Blow Me Down With These Friday Finds

Time to get back to our regular posts.  We have a backlog of pictures after the dog and Valentine’s posts.  The problem is that the wind is blowing here, and I’m not talking a little breeze either.  We’ve been having  a 10-20 mph wind all the time with 40+ mph gusts.  All this wind stirs considerable dust and other things up into the air, and people with allergies have almost as much trouble as they do in the summer.  It makes me ditzy; I called my dog by my sister-in-law’s name this morning!  So, take that into consideration if this post is a little more off the rails than usual.

Besides being the product of a wind-addled mind, this post has a second theme: home-made badness.  I just noticed that while reading through the post and editing for the second time!

These pictures reminded me to make note of something:

Happy Anniversary Weaving   Yrasrevinna Yppah

I think our blog anniversary is coming up–hope Kathy remembers, although she is an allergy sufferer too, so I’m not counting on it.  Anyway, we don’t want one of these woven rugs wishing us YPPAH YRASREViNNA, no matter how well done it is.  It was around a foot and a half tall–where the heck do you put it?  Oh, I know, the thrift store donation pile!  Okay, that was pretty mean, but I wish people would think a little before giving gifts.  We’ve never understood what you’re supposed to do with the silver anniversary plate, or the golden anniversary bowl.  I would rather have you make a gift to a charity, or even give me a good bottle of wine or gin!  Sadly, you can’t tell people what to give you for a milestone; I guess gift giving is an important contributor to filling thrift store shelves.

This find is kind of fun in a really weird, owl adjective way:

Who Me?

Someone evidently cut down a tree and then amped up the fun with the leftovers.  I think he’s cute, but we left Woodsy right where he sat.  Hopefully some owl collector finds him and gives him a good home.  I do think the maker was clever with what little material he used.  Who knew that circles cut correctly could make both ears and wings?

Doesn’t this look like something you might put on a grave for Memorial Day?

crochet box

Well that would be a mistake because:

Crochet box2It was starched within an inch of its life to keep it stiff.  Maybe it was made to hold a bible; otherwise I’m drawing a blank.  It wouldn’t work for Kleenex because there’s no opening on top.

Another do-it-yourself project that misses the mark:

Devil catIt’s supposed to be one of those cool ’50s cats with the clean modern lines.  If I squint just right, I can see the cat; what I see just looking at it is a very stylized devil.  I think it’s the ears that make it devilish as opposed to cattish, although the eyes aren’t helping either.

This commercially made, extremely tall dolly with her top hat and veil caught the eye because of her bright orange dress:

Orange dollThere was something about her that was odd, even odder than an orange ruffly dress or a floating hat:

Orange doll face

Looking at her face, it appears that she has bruises under both eyes–eek!   I’m sure it’s just her face paint, but it’s disturbing and not funny at all.  Then we wondered what the heck was going on under her skirt:

Under the Orange doll's skirtsHow odd!  Surely she couldn’t be an umbrella, but there were the ribs attached to white fabric.  Then there was the round plastic bit in the middle with a hole in it.  I’m not sure if an umbrella handle fitted in there, or it’s some sort of mechanism to play music, spin her, or both.  Truly, this is one of the weirdest dolls of this sort we’ve ever come across.

Back to the home-made theme:

Orange bed doll

We’re not sure what the heck was going on in the bed she was sitting on to leave her in this state.  It’s pretty evident that she got in the middle of something, poor dear.  Can you imagine the bedroom that she matched?  It had to be some hideous ’70s eyesore:

orange bedroomYou would need an eye mask to ever get to sleep in this glow in the dark bedroom!

I hope these last dresses aren’t hand-made, but they sure look like it:

How to tell if the bride hates her bridesmaidsWe’re including this picture for all of you wedding-planning bridezillas out there who seem to hate your bridesmaids.  Yes, it’s “your day”–but that doesn’t mean you can force all of your closest friends pay for, and wear, something as hideous as this!  Just stop it!!  And yes, for once, my camera captured the real color of something!

We did hear from all of last week’s contest winners, so the rest of you are off the hook.  We usually do a giveaway associated with our anniversary; when we figure that out, we’ll let you know.  We’ll have to pull our wits together and look through our stashes to find an appropriate prize.

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12 Responses to Blow Me Down With These Friday Finds

  1. Urban Overalls says:

    I don’t think that I have ever seen a bridesmaid dress in that particular color. And now that I have… I can see why. Poor bridesmaid.

    • kathy & deb says:

      I think some brides are so insecure that they want to make sure the bridesmaids don’t outshine them–hence the ugly bridesmaids dress! These particular dresses take the ugly cake.

  2. I hope the wind dies down and the dust settles soon – allergies are no fun – but this post is!! The devil cat and gigantic scary doll are favourites. And, what were they thinking in the 70s? That bedroom is priceless! Take care. xoxoxoxoxox

    • kathy & deb says:

      Thanks Dani–and the wind is still blowing; it may not let up until April since March is our windiest month. Oh well, that’s life in Colorado. What were they thinking pretty much sums up the whole ’70s decade! ((hugs)).

  3. So glad to have found you, I’m a junkaholic too. Great idea for a blog!
    -Dawn @ We Call It
    History & Home link party, Tue-Fri, weekly

  4. nicole says:

    Some fun an interesting finds you have there!!! Some of them gave me a chuckle for sure! And yes the wind is no good for allergies as my little guy has been having such a hard time with this crazy weather. A wonderful weekend to you!! Nicole

    • kathy & deb says:

      Thanks Nicole! The weather has been crazy everywhere and for every cold windy place, there’s a hot dry place! Oh well, spring is around the corner thank goodness. Hope your little guy gets some relief soon!

  5. Andrea says:

    The doll definitely creeped me out the most. Yikes! The handmade world can definitely be a scary place.

    • kathy & deb says:

      We love that people want to express themselves artistically, but they need to find the right medium! Otherwise their creations end up in our blog and everyone gets creeped out! Thanks for reading.

  6. Stephanie Gazell says:

    Oh, that’s definitely a Parasol Doll! And the starched box looks like it was made for a box of chocolates… The devil cat is just plain scary! And the dresses…how cruel to make your bridesmaids wear that color – who looks good in it?! Great post! :>)

    • kathy & deb says:

      Thanks Stephanie! Of course it’s a chocolate box–thanks for clearing that up! Yeah, there are some mean brides out there; I think there’s 2 people on the whole planet that can wear that color.

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