Miscellany,  def: a mixture of various things.

One of our favorite words ever.  If we see misc. in a garage sale or estate sale ad, we are all over it.  Pretty much everything we buy falls into that category, so for your pleasure, or maybe displeasure, here is this week’s miscellany.

By now you should have noticed that Deb has a thing for all things Asian.  Somehow, she was able to resist this one:

Paper mache Asian maskNot sure if this is Mae West in Kabuki makeup, or Charlie Chan with lipstick.  Either way, it is pretty unsettling.

After that terrifying incident, we figured we had seen the worst, but not even close:

You thought it couldn't get worseTwo of our nemesis jars, and the not-so-bright cousin who haunts your childhood memories.  Why, why, why, would anyone want any one of these?  To add insult to injury, the next aisle held his papa in crime:

Oh yest it can--Tennesee LladroWe did them a favor and put them together, as NO one else is going to be friends with these two.  You know there is a possum in the sack for dinner, and the only person smiling about it is Junior.  Guess he could be happy, as he doesn’t have to eat the jarred nastiness.  Possum has to be better.

Now we may admit to gathering up the clan in the above photo, but we swear we didn’t have anything to do with this setup:

Goodwill customers having fun!Every gato needs a sombrero right?  We are always glad to see a sense of humor here, no matter what form it takes.  When you put this junk out on shelves all day long, sometimes you gotta have a little fun.

Deb got pretty excited about this huge covered dish:

Ohh, that's a pretty covered bowlIt was old and pretty, then we walked around it.  Oops, not so much a covered dish:

Never mind!A covered chamber pot instead.  Not quite so useful in this day and age, at least most of the time.

It’s nice that the chamber pot is rather useless, and we are pretty glad this one is not a necessary item as well.  This is another case of looking pretty harmless as you approached it:

Looks harmlessYou know us, there is no way we could resist lifting the lid and seeing what was inside:

Vintage industial ironerWow, that is some serious ironing.  Now that I look at it, I wonder if it would do a good job on napkins and tablecloths?  Of course, I would be terrified to use it.  Erma Bombeck always said that housework, if done right, could kill you.  She wasn’t kidding.

We are pretty sure the poor housewife who was the owner of the iron, also had this in her sewing room:

Vintage pattern framedReally?  Why this pattern, there are dozens of cuter ones, say one for aprons, and why frame it so poorly?  Ah well, no accounting for taste.  Maybe she framed it, as she was never really going to sew it up.  Can’t do it, if it’s hanging on the wall.  Probably didn’t really want to take up tennis and used this as an excuse as well.  I don’t have a tennis dress!

We have no idea what this chicken is ticked off about, but something really got his feathers in a bunch, and he is one Angry Bird:

Grumpy ChickenI wouldn’t get near this one for all the chicken scratch in the world.  I see a pecked finger in anyone’s future who dares to try.  I can see why he ended up here.  Another case of really not needing to see something that sour on a daily basis.

Last up, an almost true confession.  This handsome fella tried to come home with us to join his chartreuse cousin:

Fifties bejeweled panther figurineUnfortunately, he had a broken and poorly repaired paw.  Poor guy, but you have to admit, they would have made a lovely pair.

That’s it for this week.  If you haven’t “liked” us on Facebook yet, click the link in the top corner and do so.  We add a little miscellany there during the week as well. It’s a great way to talk to us too.  Here’s hoping your finds are fun this week!

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4 Responses to Miscellany

  1. Wow… that is one fancy chamber pot! Mom, being a practical sort of person, placed a chamber pot in each bedroom while we were little. If someone got sick during the night, we could simply grab the pot rather than trying to make it to the bathroom in time. Mom’s chamber pots of choice were enamel ware and each had a wire bale handle.

    • kathy & deb says:

      We agree it’s much too pretty for its stated purpose–it would be like using your china as a bed pan! Enamel is a much more reasonable choice–your mom was a smart woman!

  2. tkarengold says:

    Does anyone ever really eat the bottled food in those tall jars. It doesn’t look too appetizing.

    • kathy & deb says:

      God we hope not! Is it even safe? You have to can green beans with a pressure cooker or risk botulism. This is probably why they bother us so much–food should be eaten. If your going to waste it as food, at least make it decorative!

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