It’s a Zoo Out There

We love animals, really, we do.  Deb has a ditzy dog, and I have a cranky cat, so we collect dogs and cats respectively, as well as frogs for my planters, bugs for jewelry, and a cow creamer bunch, that I really “don’t” collect.  The summer intern has brought home “flingoms” since he was too small to pronounce flamingo correctly, but sometimes we wonder about the rest of the animal kingdom.  This week we present a small zoo of animal oddities.

This might be pushing the animal category a bit, but they were once living:

Shell Flower close-upWe actually had to admit, this was about the coolest shell thing we have ever seen.  There is some massive creativity here, and all in all it was pretty well executed.  We always say we are going to swear off shells, and then another thing comes along.  Oh well, you will just have to bear with us being shelly that way.

We found several of the “plastic plated variety” plaques one day.  We have the bighorn sheep:

Copper Plastic Big Horn Sheep PlaqueAt least it is a pretty realistic bighorn ram, but why they felt the need to plop it onto the piece of scrap firewood is beyond me.  Let’s not forget that genuine leather cord to hang it up, but no matter what, it’s still gilding the plastic.

Then we have the silver plated deer, just for a change of pace, you know:

Silver Plastic Deer PlaqueAgain, the rustic firewood background.   This startled bunch are just dying for a chance to bound away off this horrible artwork, and into the wide woods.  Deb and I both keep better deer in our back yards:

Deer Pic  Hey Buckaroo

Since we’ve had gold and silver, how about some copper to round out our metallic journey:

3D copper foil bird picturesI don’t know what that first bird is supposed to be, but I am hoping it’s a phoenix and is going up in flames soon.  I always get a kick out of folks showing pheasants with their tail up at a 90 degree angle.  It’s just to squish the whole bird into one picture, but I’ve never seen them do that.  The one thing all these pictures have in common is being very lightweight.  You could hang them with a thumb tack, but I have no idea why you would do so.

We have highlighted a couple of these before, but this one sure had size in its corner:

Black Panther Lamp BaseIt’s a honking big lamp base with plenty of room for those lovely ubiquitous plastic flowers.  Not sure why the black panther has stripes.  Do they have black tigers?  Thank goodness the shade was missing, as the mind boggles.  Pink fiberglass, anyone?

On to our feathered friends:

Odd China GooseI don’t know if this goose has a severe sunburn, or is just blushing.  If you stick your neck out like that, you are bound to see something you shouldn’t.  At least he didn’t turn around and get a look at that clown photobomber.  He is probably stretching up that high to get away from the rose bush he sat on.  I suppose the whole thing would make a possible addition for your pink bathroom … in a pinch.

This camel was obviously bored by the whole menagerie:

Send your camel to bedWho wouldn’t want a sleepy camel tea pot?  Not sure where this whole idea was going, and it sort of teeters on the edge of being cool  Maybe an awesome handle would have helped the whole thing, but we shall never know, as it was missing.

Now these next two selections have me completely baffled.  If any of our loyal readers have any answers about what these truly are, please let us know.  First off we have Mickey Elephant:

Mickey ElephantIt has Mickey Mouse ears on something, but I am still not positive what.  I am going with elephant, but I think it could just as easily be a warthog.  It also has some sort of curl hanging down the neck.  Is that a wig or what?  The poor dog behind him looks horrified, and I am pretty sure 75¢ is still wildly overpriced.

Same day, same store, I found these:

Cow pigs2

Cow pigs1

I tried two different angles, and no matter from what direction I shot, they still look like some sort of purple cow/pig hybrid.  Just when I thought they were cows, I would get a different look and swear they were pigs.  They were just so ugly the momma pow/cig cut the apron strings and took off.  Who could blame her?

We hope your animal antics are cooler than these but if not, send us a photo, and we will gladly make fun of it!

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8 Responses to It’s a Zoo Out There

  1. LOL you both never fail to disappoint! That Camel tea pot disturbs me!

    • kathy & deb says:

      He desperately needs a handle and why is there a tree painted on his side? Most things on this blog disturb us too! Thanks for reading and laughing along with us.

  2. The item I like best (besides the photos of the deer) is the wood plank that the plastic ram is on. But truly… the artist mucked it up when the gilded plastic was added.

    • kathy & deb says:

      Those metallic looking plastic plaques are just so awful; I pity the poor animals! Much better just looking at the real thing, or even a picture of the real thing!

  3. You have deer and snow in your backyards? Oh! My! Goodness! How beautiful! I thought that only happened in movies! But back to seriously funny business – where do you find these things? They are hilarious! The clown photo bomber had me cackling, but the “honking big lamp base” took the prize for me! He! he! xoxoxoxox

    • kathy & deb says:

      All these things in our blog are just sitting there on the shelf at our local thrift stores! Maybe our town is a nexus of bad taste, but we do find blog fodder on our travels too. The mule deer are here all year round; they look so much prettier lying in the snow rather than eating your tomatoes and roses! 😉 ((hugs))

  4. Diane Rhodes says:

    You sure the black panther lamp base wasn’t a Van Briggle? And, what’s WRONG with a pink goose in my pink bathroom?

    • kathy & deb says:

      If anyone knows Van Briggle, it’s Kathy! My picture was pretty bad so you couldn’t see the poor quality of the pottery and its painting. Good thing it wasn’t Van Briggle; we would have had to wrestle for it right there in Goodwill! 😉 There isn’t a thing wrong with a pink goose in a PINK bathroom–in fact that’s where all pink geese belong. Thanks for reading and setting us straight!

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