In the Pink Friday Finds

This is for all of you who are already sick of winter:

Die Winter DieI feel bad about complaining after seeing the temperatures and snowfalls in the Midwest and Northeast.  You know it’s cold when Minnesota shuts down schools because of frigid temperatures.  Hopefully, after such a cold winter, spring will seem all the more sweet.

Maybe that’s the problem with this creation of the harbingers of spring–too sweet:

Crochet Welcome signIts only real fault, besides making the word “WELCOME” unreadable, is its insipidity.  If there were a few more tulips, in real non-pastel tulip colors, and a better welcome sign, this crochet project might have worked.  As it is right now?  Meh!

I’m not sure that a welcome sign is necessarily a good thing in a boudoir, but the tulips and this lot would fit right into a pink frilly bedroom:

The pink boudoirWe both like pink, but all of this Made in Japan china together on a shelf was just too much for us.  It made us think of this picture from a very old post:

PinkyTo paraphrase Liz Taylor: She should fall off her pink cloud with a thud.

Of course I just can’t leave well-enough alone.  Let’s go vaulting over the pink-boudoir top and put these on the wall:

I don't think she's that in to youAlthough as a goad to romance these pictures are more of a fail: dude, she’s just not that into you.  The frames were surprisingly heavy–that’s plaster and wire, a combo that’s destined to pull an unwary nail right out of the wall.

Perhaps this picture would be more romantic:

I crown theeSorry for the lighting issues; there wasn’t a good angle for this picture.  All you really need to see is that it’s big, gold, and romantic with a capital R!  Heavens to Murgatroyd, the young man is being crowned with a rose wreath for his excellent loverly skills.

All of this pink and gold decor came from a single thrift store, and were even on the same shelf near one another.  This makes us highly suspicious that it all came from one amazing (as in we’re amazed any one bedroom wouldn’t implode under the influence of all that pink romance) bedroom.  On the other hand, maybe the thrift store shelving elves were having fun putting together a mind-boggling imaginary bedroom from the back storeroom.

Seems like overwrought love was in the air on this shopping trip:

Bad loveThe use of doves as a symbol for romantic love goes back to at least the Middle Ages, so at least the statue has that going for it.  However, I’m pretty darn sure that doves don’t “kiss” even if the males help around the nest and are good fathers, which always deserves a kiss.

Our experience leads us to believe that a high number of these kind of crocheted dolls end up in thrift stores:

Little Miss Crochet   Strawberry short crochet

And who could blame the recipients?  I loved my grandmother, but if she were prone to producing dolls like the pink one above, it would be tempting to donate it, or at least let the dog chew on her a little.  It’s wrong, but I am amused by the little strawberry doll on the right–but not enough to rescue her.  She definitely is one of the better dolls of the crocheted sisterhood.

After all that, we owe you something good:

Jazzy table for two

We love this enamel-topped table with its snazzy deco graphics. It would make a cozy table for two, which is more romantic than any number of pink boudoirs.  Even better–you make the dinner together and he cleans up!

Hope you all can manage to keep warm until Mother Nature regains her senses.  In the meantime, we prescribe hot cocoa, a warm fire, and plenty of internet silliness!

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2 Responses to In the Pink Friday Finds

  1. Urban Overalls says:

    Wow! That is pink overload. As someone who loves earth tones, pastel pink is like nails on a chalk board to me. (And not to mention that I am still living with an original 1961 pink bathroom in all of its pink and gilt glory.)

    • kathy & deb says:

      I know you don’t want to hear this, but we think pink bathrooms are awesome! Having said that, you could ask us if OUR bathrooms are pink and we would have to say no. After seeing your house in all of its pink and blue glory, I don’t blame you for preferring earth tones.

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