than $10.00, and we had a blast!  Seems sort of anticlimactic that we saw a couple of other odd things that day too, but I had better share them.

This fat jolly Buddha gives you an extra reason to rub his tummy:

Plasma BuddaNot sure you can see it well, but he had a plasma ball right in the proper place.  So plug your Buddha in, and rub away for good luck and entertainment at the same time.  Of course your luck will probably all be golden plastic, but oh well.  Maybe in the form of a Visa Gold?

At the same sale as the Buddha, the neighbor had dropped in on the person having the sale to show off his latest creation:

Golf club birdWhen golf has gotten to be too much for you, this seems like the perfect solution for those unwanted clubs.  We actually thought it was adorable, and asked to take the photo.  He was a little reluctant, so don’t steal his business idea and put it on Etsy.

Hope the lovely fall weather holds where you are and the sales continue; if you find a bumper crop of bad, send the photos our way.  You know what we do!

Congratulations to Diane R. for winning the green vases.  They should be arriving soon!  Thanks to all who entered the drawing.

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2 Responses to A Sale Behind

  1. Queli says:

    Great finds as always! I thought that golf creation was really inspired. The guy did a really good job.

    • kathy & deb says:

      Thanks Queli! We thought the little golf club bird was pretty cute and wanted to share him. It’s a much more positive way of disposing of your golf clubs after a bad round. 😉

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