Let the Sun Shine!

Well, well, well–this is a pleasant surprise!  We’ve received the Sunshine Award for our blog!


As with the Good Neighbor nomination, we are excited even to be noticed; there are so many great blogs out there!  Many thanks to our friend, Urban Overalls, for the nomination.

Of course there are some rules that go along with this award.  We’ll try to follow them as much as possible–we don’t always color within the lines:

  1. Use the logo in the post. ✔
  2. Link to whoever nominated you. ✔
  3. Write ten pieces of information about yourself. ✔
  4. Nominate ten fellow bloggers “who positively and creatively inspire others in the     blogosphere.”  well, we kinda, sorta did
  5. Leave a comment on the nominees’ blogs to tell them of the award. ✔

Well, the ten pieces of information won’t be hard either, since that’s only five apiece.


  1. I’m going first because I’m seven years older than Kathy.
  2. I have degrees in nursing and horticulture.  I can tell you what’s wrong with both plants and people, although plants are MUCH easier to take care of and to compost.
  3. I’ve been married to Beloved Husband for 34 years, and yes, he is a saint.
  4. I’ve been a vegetarian for 37 years.
  5. I’ve lived in Michigan, Oregon, and Colorado.


  1. I was born in Vicenza, Italy, and hubby in Anchorage Alaska.  Fathers in the service!
  2. I know how to tap dance.
  3. I make a mean crawfish ettouffe.
  4. I don’t know how to say “no”, and end up volunteering for waaaay too much stuff.
  5. My favorite car ever was my 1962 Fiat 850 Spider that I drove in high school.

The nominating ten other blogs part is tougher!  How do you choose?  I expect we had better nominate the blogs that we follow, unless they’ve been nominated before.  So, in alphabetical order:

Collecting Fashion Dolls by Terri Gold:  We’re inspired by Terri’s fantastic photography and passion for fashion dolls.  Plus, who knew it, but she likes second-hand junque!

Crazy With Keyboard:  Sheila has MANY interests, but she blogs about writing and cooking, which of course are two of our interests.  Plus, she went garage saling with us one Friday, which demonstrates a certain fearlessness on her part!

Every Day A Dollie:  For our dolly friends, Lisa has fabulous dolls and takes fabulous pictures of them.  She used to post every day, but her pictures are so wonderful, that it’s worth the wait for a new post.

Life to Reset:  Have you ever just wanted to chuck it all and wander to exotic locales?  This blog does it for you vicariously, with gorgeous photographs that you can insert into your own daydreams.

Paris, People, Places and Bling!:  Theadora is living the life!  She lives in Paris, and really that should be enough, but she also takes marvelous pictures of all the enviable places she visits.  Paris was never on the bucket list until we started following her blog.

Pillows A-La-Mode:  Katherine is a ray of crafty sunshine herself!  She has great ideas for our inner-crafter, but way better taste.  Plus, she may just be the nicest person in the world!

To round out the list, here are more blogs that we read in big bursts, but sadly just can’t keep up with on a regular basis, as they deserve.  In no particular order:

Welcome Home:  Maryann Roy writes about/crafts neo-retro decor, furnishings and set design in 1:6 scale.  Even if you have no interest in dolls, you should check her blog out for its amazing Moderne styling.  We’re very jealous of her dolls–LUCKY dolls!

Winter Owls:  With a tagline of Owls, art and life, what’s not to love?  Plus Jennifer has blogged about some of our favorite things: buttons, gardening, crafts, thrift store finds, AND she likes owls!

Suwi’s Place:  What can we say?  Sue is a woman of great heart.  She loves her family, her cats, and her dolls!  She builds super dioramas for her Priors family, and we love the peek behind the curtain, so to speak.  Plus, TOILETS!!!

The last nominees are just for fun.  Everyone needs at least one good belly laugh every day, so says the nurse.  😉  Here are two places we go to fill that prescription:

Faces in Places:  It’s a game you can play with: kids in the car, heck–with yourself in the car, while shopping, just about anywhere, and it’s fun!

Institute of Official Cheer:  We don’t know why, but James Lileks can make us blow milk every time we read something he writes–humor and sarcasm served up in perfect proportions.

Thanks again to Connie at Urban Overalls for the nomination.  We do this blog because we have fun doing it, plus, when we “pop” over to the thrift store or garage sale, we can say, “It’s for the blog!” and be totally truthful.  We also get a lot of pleasure back from our readers who enjoy the ride with us.  Thanks for being our sunshine!

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10 Responses to Let the Sun Shine!

  1. tkarengold says:

    Congratulations on your award. You certainly deserve it. Thank you for mentioning my blog, too. How we find the time to do it I often wonder.

    • kathy & deb says:

      Thanks so much for the kind words. I think that either consciously or unconsciously we make time to do the things that we love; our blog still fits into that category. We get a lot of pleasure from what our readers say back to us. 🙂

  2. Congratulations on your well-deserved award! It was fun reading more about both of you. And thank you for sharing your “sunshine” . . . that is so sweet! 🙂 Now I’m going to go check out all your other nominees! 🙂

    • kathy & deb says:

      Thank you Katherine! We loved looking at all the other blogs from your Good Neighbor nominations; it’s a fun way to see what’s out there.

  3. The Sunshine Award! YES. Well-deserved! Bravo, Kathy and Deb!! Your quirky finds (treasures!), along with your witty text always makes me smile. It’s true. Keep on shining! Theadora (And thanks for the shout-out and the kind words. I appreciate it!)

    • kathy & deb says:

      Thank you Theodora for the kind words about our blog; it’s amazing how many crazy things turn up in a city of 150,000! We would probably explode if we ever made it to a real city like Paris.

  4. Winter Owls says:

    Oh, thank you! Such lovely words about my blog and big congratulations to the two of you, a well deserved award!

  5. Congratulations to the both of you! You have a wonderful blog. Glad to have found you! : )

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