Friday Finds That Make Us Go Hmmm …

There are several words that we use over and over while shopping in thrift stores–no, not THOSE words!  More like: hmmm, huh, what, glorp (Deb), OMG (Kathy), and occasionally a soft “oh!” when it’s something good.  It’s lucky that my computer has Merriam-Webster’s thesaurus on the computery equivalent of speed dial; otherwise, my posts might sound horribly repetitious to regular readers.  It’s odd that our exclamations are repetitious when we’re continually surprised by what lies around the next corner!

Take these things–please!  Our apologies to Henny Youngman:

Steering by my spinning wheel on the way to see bad Hummel knock-offs I want to know why her hat is bigger than the wheel?  I would think that it’s really hard to spin on such a tiny little wheel–you might need a microscope to see your spindle.  Also, by the way she is standing and holding the wheel, she looks to be sailing a ship, not spinning wool.  Those little Hummel pictures in the background are pretty well done.  Crewel embroidery versions would be much cheaper than the real deal, but that’s the only reason I can think that someone would want those little pictures.  Maybe you could save up and just buy one Hummel figurine instead.  Hmmm …

While sifting through the huge bins of books at Goodwill, we came across this vintage sewing book:

Purveyor of the barrel skirtWe enjoy flipping through these books–sometimes they have great hints, and more often, some really funky crafts or fashions.  Guess which one we found?

Why would you want to look like a barrel?Our favorite (see the red arrow) has the alluring name of barrel skirt.  I want to know why anyone would want to try and look like a barrel?  It happens all too often to me, unintentionally!

The shelving elves push the big carts o’ mystery from the back sorting area to the knickknack aisles.  The shoppers then rush over and practically engage in fisticuffs to get first crack at stuff like this:

Ahoy Matey!This metal sailing ship was huge!  I think that it might be nearly four feet tall at the top of the masts.  This picture might be clearer, although I wouldn’t count on it:

Ahoy Matey2We could have bought it and staged a Pirate Barbie photo shoot, but then what would we do with a big metal ship?  She definitely wasn’t “yar”, with apologies to The Philadelphia Story.

We’ve been pretty quiet about clocks for a while; well, no longer:

Alaska clockIt’s so busy that we had to put it on the floor for it to even show up!  Against the shelves, it all but disappeared.  Maybe this pattern could be an alternative to camo!  As for the clock itself, well, besides being a formulaic rendition of any wilderness area superimposed on the vague outline of Alaska and covered in really shiny acrylic, you need to look at the gold icons for the hours of 3-6-9-12.  Three o’clock is a golden bear, six o’clock is a horse, nine o’clock is a pistol, and twelve o’clock is praying hands; I guess twelve is what you need to do if you run into three or nine?  Hmmm, how does the horse fit into the scenario?  For a fast getaway?

This came as a pheasant surprise:

Boy someone is feeling inadequate!Kathy’s husband used to hand-raise pheasants, but she was taken aback by the sheer size of this tail!  The whole shebang was about 30 inches tall, and maybe taller.  That would make it a difficult knickknack to display; someone could seriously hurt themselves on that tail, if the pheasant were sitting on the floor.

It should surprise no one that we were amused by this vintage doll-making kit:

Vintage doll kit  Vintage doll kit2

It was all there, ready to go.  The head was kind of cute, but neither of us knew that the dress was made with a styrofoam dress form.  We didn’t read the directions, but I’m not sure why the styrofoam was necessary; it might be easier to just sew the outfit and place it directly on the doll.

Sorry folks, it’s a short post this week.  We have a few things to tell you, some good, some bad (you’ll have to decide which is which!).

First off, we’re going to postpone our sale since Kathy hasn’t moved into the new house yet, and I’m having both of my feet operated on next week.  Those two things just made the sale impossible before Christmas.  But, we want you to imagine us shopping, with Kathy pushing me in a wheelchair, erratically, and my lap piled high with finds.

Second, be on the look out for our yearly Thanksgiving finds for which we aren’t all that grateful.  We are trying to get to the barware post, since we will need a good, stiff, drink to deal with the holidays!

Third, if you haven’t “liked” us on Facebook, please do so.  There is a button above Ruffles, the ugly bunny on the right top side of the blog.  This is the last time we’re going to bother you about this, we promise.

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5 Responses to Friday Finds That Make Us Go Hmmm …

  1. Oh… I always enjoy stumbling across a how-to book. Lately, I have been on a quest for one that shows different stitches (sewing, embroidery, cross stitch, etc…). And I agree about the barrel skirt. I can’t imagine any woman wanting to create that effect over her hips. No thank you!

  2. Anny says:

    How funny! I actually have that book. Showin’ my age here…

    • kathy & deb says:

      We actually might have it also, but have forgotten! I can’t tell you how many times we buy a craft/sewing book and then find the very same book in our stash at home–that is definitely age related!

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