Signs of the Times

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but this week, you had better pop on those reading glasses, as literacy will be required.  Sometimes what things say is as funny as they look.

Take this, for example:

Just say no to chicken poop chapstickReally?  Seems like the folks in the promotion department went on vacation, and the mail room thought this would be a lark (or a chicken, as the case may be).  I can’t imaging anyone thinking, “cool, chicken poop for lips”  Although, it claims not to actually contain any, would you trust them?  What else DOES it contain?

Here’s another where we are pretty sure not everyone was consulted on the advertising:

If you call me comfort bag one more time you're going to need a cold pack!I think if the man calls her a Comfort Bag one more time, there are grounds for divorce.  Guess it at least gives her the option of being hot or cold.  I think I would opt for cold comfort.  Seems fair, as you never see a woman being carefully wrapped in a heating pad by a man.

The woman in the above ad would probably be thinking this on the inside:

Hey David what's with the finger?Seems like a not so artistic, or subtle, way of telling the world what you think.  Surely the designers of this wall plaque must have noticed, right?  Then again, does it mean the same thing in China?  Anyway, I am sure this will be snapped up by some snarky college student for his frat room, and will deliver hours of endless prepubescent jokes.

We decided this sign was right on the money:

True dat!Unfortunately, that lovely time-saver, the computer, has become the go-to time waster in our homes.  What did we do before this?  Oh yeah, we cleaned the house.  If you believe that, we have some lovely beachfront property down the road for sale.  (For those that don’t know, we both make Colorado our home, and even though we tried massive flooding this summer, we don’t run to beaches around here.)

For some reason this week, we saw signs everywhere.  Here is a whole display that had many that tickled our funny bone:

Signs of the timesThe mouth/brain connection frequently misfires in both of us, especially when shopping.  Sometimes we say things, and then have to take a quick furtive look around to make sure no one heard what we said.  In many cases they have heard and are laughing with us, but one of these days, we are really going to step in it.  Here are some more from the same display:

Signs of the times2Just so you know, we firmly believe in the chocolate one, and we feel there needs to be a lot more of you waving at us, as we, the queens, go by.

We were very thankful that the worst of this pattern was on the cover, and we didn’t have to buy it to share with you:

For all of your decorative swan and geese needsWe were very glad to know they were EASY and Elegant-sort of the high-class hookers of the swan world.  OK, there was a mouth/brain thing, but it was funny, OK?  We did notice that the pattern was totally intact, no cutting of the sewing guides or anything.  Can’t imagine why.

This last item, we saw a couple of weeks ago, and it is getting down the list in our photos. We wouldn’t want you to miss it, even though it doesn’t fit with the theme.  (Like we really pay that much attention!)  Here is another example of why many crafters should be banned from ever setting foot in Hobby Lobby:

What in the name of golden idols is this?We had the same reaction she did: rearing back in disgust and fear.  I don’t even know how they managed to gild this thing, or better yet WHY they did it.  She doesn’t get any better close up either:

Golden idol close upIt was real fabric etc. that had been treated with about 100 layers of gold paint.  Good thing they didn’t have kids.  They probably would have bronzed the baby and thrown out the shoes.

The wind is howling today, I am supposed to be moving, and Deb is out of town, so this will be my mantra this week:

One of our mottosOff to the thrift stores; see ya!

Congratulations to Shelia M. and Barbara F. for winning our anniversary giveaway.  Barbara, please check your email and send us your address so we can get your pin to you.

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8 Responses to Signs of the Times

  1. I’m with you… who would have ever thought that chicken poop for lips would be a great marketing idea. Now while I love my backyard chickens, there is no way that I would remotely consider using that ‘byproduct’ on my person.

    • kathy & deb says:

      Yup, not the brightest marketing idea ever. Chicken soup for lips would make so much more sense, as that is supposed to cure everything.

  2. My pin arrived the other day, when I was home in bed with tummy woes. It cheered me up so much! I meant to wear it yesterday, for the first day of spring, but then forgot. Bad me. 😦 So I’ll wear it next Monday, instead. Because a person always needs extra cheer on Mondays.

    And ew, that gold-colored…thing…eww.

    Rivka and I often find people laughing at our running commentary at the thrift store, too. In one case, a store employee started following us around, just to eavesdrop!

  3. Stephanie Gazell says:

    I laughed out loud with the “rearing back with disgust and fear”! Too funny! Good luck with your move – it’s just so life disrupting – I hope yours goes smoothly!

    • kathy & deb says:

      Thanks Stephanie! The moving is just the caboose of a long train of rehabilitation for a house that needed lots of love! It will be wonderful when it’s done.

  4. Andrea says:

    Hilarious. Laugh out loud funny! I am now seeing the weird things at the second hand store in a much more enjoyable way. I always wonder what the Second Hand Roses would have to say…

    • kathy & deb says:

      Thanks so much Andrea. If you’re ever in northern CO you can come shopping with us and find out! It’s our weekly therapy session and filters are off!

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