Friday Finds A-Plenty

First off, we would like to welcome all our new readers from the Grow Your Blog event.  If you’re here looking for the Grow Your Blog post, click here.  For our regular readers, click on the link on the sidebar, and you just might find some fun new reads.  Just don’t forget about us!  This week’s finds run the gamut.  Really, they should be running out to the junk pile, but here they are anyway!

I am going to start off with the head scratcher of the week award.  This one totally had us going “Huh?”

Can anyone explain this to us?Let me guess, they loved the carpet so much, that when they moved, they cut a square out of the middle and framed it?  They were so desperate for art and carpet samples were free?  It reminds them of the green, green grass (astro-turf?) of home?  Gladly accepting any and all explanations.

If they liked the color of the carpet square so much, maybe this pot holder would be right up their alley:

Extra creepy hot pad for me please!I, personally, would never want to meet it in an alley, dark or otherwise.  It has this sort of creepy grin that makes me think at any moment it is going to fail as a pot holder, and make sure I get a killer burn from the oven.   Guess it could have been worse.  They could have made the smile in bright red.  Euwwwwww.

While we are into super ugly, let’s have a gander at some ugly couches … ×2:

Ugly Couch Contest WinnerEntry number one features button tufted and gathered gold velvet.  Don’t you just love it? One of the big buttons in the center of the seat cushions was missing.  I am sure it snagged some person’s unsuspecting jeans that were stronger than it was, and met its demise.  As an aside, this photo was from the week before, and this couch is now missing from the store, so some fruitcake bought it.  Let’s hope it was for an ugly sofa contest.

Entry number two was still there, so it could be yours, if the price is right:

Make that two winners!This one sat so low to the ground that it would take a crane to get up out of it, even for a normal agile person.  Please don’t let Grandma sit it in, the poor dear.  Notice the gold one in the background.  At least they weren’t facing each other!  Then it would have been a real showdown to find the ugliest coffee table, wait … I may have a winner here:

Oh, it's shineyI took this photo this past summer at a yard sale, and had sort of forgotten about it.  Can you just imagine these with the velvet couch?  I know, the mind boggles.

Maybe, if you were feeling flush, you could purchase this oh-so-lovely vase to sit on your mirrored coffee tables:

What's brown, four feet tall, ugly, and costs 25 dollars?This thing is huge, a couple of feet tall, and ugly, AND they had the nerve to put $24.99 on it.  I have no idea why they felt the need to price it that way.  Maybe they were testing the theory that there is a sucker born every minute, but surely no one is that stupid.

Now we actually thought this next item was rather well done:

Duck, Duck, Gourd 2Little Miss Ducky, or maybe she is Goosey, is a hand-painted gourd.  The person who did it had some talent, although it is hard to hide the fact that “baby got back”:

Duck, Duck, GourdStill, kinda cute in a country kitchen sort of way.

This one also had us laughing:

We all know this dogWe all know a dog with this attitude, don’t we?  Deb considered it for her dog, but Koko would probably just eat it, and still wait for Deb to go fetch.

There always seem to be a plethora of do-it-yourself fails, and here is another stunning example.  At least it left us stunned:

A Man, A Plan, A Cork, AWhile I can applaud their taste in wine, there were several labels on here that I like to drink, I think they should give up making boxes.  What, you didn’t realize it was a box?

A Man, A Plan, A Cork, A BoxAh, what can’t be accomplished with a hot melt glue gun and wee bit too much time on your hands.  I hope they had imbibed enough of the wine to use that as an excuse.  We needed a bit of the grape to recover from the whole thing.  (Honestly, we don’t tipple in the middle of the day, as that would make us even more goofy than we already are!  Right now, we have people following us around in thrift stores telling us how funny we are.  Imagine us drunk!)

After all that, we should probably leave you with a smile, so we present this charming item:

Vintage Blue Plaid Cape with Fun ButtonsWe loved this wool plaid cape, especially with the big fun buttons.  I have no idea why we couldn’t get a good photo of it.  Normally, Deb’s camera balks at the bad stuff, not the goodies!

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Oh, and one last thing:

GO Broncos!!!!

Super BowlI got a kick out of this display in Wally World today.  There was a TV with football on, so no man was capable of walking by!  We should talk; Deb and I both watch football, and are Broncos fans, so forgive us this lapse.

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19 Responses to Friday Finds A-Plenty

  1. tkarengold says:

    Actually, those coffee tables wouldn’t have been too bad if the glass were plain and the legs were tapered birch. But then you wouldn’t have taken a picture.
    Stay warm!

    • kathy & deb says:

      We totally agree about the coffee tables–it was the mirrors, crystal and brass that just put right over the top! After shopping and shoveling, we’re staying under a blanket and drinking cocoa! Looks like your weather is much better than ours!!

  2. lyn lewis says:

    Well your right gourdy duck does look nicely painted!
    And that jacket would be great for a british proggy rag rug………..

  3. Urban Overalls says:

    I would like to think the potholder is something Eddie Blake would have had in his kitchen.

  4. Those glass tables would be snatched up in Palm Springs – they are so retro. That green carpet swatch made me chuckle. What were they thinking?

    • kathy & deb says:

      Maybe those coffee tables would fit in somewhere a little more luxurious and upscale than northern Colorado. The question is how did they get here; maybe a transplant from California?

  5. Andrea says:

    Maybe they were going for a framed moss loo with that bit of carpet. As for that pot holder, in agreement here, freaky.
    That little ducky is very well done, a strange ornament to be sure, but well done.

    • kathy & deb says:

      Framed moss loo makes more sense than a decorative carpet picture! 😉 We’re with you on the other two–weird and well-done but puzzling. Thanks for reading!

  6. Framed carpet – now that’s something I’ve certainly never seen before! In fact, while we’re at it – corked boxes? Giggled at the waaaay oversized and overpriced vase and the “what were they thinking” couches – one of which someone paid real money for! Goodness! Enjoy your “bit of the grape!” He, he! xoxoxoxoxoxoxox

    • kathy & deb says:

      Oh, we were hoping that someone knew what the framed carpet was–it’s so weird!! Of course the whole post was pretty darn weird, now that I think of it! But the wine comment was right on the money. 😉 Thanks for reading Dani–((hugs))

  7. My guess on the framed carpet is that it could have been part of a student decorating project? I took an interior design class once, and as one of our exercises, we had to present fabric, paint, and carpet samples for our room design.

    We’re pretty sure the pricers at our local thrift store are sometimes smoking crack. Unless someone managed to convince them that the Vogon pottery project was actually some antique or collectible designer’s work?

    And really, I think we SHOULD all go drunken thrift store shopping sometime. Would give a whole new meaning to “Friday Afternoon Club”!!!

    • kathy & deb says:

      Thank you Shelia–that’s the most sensible explanation of framed carpet that we’ve heard–whew!! OMG, you’ve said it before–Vogon pottery describes that huge vase perfectly! I’m up for having some mimosa’s and then going shopping–maybe we’ll have to take a cab or have a designated driver. 😉

  8. Debra Morrow says:

    I found your website by clicking on a doll link. Imagine my complete delight when I found what you all do. I can so relate to what you do. I just wanted to say thank you for doing this. Today was a very sad day for me and my husband. We had to put a sweet cat to sleep. Your blog made me smile.

    • kathy & deb says:

      We’re so sorry to hear about your cat–we both know how hard it is to lose a pet and what a big hole they leave in your heart. We’re glad that we were able to help a little. Hope you will come back for some more smile therapy. ((HUGS))

  9. You talk about the $24.99 item up top – the Salvation Army Thrift stores here in Vegas have now made a special store within a store for what they “think” are antiques or high end items…and whoever they have pricing them is out of their minds, as even the antique stores wouldn’t charge the prices they are asking. You girls should have sat down in the Bronco’s section at Wally World, and had someone take your picture there!

    • kathy & deb says:

      I know!! Some of the pricing is insane; we wouldn’t have it at half the price! Well, we try never to have our pictures taken–ever! Plus we like to shop anonymously; if thrift stores knew about us, we would have to wear disguises to get in the door!;-)

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