No Winter Lasts Forever

Hal Borland has it right, even though this winter gave him a run for his money!  Spring isn’t skipping its turn in northern Colorado–it’s here with bells on!  Yesterday it was nearly 80°, and while today is cooler, it’s still pleasant and sunny.  Best of all, we’ve been to garage sales for the past two Fridays–woo hoo!!  I want to warn y’all that there is a clown in the very first picture, but as clowns go, he’s pretty benign.

Now, I’m not saying they were good garage sales; folks are just warming up for summer, or so we hope.  Take these first two finds, both from the same sale:

I would put my head on backwards to avoid a clown too!When we first looked at this table, we knew there was something troubling, but we couldn’t put our finger on what was bothering us.  Aha, the duck decanter had its head on backwards, making it pretty creepy.  But, then we realized why the duck had made that painful decision: if its head were on the normal way, it would have to stare at a clown!  All righty, that was probably the only way to go.

Then we glanced over at another table and saw a couple of doll things:

Make a doll kitThis is one of those kits where you “sew” the outfit; probably glue it on is more accurate.  The doll body is dress-shaped just to help you along.  We have found similar kits in the past, but have never really felt the need to buy one.  Kathy found a cute badminton set for dolls, but they wanted too much for it.  It was about 50¢ of fun in a $2 package.

We aren’t sure exactly what you might do with this party decoration:

Party Time!

Unless you are a bar, frat house or sorority–then this might be a well-used party prop.  We aren’t sure how you store it either, since it was probably around six feet tall and looked pretty rigid.  It might inflate, but it sure wasn’t rocking back and forth as people walked by; it had some heft.  We should have asked the owner where she got it, but she was pretty busy chatting with neighbors, so it’s still a mystery.

Heading back from a disappointing garage sale we saw this sign, laughed, and then turned around for a picture.  We KNOW that all parents feel like this sometimes:

Kids for sale Evidently, the seller felt the need to clarify too–just in case you can’t read my typed foot note, it says “the goat kind lol”.  By the way, isn’t that miniature horse in the back ground adorable?  He looks like a tiny little appaloosa to me.

It’s kind of hard to make fun of this next thing:

Plastic shoe pin cushionNot because we think it’s pretty, but because it looks like the kind of pincushion a little girl might buy her mom/grandma.  If it were purchased by an adult, well then–what were you thinking?  Pepto-Bismol pink plastic with rhinestones and silver rickrack aren’t signs of a mature, developed taste.  I’m sticking with the little girl thing just so I don’t lose faith in humanity.

This cruet set is kind of cute in a ’50s sort of way:

Oil and Vinegar cruetsThat is until you look at the decal.  Coffee?!?!  That’s something I’ve never heard of–coffee vinegar or oil on top of a salad.  What’s wrong with some nice olives, veggies, or bottles of Chianti like they usually use for decoration?

I was so excited when I saw this:

Happy purseWe haven’t seen a real, honest faces in places for a while.  Carrying this purse (as ordinary as it is) would make me happy because I would be smiling at everyone going by.  Honest, I just visited Faces in Places to make the link above; it’s not my fault that I was there for twenty minutes!  The internet can be a dangerous place for people like me who aren’t real disciplined about “getting things done”.

Probably at the top of the list for things I wouldn’t buy at a thrift store:

Seriously? Seriously???  For $5, you can go and buy a fresh tube–ick!!!!

Okay, quick, something cute, weird, and so us; hopefully this will wash Prep H right out of your head:

Furry picture palsI’m not even sure if these were commercially made; they kind of look like a kit, or maybe a pattern from a vintage craft book.  The eyes are definitely hand drawn, and the nose is a bead.  Of course we bought them–Kathy the cat and me the dog.  If they get lonely for one another, we can always arrange a play date.

We’ve been noticing fruit ever since a reader told us she makes “topic boxes” and “story sacks” for visually impaired kids and likes to use plastic fruit, cloth, and odds and ends:

Wall of glass fruitUnfortunately, this is a whole wall of heavy resin or maybe even glass pieces of fruit–we couldn’t tell through the plastic bags.  The grapes are kind of cool if you’re a fake fruit sort of person (we aren’t).  Honestly, Lyn, if there is something you need, but can’t find, let us know.  We’ll mail it to the UK, no worries.

This pillow has way too much personality:

Scruchy pillowBut we much prefer it to the bed of nails pillow.  I can just imagine the pattern of indentations on your face after you had a nap on this pillow, and god help it if you’re a drooler.  Do you think it’s color fast?  This poor thing would last an hour at the most, in our house, after the dog found it–it’s exactly what he likes to rip apart and eat.

Have you ever played one of those caption games on the internet?  This picture seems like a perfect starting point:

Attitude, I has it!I think he’s saying, “What’re you lookin’ at?” but I could be mistaken.  After laughing at him for a few minutes, we decided that we were hungry, not crazy, and left the store to go to lunch.

We’re doing a Mother’s Day giveaway:

Mother and Child printIf you would like to win this print, leave us a comment on one of the next two weeks’ posts and you’re entered.  If you would like one extra entry, go to our Facebook page and leave a comment there in the next two weeks.  The link to our Facebook page is right beneath Ruffles the Ugly Bunny on the right side of the blog.  We’ll draw a name on Mother’s Day and announce it on Facebook and the next Friday’s post.  Good luck everyone!

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14 Responses to No Winter Lasts Forever

  1. Andrea says:

    Fantastic post! not too sire what to say about the Prep. h though. Wow.
    It always bothers me when an item is inappropriately decorated with something. Like the coffee on the O and V set. I’ve seen worse, but that kind of thing stands out like a sore thumb for me too.

    • kathy & deb says:

      Thanks Andrea! I think the sorters need a little more training on when to throw things away (Prep H!). Glad to know that inappropriate decorations bother someone else besides us BTW, you’re entered in the drawing. 😉

  2. Stephanie Gazell says:

    That was such a great post! The duck head and clown comment had me doing that silent shaking with laughter thing at my desk, so as not to disturb the student working near me. :>) Love the coffee cruets, the smiling purse (I smiled back at it) and the pillow with too much personality (the drooling comment made me hiccup my tea). The head with the fur hat needs to be in some trendy little store – there’s a bowtie boutique somewhere here in the northeast that it would work well as a display item for… You girls always MAKE my Fridays! Have a groovy weekend!

    • kathy & deb says:

      Thank you Stephanie–you made our Friday! We LOVE it when we can share the laughs; have a super weekend yourself!

  3. I’m glad you identified the red/orange thing as a pillow. It looks like it could be a spore or something else sinister as viewed through a microscope. 🙂

    • kathy & deb says:

      You are so right Connie! It does look like a fungi or something horribly magnified! The color just makes it more special. 😉

  4. lyn lewis says:

    One hopes that prep h hadn’t been used!! I don’t think our charity shops would put a medicinal item for sale for health n safety reasons, but perhaps that was still in date! Even so…………..yukkk lol
    Many thanks ladies for the offer to post things, though I almost choked on my G n T as I read the post seeing my name there lol I love making the Topic Boxes and like you, I wander round what we call, car boot stalls, seeking out appropriate things to put in them. You do seem to have the knack of finding the most appallingly fascinating things though!

    • kathy & deb says:

      Okay, that is a delightful turn of phrase–appallingly fascinating things. We might have to put that in as a tag line on the blog! Thanks Lyn!

  5. OMG! 1) Who donates Prep H to the thrift store in the first place, 2) Why didn’t the sorters toss it, or donate it to a homeless shelter or whatever, and 3) What were they smoking when they put that price tag on it? Sheesh! Yeah, my “thrift horrors” gallery has a whole category dedicated to, “Why would someone donate THAT?!?”

    And if the decapitated-guy-head gets lonely, I encountered some gals lately who would be just his type (though a lot scarier…).

    Also, when I first saw the picture of the pillow, I thought it was a pile of raw hamburger, and thought, “EWWWW!” 🙂

    • kathy & deb says:

      All good questions! I think you should write a story dealing with the kinds of people who donate that kind of stuff to unsuspecting thrift stores (Aliens?) 😉 Now that you mention it, it’s hard to tell from the picture that it’s a pillow. Someone in a comment below theorized it was something viewed under a microscope. If it was ground hamburger could we sell it as the Lady Gaga collection of home decor?

  6. Berina Febin says:

    nice post!! had a good laugh… couldn’t agree more!!
    Moxie Craftie

  7. Love the “kids for sale” sign – an eye catcher if ever I’ve seen one. So pleased you bought the framed cat and dog – they look so eager for good homes – “something cute, weird and so us” he!he! The Mother’s Day giveaway is gorgeous. Thanks for the giggles again. Dani xoxoxoxoxoxoxox

    • kathy & deb says:

      Dani–thank you for your kind remarks; it makes our week when we amuse our readers! ((Hugs)) right back to you!

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