Memorable Friday Finds

We didn’t have high expectations for garage sales last Friday since it was Memorial Day weekend.  Shows what we know!  We stumbled on one of the best garage sales we’ve been to in a while.  The prices were right up our alley–25¢ up to $5.00.  We started piles which the sellers totalled up while we kept shopping.  That was unusual enough to make us look at each other as if to say, “Are we dreaming?”  If you want to see what we got, here’s a link to our confession on Facebook.  I also took a couple of pictures of some things that didn’t come home with us.

We’re always amazed at old technology that was hailed as “labor-saving”:

Maytag wringerIt still looks like work to us.  I had a friend whose family used one of these washers in the ’70s.  Her mom wouldn’t let me even stand nearby, while it was in use, because of my long hair.  They say that people got their hair pulled right out of their heads when they leaned too close.  We don’t think this was used much; it looked like it was in factory-new condition.

There were a couple of vintage tables, but this old linoleum one caught our eye:

Vintage linoleum tableI’m a sucker for stencilled leaves.  I wish those red chairs behind the table leaf were in better shape; they might have had to come home with me.  I love them when their chrome is all shiny.

I had no intention of bringing either of these things home:

Beef brain tin

We were looking at the blue-haired doll, when my brain finally processed the words on the tin.  Ick–beef brains!!!  I know that Swift made vegetable shortening because I’ve got a recipe pamphlet advertising it (of course I can’t find it!).  I had no idea that anyone bought cow brains in a tin.  See, you learn something new every day when you’re paying attention.

Now this isn’t news to us:

We agree

We are much occupied by shopping.  It’s not a hobby, it’s a lifestyle, it’s the cream in our coffee, a reason to get up on Friday mornings …  I’m always amused by people who try to give us appointments on Fridays, saying “You’re only shopping”.  Poor people, they don’t know what they’re missing.

If we didn’t go shopping, we would miss stuff like this:

Cowboy version of the burning bushSo many unanswered questions: why is the cowboy praying to the cactus?  It’s not even on fire!  What’s got his horse spooked?  We wouldn’t even have to wonder about this stuff if the makers were more skilled and we could tell what was going on in these little vignettes.

This was hanging on the end cap:

Put the yarn down and step away from the owl

We like owls, but this psychedelic version is just too much, man!  This poor little guy appears to be totally freaked out, or he’s on his 45th cup of coffee.  We were kind of freaked too, and then saw this an aisle or two away:

She deserves better

Oh dear!  Well, I suppose if the crocheter won’t bury the yarn in the backyard, she needs to use it up.  Poor little girl, her face is sooo cute!  She deserves better; it’s arguable whether better is even a possibility when she is surrounded by crochet.  😉

You can guess the decade of the groovy crochet (cough, cough ’70s) by the colors.  They would match this decorator shelf:

Ha ha, decorative shelf

What a shock that it’s never been opened.  I can’t believe that someone kept it all these years intact.  It’s like traveling in a Wayback machine to the time of bad decor.

This picture at Goodwill amused us:

Hey, all the bloodHey, all the blood is rushing to my head! is rushing to my head!Poor penguin, all the blood is rushing to his head.  It took us a minute to figure out what it was.  I’m sure it would look better right side up, although green and yellow are unusual penguin colors.

Well, you know with this many of anything on a rack, it’s got to be bad:

Whole rack full of ugliness

They even had a choice of three colors!  But, when we got a better look, it was pretty easy to see why there were so many unsold:

Looks like a robe to meIf it were shiny silver, then you could have a futuristic, outer space sort of look (think ’50s and ’60s space movies); especially with knee-high boots.  But in white, black, and red/black, they look like  polyester uniforms for a strange Catholic school.  If they only had a zipper up the front, you’d know they were house dresses.  Hmmm, I’m out of ideas.

Why, why are these just sitting on the shelf:

Why doesn't this junk get broken?

If people just had some gumption, they could all be knocked off the end cap and be swept up in one day!  I wonder if they would fit in one of those clay pigeon firing doohickeys.  They would provide extra incentive to improve your marksmanship.

Well, that’s it for this week.  The editor of Stitch-it…today contacted us to use pictures of my chicken scratch aprons in an upcoming article.  We’ll post a link when the article is published; I’m excited that someone wants to use my inexpert photos.

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10 Responses to Memorable Friday Finds

  1. I think that there must be a Target Distribution Center in your area that donates merchandise that doesn’t sell. I do the price changes for my store & as of a few months ago, anything that doesn’t sell is salvaged & sent back to the DC. The DC decides what to do with merchandise that is not defective. IF the pink hang tags said “Exhiliration” they are definitely from Target. We had these same dresses in my store & they didn’t sell well at all.

    • kathy & deb says:

      Our Goodwill does get a lot of Target close outs. Those dresses are hideous and it’s no surprise they didn’t sell.

  2. tkarengold says:

    Our real estate agent informed us that shopping is a sport in Pennsylvania. Of course I needed several uniforms and shoes to participate.

    • kathy & deb says:

      Of course!! That’s what I wanted to say. Kathy and I need coordinating t-shirts since we shop for each too. Go team!!

  3. My mom used her Maytag ringer/washer from the time she was married in the 50’s through the 80’s. (I was in college before she bought a ‘modern’ washing machine… and I had to show her how to use it.) Many memories of Saturday ‘wash’ days. I too, had long hair and was warned not to get too close so I was generally delegated the task of taking the wet clothes as they came out of the wringer, placing them in a basket, and then dutifully hanging them on the clothes line.

    • kathy & deb says:

      Wow, using a wringer with 6 kids must have been a lot of work! Plus hanging all the clothes on the line gave you a workout too! Bend and stretch, bend and stretch. .. 🙂

  4. LOL the dress looks like a giant white oven mitt!

    • kathy & deb says:

      Okay, that’s a perfect description! I just couldn’t put my finger on what they reminded me of. 😉

  5. My mom had a wringer washer until we moved from SD to Texas in 1971. She told my dad that the washer was NOT making the move.

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