Regularly Scheduled Friday Finds

Woo-Hoo!!!  The weather has finally improved, the snow is gone, and you know what that means?  Yes, garage sales are in full swing.  We get as giddy as two schoolgirls at the thought of what is out there waiting for us.  Of course, it is hard to tell it from our regular giddy, but trust us, it’s there.

As we left Deb’s house, she raided her garage sale stash of money.  We found this bill, and were absolutely positive it was meant for mad money:

How to recognize garage sale moneyWhen Abe looks this goofy, he is just meant to be spent!

One of the first sales we stopped at had some fun stuff, but even more fun was this pot stand:

Cool pot standThe owner says she plants it every year, and lots of folks stop and take pix.  We can see why.  It was made with a big piece of rebar planted into the ground and the pots and dirt added.  There, just call us Pinterest.

One of the next sales had these coffee tables:

Coffee table and jean buttWe apologize to the person whose behind made the photo, as this is not her best angle, but oh well.  Anyway, we decided these were pretty lethal in a living room.  That concrete base is made for pain.  I, for one, also run into glass edges like this on a regular basis.  I am fairly klutzy that way.  As we walked away, it popped into my mind that maybe we had seen these before.  Did a search on back blog posts, and sure enough here they are. Huh, didn’t like them then either.

We did find some fun stuff.  Deb got her cranberry server; check out our Facebook Page for the pic.  I found a lovely $3.00 chair:

Potential Chair

How can you go wrong with a nice late Victorian slipper chair for three bucks?  Doesn’t even need refinishing, just some new upholstery.

After garage sales, there is always time to stop at Goodwill.  We can always count on this place for a couple of photos to pass along.   We first spotted the black and red fuzzy purse as we entered the store:

Purses with plenty of personalityMostly harmless, but as we were getting ready to leave,we noticed the pink one.  Well, we had to reunite them and take a family photo!  If nothing else, you could use them to dust coffee tables at any friend’s house.  Just set down your bag and move it surreptitiously around.  Think of it as a community service!

We have some real doubts about the poor fish forced to live in this fish bowl:

Maybe that's just a little too much plastic vegetation for a fishbowlIf you untaped all the greenery (plastic of course!) from the outside of the bowl and transferred it to the inside of the bowl, you would never see the fish again.  Guess it is good for those agoraphobic fish.  Not to mention that getting the tape sticky off all that flora would take the better part of year.

Those fish would probably like it better there than living in this tureen:

Italian soup bowlJust big and clunky and made in Italy.  It actually looks better in the photo than it really was.  That vaguely starfish-looking daisy on top was pretty creepy in person, like it was guarding the vichyssoise from unwarranted tasting.  No problem; we weren’t even tempted to lift the lid.

Since Deb and I are drawn to dogs and cats, respectively, we always have to comment on bad animals.  These were pretty darn ugly as far as cats go:

I've got a crick in my neckI don’t know what is up with the weird stripes.  It was like they were trying to tell you they were tabbies, and just couldn’t get it quite right.  Plus, I am pretty sure there must have been some tuna on the ceiling to get the one cat to stretch his neck up that far.

Now to end on a happy note, or at least we think so.  We actually liked this little Japanese fisher fellow:

Unusual Japanese figureHe looks pretty darn pleased with his catch.  At first I though he was riding the fish, but no, they are just good friends!  He was even nicely decorated on the back:

Back of Japanese figureProbably one of those guys with a Koi pond fetish.  They spend every waking moment tending the pond!  Not really our style, so we left it for the next guy.

Well, garage sales might be a little spotty this weekend with Memorial Day and all, but you can bet we will be there, camera in hand, your ace reporters in action!  Have a great, safe, weekend, folks.


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4 Responses to Regularly Scheduled Friday Finds

  1. The Snidely Whiplash mustache on Abe is hilarious! Spend him well. Love the chair. With a little TLC, it will be fabulous with new upholstery.

    • kathy & deb says:

      That’s exactly what we thought about the fiver! That chair was fab and actually the whole garage sale was pretty cool. No pix because it was soooo busy, but there were some fun things there.

  2. lyn lewis says:

    LOVE that chair! Bargain indeed and fell about at the idea of using those bags for dusting surreptitiously lol

    • kathy & deb says:

      Thanks Lyn–that chair was awesome. We’ll have to post a picture of it reupholstered, whenever that might happen. As far as the sneaky dusting, anyone who wants to do some is welcome at my house!

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