Dusty Old Friday Finds

Congratulations to the winner of our Mother’s Day drawing–Peggy Naugle.  Please contact us with your address, and we’ll get your print in the mail.

While goofing around and doing book reviews and trip reports, we have been ignoring some perfectly good finds from right here.  Just like that last weird carrot in the fridge, these finds are perilously close to their expiration date.

For my birthday, Kathy offered to drive us to an estate sale in Berthoud, a town about twenty miles south of here.  We pulled up at the address and were immediately taken by the house:

VIctorian Estate SaleThis is a house that must be full of cool stuff, and so it was.  It wasn’t really an estate sale as the owner was still very much alive and buying.  She just had so much stuff that she needed to thin her collections–and man did she collect!  It really wasn’t our kind of sale because the prices were on the higher end of shop prices and not estate sale prices.

There was a jaw-dropping number of things on sale, as you can see from these pictures:

Estate Sale tables  Estate Sale table

This was only one room, and not even all the tables in the room!  Plus, you can’t really tell how many pictures were on the walls (hint: they went all the way up to the ceiling).  I felt sorry for most of the collectibles; I think they live in boxes and not out in the world to be seen and admired.

We did really like this child’s punch bowl:

Kid's punch bowl

It wasn’t something that we had ever seen before, but how cute!

Leaving out the back door, we looked out and saw these two garden beds:

Estate Sale garden  Estate Sale gardent2

What a fun way to use broken statues, bits and pieces of fencing, plates, and pottery.  Kathy especially liked the angel peeking out of the flower pot in the left picture.  I thought the whole thing was charming.

What would ever possess anyone to do this to salt and pepper shakers?

Rock Salt?

What a hot mess!  You can see that little stones are falling off, even as the shakers sit on the shelves.  Can you imagine what would happen if you were trying to use them?

Well, as awful as the salt and pepper shakers are, this little planter is good:

Lil Davey Crockett planterLi’l Davey Crockett appears to be out huntin’ bar.  The colors are vibrant and there didn’t appear to be any chips or cracks.  It was just so cute; hope the planter was bought by someone who would appreciate it.

We really were attracted to this old dresser:

Cool old dresser  Side pic of dresser

Isn’t it strange how the top drawer is the largest?  The top drawer hangs out further than the rest, but the molding on the sides supports the overhang.  The lighter wood around the edges of the drawers appears to be tiger maple; I’m not sure what kind of wood was used for the inlaid design on the edges of the cabinet beside the top drawer.  I would have bought it, if my house weren’t stuffed with furniture.  We try to leave some nice things for others, especially when we DO NOT need them.  See, I’m still trying to convince myself that it was the right thing to do.

Here are some dreadful ’70s plaster figures:

Table of horrorIt would be perfect with your dark Spanish-styled furniture and orange shag carpets.  Shudder!!  But the whole table was covered with pretty interesting stuff, in a car wreck sort of way:Table of horror2You couldn’t pay me to take that yellow and blue pitcher home, or that fake tree.  As far as the golden angel candle holders, they aren’t for us.  The only thing that had a chance of going home with one of us was the bear.  Kathy dragged a big old carved bear home from Goodwill last summer; I don’t think we could even lift it.

We saw these sparkle twins at two different thrift stores:

Sparkly Dolphins  Sparkly deer

I’m not sure why you think red when you’re making dolphins; I suppose the mirror bits and jewels are just an afterthought.  On the whole, the deer are much more attractive and would work for Christmas decorations.  If there were candles nearby, they would sparkle attractively amid some greens.

How funny to see one of these patty makers that wasn’t decorated with chickens:

Wooden patty maker

Kansas is a big barbecue place, but I’m not sure that it’s populated with tubby Italians.  I don’t think this was used much since the paint is still perfect.  A friend describes how her mother made dinner for eight (including three teenage boys) out of a pound of hamburger.  I always imagined that she would have used one of these presses. 😉

Heee’s baaaack:

appy Cinco de Mayo mannequin head dudeI imagine that Mannequin-Head dude was celebrating Cinco de Mayo.  We’re going to have to go to this thrift store every so often just to see what Mannequin-Head dude is getting up to.

We saw this blah painting:

Party with a River Monster

It was crying out for a river monster:

Picture much improved

Sorry, this was the best I could do using Paint and editing the picture.  Although I have to admit that even if I had the picture at home, and used a real paint brush, the result might be the same. 🙂

As always, thanks for reading!  We wouldn’t be doing this without you.

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8 Responses to Dusty Old Friday Finds

  1. tkarengold says:

    Those look like my kind of gardens. I struggle with the modern style of my new home compared with the country setting of our last one. I’m drawn to broken, old, shabby and discarded things but there’s very little place for that here. Sigh.

    • kathy & deb says:

      We would have our own struggles in a modern home/neighborhood too! Our backyards can get kind of funky and I’m sure that a HOA wouldn NOT approve my propane tank pig in the front yard!

  2. Oh… what a cool house! Next time you’re going to an estate sale, let me know. If I don’t buy anything, at least I can drool. (And there were so many cool things in her garden beds.)

  3. lyn lewis says:

    that mannequin looks like the drag character that won the (naff) Eurovision Song Contest!

  4. Stephanie Gazell says:

    It’s 7:30 am on Monday morning, and I’m sitting here, at work, laughing out loud at the reappearance of the mannequin dude – and the river monster picture! Thanks for starting off my week with smiles and laughter! And I have to say, you wouldn’t have gotten me out of that room, at the estate sale. :>) Did you leave with anything that day? If not, then I applaud your self-control! :>)

    • kathy & deb says:

      Thank you Stephanie for starting our week off with big smiles! 😀 We didn’t buy anything at the sale; the prices were so high that we felt like we could to any antique mall in the area and pick up the same thing and maybe be able to dicker a little. Now if some of the art glass was still there, Kathy might have plunked down some serious cash, but alas, someone bought it before we got there. We have to really like something before we pay retail!

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