Hoppin’ Down the Bunny Trail

I have a confession to make.  “Oh no, not another one”, you say.  Well, confession is good for the soul.  For some reason, after I have confessed, I feel free to indulge in said sin with free abandon.  Don’t make me look too closely at that, please!  Anyway, I love bunnies.  I try really hard not to drag them home, but I look around the house and notice they have multiplied like, well, rabbits!  Deb is no help at all.  I find a really cute one, and say I really shouldn’t, talk me out of it, and she admits that she doesn’t think she can.  She is probably right and why waste the effort?  That being said, this blog is full of bunnies I was easily able to resist.  You will see why, I’m sure.

You all know our stance on fake chocolate.  Why bother with fake when the real deal is so easily available and tastes so much better?  On top of that you never have the pesky problem of storing the real thing.  I don’t even bother finding space for it on my pantry shelves, much less something like this:

Don't break a tooth on those ears!Total waste of clay and glaze for this one.  Hardly looks any different and just gets your hopes up, only to be let down in the most depressing way.  After all, what’s worse than no chocolate? Fake chocolate.

This one is a total waste of clay as well, although for completely different reasons:

Plaid pottery planter bunny basket2I feel so sorry for the poor kid forced to endure this as their Easter basket.  It had better have been chock full of the best candy and toys EVER, and even then I am not sure candy could have made up for it.  Maybe the eyes were meant to mesmerize you into believing it was charming, and what is up with the polka-dotted eyebrows?  What do you think?

Plaid pottery planter bunny basketWe needed a Geiger counter for this next pair:

Does your bunny glow in the dark, hmm?They looked pretty radioactive to me, and if that didn’t make you run for the bomb shelter, those slightly glowing red eyes could convince you that were a goner for sure.  They must be friends with Bunnicula.

On the decorating front, we were glad to see that Easter didn’t escape the fiber-optic craze:

Fiber optic roses, oh my!The bunny inside is actually pretty cute, but we could have done without the pastel light-up roses.  I think we should start to carry a selection of batteries around with us, as this didn’t work, so we were unable to present it to you in all its glowing glory.  Just use your imagination.

For your homemade Easter decor, don’t forget the plastic canvas:

Plastic canvas bunnyYou know, they tried really hard to make it look like a rabbit, but I think they could have skipped all the bunny appendages, just made a square box, and been more successful.  From the side it is even worse:

Plastic canvas bunny side viewThis one is not even large enough to put in a huge chocolate bunny and 4 lbs of jelly beans to make up for ugly.

This bunny apparently needed an extra spring in his step, and thank goodness the manufacturers were there to help:

Put a spring in your stepIt’s like the Superman of Easter baskets.  Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound!  It’s a bird, it’s a plane, oh, it’s just a wild hare!

Speaking of wild hares, if you look closely at this fellow, you can see that he has evil on his mind, or her mind; our villains aren’t gender biased, you know:

With evil intentThat baby duck is getting pelted for sure, the minute the deviled eggs show up on this serving dish.  I know why this one made the thrift store list.  As holiday crazy as I am, I just can not see a spot in the cupboard that I would sacrifice the rest of the year to house this.  My eggs just land on any old plate, and who notices when there are deviled eggs to be eaten?

OK while not a bunny and not strictly Easter related, I felt this girl and her bonnet were worthy of a place in this post.  Hold on tight, this one is a real groaner:

Easter bonnet gone badWell, about all I can say on her behalf, is, she still works and she sure is yellow.  I mean the color, as I am assuming she is as brave as all get out to appear looking like that. She has a lampshade on her head, for heaven’s sake!  Since the sign says not to place items for purchase on the jewelry counter, you would be guessing right if you say she has been at the thrift for several weeks.  Her $45.00 price tag is not helping her cause either.  Even a half price sale will probably not send her home.  Poor little wallflower.

Here’s hoping you all have a lovely spring weekend full of chocolate and flowers, and not too many April showers.

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4 Responses to Hoppin’ Down the Bunny Trail

  1. I think the two radioactive bunnies might have been extras in the movie, “Night of the Lepus”. (In case you haven’t seen it, ask Deb.)

  2. You guys have the wackiest thrift stores ever! Sometimes when I’m out op shopping (thrift shopping) I think “I’m going to do a Kathy and Deb here and find the funniest things I can find”. But I don’t even come close. I mean who can compete with radio active bunnies!! Then, as well as finding hysterical items, you put such funny and entertaining words alongside them – “extra spring in his step”!!! He! He! Thanks for the belly laughs. You’ve totally made Easter morning for us and a very Happy Easter to both of you and your families. xoxoxoxoxoxox

    • kathy & deb says:

      Thanks Dani for joining in the fun; it puts a spring in our step to hear that we made you laugh! If you ever find a weird thing while shopping, you can always send us the picture and we’ll make fun of it for you–but give you the credit! Happy Easter to you and your family!

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