The Turkey Trot

It’s that time of year again.  Time for all things Turkey, and boy did we find some turkeys this year!  We don’t even have to work very hard at these, but we do collect the birds all year, just to grace your Thanksgiving table.

First off, I know it’s traditional to stuff the bird, but I think cornbread would be a better choice:

Stuffed TurkeyActually, the really scary things about this fowl are his feet.  You could practically stuff them alone, and not even bother with the rest. At least he is festive.

So is this one, but it’s rather gilding the lily, or sequinning the bird:

Sequins make a turkey fabulousThat is one sparkly feathered friend.  Seems like it is more the peacock’s style, but who are we to stand in the way of a turkey with a Bob Mackie fetish?

It just wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without a paper fold-out turkey.  I have to confess to having a thing for these accordion paper decorations, and even own a couple.  I just unfolded a nice fresh new one for the table today, but this fellow really looks like he knows the inside scoop.  He realizes how many of his avian friends are going to end up as dinner, and he is not going to take it anymore:

Fold out turkey is angryHe has a plan, and it isn’t going to be nice.  I totally do not trust the gleam in his eye.

Speaking of not trusting someone, take a look at this photo:

Every picture tells a storyUnretouched shelving here again.  We pondered long and hard about what that pilgrim woman was originally holding in her big ole “man hands”, and we decided it was probably an ax.  Hence the placement of her poor hubby’s banner.  You’d need courage to face her, too, wouldn’t you?

We always feel that the best thing about candles, is that they burn.  Unfortunately, no one has taken this least painful ending to the following, so here they still are:

Thanksgiving Candles well at least they burnAnd one more, that is just plain ugly:

Burn me, please!Looks to me like his wattle has already started melting and not in a good way.  Burn, Baby, Burn!

What feast would be complete without the proper serving pieces?  For those of you who skip the whole prepared main dish with all the trimmings and go straight to the leftovers, we have this glorious turkey soup tureen:

Turkey Soup Tureen is colorfulTo be honest, he seems a bit blue, and purple, and orange and …   And like his waxy counterpart above, he seems to have a little wattle problem too.  Looks like a well-defined proboscis to me.  He might also have a “waddle” problem, were he to attempt to walk, as that is one well-fed fellow.  I suppose you have to allow enough room for soup, but it is still sort of scary.

Speaking of leftovers, this last one pretty much left me without much more to say on the subject:

Leftovers againJust what everyone needs, a toy stuffed turkey sandwich?  I normally like Annalee Dolls, but this one laid a giant egg.  It’s neither festive nor fun, and just seems a bit disturbing.  If your leftovers start hanging around long enough to stare at you, throw ’em out!!!

That’s the turkeys for this week, we may have some leftovers for next week, and we are preparing a Seasonal Crazy Craft Patterns post, so be prepared!

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2 Responses to The Turkey Trot

  1. The turkey-sandwich-thingy has a very coy look. It is as though the sandwich is daring you to take a bite. “Come on, I dare you… I have salmonella”.

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