See, We Aren’t The Only Ones

Ruth, a reader in Canada, sent us scads of bad this week.  Of course we’re thrilled to include her pics in this week’s post.  It’s always a relief to us to know we aren’t the only ones who see this stuff.  Without further ado, here are Ruth’s pictures.

Her take on these first two pictures is right on the mark:

Albino Bulls  Albino Bulls

“I think the little albino bulls with their golden horns must have already taken out the bullfighters, as they are wearing the red capes on their backs!!! Ole!!!”  We couldn’t have said it better.

Of course, longtime readers know how we feel about Cupid pieces (unless it’s great art, which most of it isn’t) with or without his friend, the dolphin:

Cupid and Dolphin soap dishTrying to put a positive spin on this picture: I’m glad it wasn’t gold!  Gak, imagine facing that the first thing every morning while trying to get ready for your day.  You could always put it in the guest bathroom just to make sure guests don’t exceed their three-day limit.

So far, Ruth is two for two, but it gets better:

Poor, little elephant

About this poor elephant, she says, “I am not sure if the elephant was purchased this way or adorned by the person who was selling him!!”  I’m not sure either, but whomever did this needs to pay!!!  Not only is a perfectly good elephant statue ruined by the addition of shells, you have to wonder–what is that second creature attached to the side?  I was looking at the picture and noticed a googly eye in the white arrow of shells.  Eeeekkk!!!  After spending longer than was comfortable looking at this picture, I still don’t know what that second creature is.  Good job, Ruth; this very well might be the worst thing we have ever seen!

The elephant was just the tip of the iceberg of “… the wacky collection of shell art at one table.”  Well, I think’s she’s diplomatic to call it art:

Tacky, tacky shellsI would like to know how either of those items are enhanced by the addition of shells?

These next two pictures might very well be my favorite salt and pepper ever:

Bobble-headed Rooster S & P   Bobble-headed Rooster S & P

They amused Ruth too, “I’m pretty sure everyone needs a blue bobble-head rooster salt and pepper shaker holder – especially when the shakers are bright yellow!!”  Thank goodness that the previous owner didn’t keep the rooster too close to the stove.  Can you imagine how nasty blue, GREASY flocking would be? In the first picture, the rooster looks pretty startled by either his appearance, or the attached shaker near his tail; both are pretty alarming.

Neither of these two pictures really explains what the heck this thing is:

Christmas pinecone and candle  Christmas pinecone and candle2

Even Ruth, who saw it in person, was confused, “The candle holder – a Christmas piece?? I don’t know but I am quite sure it would have been better to have just broken it up and used it for kindling!! Oh dear!!!”  Yup, looks like kindling to me, too.  You even have a pine cone for a fire starter.

This last picture’s humor comes from being a misplaced object, although these things always make me laugh just on their own:

Misplaced massager

“Massage anyone????? It was LMAO funny finding this massage device in amongst the crystal and Christmas ornaments!!” was Ruth’s take on the massager.   Now that you mention it, whenever you have to get out the good crystal would be a splendid time for a calming massage.  At Christmas, you could use it for a weapon while shopping, or as your good deed of the day, providing back massages to all those other zombified, stressed folks trying to find just the perfect gift.

We have a few of our own finds that need to get cleared out of the queue.  They aren’t as amazing as Ruth’s, but they do include a clown–you have been warned!

From that awesome yard sale that we talked about last week and on Facebook, here are a few final finds:

Big ol' Asian lamp

It’s not that this lamp is awful, but can you imagine the scale of the room where it sits on an end table?  It was at least three feet tall without the big, honkin’ shade that you know went with it.  Speaking of the shade, of course it was silk.  But, was it ivory or that pink color, and what shape–pagoda or loafish, with sides that angle out from top to bottom?

Both of us looked long and hard at this little lamp right next to big brother:

Fun Arts and Crafts lamp shade

It was only $10 for this arts and crafts lamp with a decorated paper lampshade.  We both decided that there was just too much damage and it would bug us, so we passed.  It was pretty cool, though.

Last thing from the sale was this vintage toy refrigerator:

Play refrigerator ourside  Super cute play refrigerator inside

The outside was in rough shape, but it had the wonderful shelf decals inside.  I have to talk very sternly to myself to leave these things for someone who has room to display them.  When I was a girl, I would have loved this fridge!

We saw this fun lamp at Goodwill:

Fun Lamp

We’re not sure if it was enhanced by a crafty person, or just came this way from the store.  It’s not great work of art, but it sure is cheerful.

Sadly, it’s clown time.  We hadn’t seen one quite like this before:

Even pompoms can't save this clown!

Even pom-poms can’ help it; in fact, we feel sorry for the pom-poms!  We wish that there was an eleventh commandment, “Thou shalt not give rise to clowns”.

Thanks again to Ruth for making our job easy this week.  We would love to see more of our reader’s pictures–send them on in!

I’m going to be out of town for three Fridays in a row!  Sorry Kathy,  😦   I know it’s no fun to shop alone.  On the plus side, I’ll be garage saling and thrift storing in Michigan, so keep your eyes peeled for a trip post.

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12 Responses to See, We Aren’t The Only Ones

  1. tkarengold says:

    Great post!

  2. jensine says:

    love the lamp … wonder if you could fix it … and that fridge is wonderful

    • kathy & deb says:

      We thought long and hard; it was us but a paper conservator could have done it easy peasy. Thanks for reading!

  3. OMG! That soap dish…yes, gold would be bad, but how about PINK?!? Well, I don’t have to imagine it, because I’ve seen it:

    I didn’t believe there could be another one in the world. (And yes, I did think about buying it to put in my guest bathroom!)

  4. Ruth says:

    Thank you Kathy and Deb!!! I am thrilled to have been a part of this week’s blog!!!! Cheers!!! Ruth

    • kathy & deb says:

      And Thank You for your generous picture contribution. It’s always good to know we aren’t just crazy and attract this stuff!

  5. Nothing like animals made out of shells LOL

    • kathy & deb says:

      I wish people would just leave them on the animal they originally came on–the ones in the water! 😉

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