It’s That Time of Year

Yes, folks, it’s that time of year yet again.  Our local Unitarian church has hosted its monster sale yet again.  I know it is hard to explain our delight and anticipation of this yearly extravaganza, but if you were ever to attend, you would understand.  We took along a loyal reader this year, who had only ever attended on Saturday, and she could never understand what we were raving about.  No!  You must go on Thursday, and make it first thing in the morning.   After a gander around the place and a couple of awesome finds, she is a true believer.  Can I get a Hallelujah? Of course, we go, not just for the goodies, but also for the baddies.  I am pretty sure most of these finds would have still been there on Saturday, probably even on Sunday when they start selling stuff by the bag.  I have not been tempted to go then, as one day a year is good enough.

The first thing you come to at the sale is the free pile, and we couldn’t believe that someone had not snapped this up:

What, you don't have one?All you need is a suit of armor and a castle, and you can be an aristocrat for free!  Or just hang it over your garage and make the neighbors wonder.

It would probably be more amusing hanging on your wall than this utensil art:

Fork FanIn case you didn’t notice, it’s made of plastic forks.  Why they have it marked as a pattern is beyond me.  Haven’t we suffered enough with just one of them?  Why make more?  To be fair, I think there were some patterns near by, and we are going to hope that is what they were referring to.  It might be handy dandy on a picnic though.  You can fan yourself, and if you forgot your place setting, you wouldn’t have to eat the potato salad with your fingers.

While we were in the craft section, we got an eyeful of this:

Tissue HouseWe prefer our gingerbread to be edible please.  I must admit they worked hard on it.  Our best guess is that it is a tissue box cover.  I am not so decoration-happy that I require my tissue decked out for Christmas, but if you are, then I guess this is for you.

In the outdoor section we caught a glimpse of this:

Upside down cactusPlastic cactus is silly enough, but upended plastic just made us giggle.  Guess it goes with the pseudo Southwest ladders beside it.  We did notice that the ladders were doll-sized, but even our dolls won’t live with pastel Indian artwork.  They would probably rather have the cactus.

If you are going to do Southwest, do it right.  I made Deb buy these earrings:

Vintage Zuni earringsThe only reason she was allowed (by me, that is) to have them, is that I already have a similar looking pair.  Signed Zuni needlepoint turquoise is a steal at $10.00.  I told Deb she had to buy them, and the lady at the case decided I should work there, especially after she (Deb) meekly obeyed.  She is such a good girl.

At least I didn’t make her buy this:

That dress could be a flagThis is really a dress.  The hanger was placed in the middle, so it looks kind of odd, but trust us, it was supposed to worn somehow.  My comment was, it must have been a bridesmaid dress.  Deb’s comment was “That Bi@#ch!”.  You gotta admit that would be pretty mean.  We were thankful the church ladies placed it in the costume area.  We are pretty sure it will be featured somewhere in the bicycle parade at Tour De Fat–probably with the local clown family.

We were intrigued by this next item:

Eagle NestingWe’ve seen chickens on nests ad nauseam.  We even went to a sale once where they literally had hundreds of them.  We still haven’t recovered from that.  We’ve seen bunnies as well, but never an eagle.  The eggs were marked Cuba, Philippines and Puerto Rica.  The banner says the American Hen.  Guess we are supposed to be watching over our chicks.  It actually was a pretty cool item, but not really us, so we left it for another avid antiquer.

This was also probably some sort of antique, but she was so cranky and crabby that we couldn’t think that anyone would want to live with her:

Little Old Lady thingyShe just looks mean.  I think she is the witch that lived in the gingerbread tissue box, and is going to fatten up Hansel and Gretel for eating.  She wasn’t a pitcher or a cookie jar.  Her hat came off, but we have no idea what you could possibly use her for.  Other than our ever- popular target practice, that is.

I also have a True Confession.  “Oh no, what did she buy this time?”, you ask.  I believe I have referred more than once to the fact that I do not collect cow creamers.  See my original post here.  And I have added a couple to the “not” collection over the years.  Here and here as well.  There may be others, but I am trying to keep it sane (yeah, right!). Anyway, I actually saw this fellow in the ad for the sale.  I tried, honest I did, I left the sale till the end of the day, but of course he was still there, as who else would take him home?

Mad CowSeriously, he has ORANGE spots.  Last time I checked, cows do not have long black tails, and I am pretty sure any cow caught sitting like this would probably have something seriously wrong with him.  Looks like they added a cow head and hooves to a dog body. But … on the bright side, he was marked Czechoslovakia, and was only a dollar.  Yeah, he is living with my other cows that are not in my collection as I write.

If you have not done so already, be sure to post a comment here or on Facebook to be entered into our drawing for the nifty little green vases.

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9 Responses to It’s That Time of Year

  1. Steph Gazell says:

    Oh, good job getting the wonderful Zuni earrings – what a deal! That ceramic granny thing is just plain scary. Her hat comes off? Would someone use that as a vase? Wow… The whole cow thing had me laughing out loud – LOVE it!!!

    • kathy & deb says:

      Thanks Steph–we always have a great time at that sale. Sometimes the bad amuses us more than the good, although those earrings were definitely fun! That cow had to join the noncollection Kathy is accumulating.

  2. Thank you for letting me tag along. Had a great time… but had to restrain myself. My favorite find was the wooden lazy susan. It wasn’t until after I got it home and cleaned it up that I noticed it had several nice pieces of bird’s eye maple in it. 🙂

  3. jensine says:

    ooh I do like the earrings … i would have bought them too and yes the eagle deserves a good home and the cow seems to have been calling to you

  4. I’m surprised none of my SCA friends have snapped that first item up yet!

    • kathy & deb says:

      That shield with the coat of arms is screaming for a redo; someone from SCA would do it justice. And, it was free!

  5. kathy & deb says:

    I was contacted by a reader that was having problems leaving a comment to enter the drawing for the vases. Dorothy, you’re entered! Anyone else having problems–just contact us. 🙂

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