From the Depths

I am not feeling too blog-ish this week, as moving is a #@*&, and shopping is not much fun by yourself.  But Deb is back in town and Friday beckons, so from past photos and a couple of additions along the way, we will jiggle out a post and hope to bring a smile your way!

I think I will start off with a slam dunk:

Miss Doily and HankiesSee, made you laugh!  We thought the hanky display was rather clever, but the doily pasties put it right on over the top.  If we had only known that this were the preferred use for doilies, we would ALWAYS look for them in pairs.  Somehow, it kind of lacks the Va-Va-Voom that most fellas would be looking for though.  Sort of like your grandma doing a pole dance.  (Sorry for that visual.)

If you are not into pole dancing, how do you feel about the hula?

Hula girl glassAt first we thought someone was being very clever with this glass, but it turned out to be commercially manufactured.  I am not sure why, but then it lost some of its luster.  Guess we like our laughs homemade.  I still think it might be a bit of a distraction at your next luau, depending on the maturity level of the guests.

Since we were talking about homemade, these fit, but we didn’t like them either!

Hopeless ceramic and wood wall plaquesThese were quite elaborate 3-D ceramic plaques, but for the life of us, we couldn’t figure out 1) which way was up, and 2) why they felt the need to pollute some perfectly good wood with the porcelain.  We actually liked the cute little blue bird, and decided that if there was any chance in hell of prying him off the boring background, we might have bought him, but these seemed to be welded together for life.

We frequently wonder why hideousness comes in pairs.  Is it because if you see it twice, it dulls the senses and make it less horrendous?  Let’s test this:

She liked them so much she bought two!Nope, didn’t work.  What is up with ugly purses these days?  For the life of me, I can not understand why big and ugly is in, and cute and fun is out.  Guess I am not cut out to be a fashionista.  On the other hand, fill it with rolls of pennies and you have a dandy weapon.  Who needs pepper spray?

Although pepper spray seems like the only reasonable use for this:

Why would you bring this home?This plaque was made out of all different kinds of chili pods.  Most were dry, brittle, and falling apart.  They probably started doing that in the suitcase on the plane trip home.  Come on, folks.  One word here–SALSA, and I don’t mean go take some dance lessons.  Again, if anyone feels the need to contract with us for our souvenir taste lessons, be sure and get a hold of us BEFORE your next journey!

I must admit to getting a chuckle out of this next pairing:

Pick your persuasionThat has got to be one wild conversation on the shelves after the lights go out.  Or maybe they just say, “Wine?”  “Rum?”  Either way, drinking seems to be the order of the day.   Take your pick, classical or tropical!  [Deb here–B.H. and I were cracking up about the poor koala bear who has obviously passed out after partying with the jugs.]

Here is another duo “don’t”.  Actually a couple of pairings.  When your cool ’60s lamp shade wears out, please don’t find the sparkly lace trimmed one to replace it with.

cool lamp, but that shade!And for heaven’s sake, don’t let the clown see that result.  It makes him sad.  Heck, maybe they should have put the bling on the clown lamp.  That would have cheered him up for sure.  If not him, then us, and we count for waaaaay more.

OK, time for a true confession.  I was just going to take a picture of these and leave them be, but they were perfect for any table setting.  (It says so!)

For the hostess with the mostessThese had to be some of those nifty fifties things you could buy from the back of any magazine.  Slip them around your candles to add fresh flowers to any table setting.  I may even have to give it a try.  If I do, you will be the first to see the wilted wax covered posies.  Here is an up close of the details.

A compliment, it says soI had fifty cents burning a hole in my pocket and a weak spot for housewifely graphics!

Well, I probably should go unpack a few more boxes, so I have done enough work to justify a shopping trip on Friday.  We have some fun Easter posts coming up, so stay tuned!

Hey, Barbara Forde, you won the porcelain flower pin in our anniversary drawing.  Please contact us so we can get your brooch mailed out.


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5 Responses to From the Depths

  1. lyn lewis says:

    That reminds me I saw a lass on facebook or maybe Etsy it was, who makes rings out of the individual flowers off those British flowered china ornaments! Quite a clever idea since we see many over here with one flower with a broken flower petal, so its been discarded, so recycling indeed.
    However, I wouldnt want to wear a lethally sharp petalled flower on my finger, Id most likely scratch my eye out inadvertantly lol
    Love the carton the candle flower watnots came in!

    • kathy & deb says:

      Wow, we love the idea of recycling too, but the damage that could be done with a porcelain ring! It’s probably something that should just stay on your dresser looking lovely! The graphics on those old cartons are just priceless and often much better than what’s in the box. Thanks for reading, Lyn.

  2. Anny says:

    Totally made me laugh out loud!! If you’re in the mood for cute purses, see my post at 🙂

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