If I Could Talk to the Animals

We seem to have gathered a drift (of hogs), a rhumba (of rattlesnakes), a parliament (of owls), a flock (of birds), a pack (of dogs), and maybe a few other things for you this week.  OK, so maybe it is just one or two of each, but I am a big fan of the book An Exaltation of Larks, and I highly recommend it for those who are fond of collective terms, plus it makes great trivia to astound your friends and enemies alike!  Anyway, it is much more edifying than our finds this week.  Our friends from the animal kingdom just hate to be humiliated this way, but there it is, we can’t seem to stop.

First we have up the porcine group:

MIss Piggy's first name is Elizabeth?This poor anthropomorphized pig at least still has on her name badge.  Maybe she can be returned to her rightful owner?  Yeah, they probably dropped her off and ran like hell for fear she would follow them home.  Even the real Miss Piggy would forgive us for consigning this member of her family to the thrift store shelves.  No style at all.

No animal is safe from gilding, and the pigs are no exception.  How about a nice golden piggy bottle? Actually, we were rather relieved that the label told us it was a pig, otherwise we would have still been scratching our heads.  Then again, now we are just wondering “why?” We are hoping it was the booby prize, and not some sought-after award:

Gold Rush Pig

I am going to admit right now that I do not like snakes.  I have tried, and I think we could reach an agreement if they would just wave a little flag saying “I am over here”  then I could avoid them, and we would live in peace.  That being said, I still don’t think I would wish them spread out and tacked to my wall:

Mounted rattlesnakeThat was one honking big reptile, and maybe I would change my mind if I got up close and personal to this many rattles.  Boots, a wallet?  I don’t know, just keep it far from me!

Close up of rattlesDeb and I both seem to have a secret (well, not that secret from each other at least) thing for these crazy ’60s mosaic pictures:

Pictures gone to the birdsWe have managed to not bring any home.  So just be prepared, and know we are going to share them with you often, and fulfill those inner yearnings in the safest way possible.  Come on, you’ve got to admit that is one fancy rooster.  I hope we never find a complete kit for one of these, as we might be tempted beyond all control.

While we are birding:Cute owl basketWe loved this hand-painted owl purse.  Good thing it was not even close to our initials.  It’s one of those things that amuses on many levels: baskets, purses, owls.  Yep, I think we have too many addictions.

On the other hand, or wing, this turkey is not so good:

Who you calling a pheasant?He looks like his head is made out of raspberries, and he is sitting on the rest of the feast, trying to keep everyone away from it.  It’s working for me.  The other problem this poor bird had was an identity crisis.  We heard someone at the sale ask, ” How much for the pheasant?”  When we looked, all we could find was this avian.  I don’t know how pheasanty he looks to you, but to me he’s all white meat turkey.

I offered to buy this poodle for Deb, as we all know how much she likes poodles.  She turned me down.  I can’t understand why:

Mork makes a friendAt least Mork liked it.  And yes, we know Mork is collectible in a NaNu NaNu sort of way, but we didn’t buy him … or the cotton candy poodle.  Considering the pile of stuff we DID buy from this sale, I think we showed considerable restraint.  For those wondering about said purchases, check out our Facebook page for a photo.

Yet another dog figure made the cut this week:

Vintage boxer dogOther than the glowing green rhinestone eyes and the tongue sticking out at you, he is sort of endearing.  Might be stretching, but at least the original price was right on the money:

doggy markingsWe find it interesting that so many of the things we think are cute come from Japan, and when we were kids that “cheap Japanese stuff” was the worst thing ever.  I am not sure the insane China stuff will ever reach that cuteness level.  It’s just plain odd.

I going to end with a bang and show off this entire mantle of badness:

Mantle of horrorSeriously, we had no idea how much awful stuff could be shoved into one small area.  Have a blue crazy cat, a pair of rearing horses, 3-D flower plates, a stump clock, and more.  If you could overcome the sticker shock on these, they could have all been yours.  If you are going to have horrible stuff at an estate sale, please make it cheap.  Then, there is a fighting chance that someone might take it home as a gag gift.  A horrible, rude gag gift, but gone from your garage nevertheless.

Hope your hunting is happy, from a bouquet of Second Hand Roses! (Is two enough for a bouquet?)

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4 Responses to If I Could Talk to the Animals

  1. jensine says:

    I love the mosaics … some things are really hard to leave behind

    • kathy & deb says:

      It’s a good thing that we don’t have a pole barn or huge storage area. There’s no saying how much cool stuff we might drag home!

  2. The amount of bad (ugly) animal decor is truly disturbing. You would think that the artist or manufacturing plant would reach the conclusion that ‘cute’ sells and ‘ugly’ just sits on a shelf.

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