That Seventies Post

Catchy title, no?  OK, maybe the whole post is not about the ’70s, but that decade is insidiously creeping in, so we will stick with it.

If this doesn’t scream ’70s at the top of its lungs, I don’t know what does:

Seventies Serving DishI have no idea what you could serve on this that would remain appetizing after coming in contact with this vicious color scheme.  Whatever it is, it would pale in comparison.

We spotted these next decorator items at one of the local thrifts.  We were laughing at the green one, when a friendly neighborhood shopper brought the brown pompon trim to our attention as well.  There were actually a couple more bags of trim; somebody apparently cornered the market on fluffy trims, but these were the clear winners (losers?):PomPom Party Close upAny kitchen that was crazy enough to harbor the serving dish, surely had yellow curtains trimmed in the green to go along with them.  It would keep you from sleeping through breakfast, no matter how tired you were.  Wouldn’t want to face it hung over though.

This next item comes from a loyal reader.  She saw the mushroom serving dish in a previous post, and sent these photos and explanation:

Mushroom bowl 2Mushroom Bowl1I would so enjoy shopping with you two – but I’d end up buying way too much stuff! We just moved this weekend and suffice to say that our spare bedroom is a storeroom. *hangs head in shame* But I needed to share a picture with you, in response to the horrible mushroom serving dish. I laughed out loud when I saw the picture, because in our packing extravaganza we came across two mixing bowls that I had found in my Dad’s storage and fell in love with. The mushrooms are very reminiscent of the serving dish, but hopefully are more acceptable! The creamy yellow was appealing to me, and well, I had to keep them. We put them on a shelf that gets viewed by anyone walking through, so I’m sure there will be questions about them. I don’t think they’ve ever been used! I know my Dad must have found them at a thrift shop (which he spent a lot of time visiting) and probably thought, “What a useful item – and what cheerful mushrooms!” I can just hear his voice saying it. :>)

We agree, the bowls are cute, and anything that brings a precious memory of someone who is loved, is beautiful no matter what it looks like.  We believe firmly in this, hence the look of our homes!

We might have to draw the line at these pooches.  Not sure they could find a home with us ever, well, maybe with Deb.  I do cats. so she would be stuck with these:

The Thrift Stores are Going to the DogsThe pair of them are in a total funk, and we can see why.  I know what’s on the inside is what counts, but homely is still homely.  The poor clear one is filled with perfectly harmless agates that never hurt anyone.  It was just cruel and unusual punishment to stuff them in a dog mold, and there is just no help for the pathetic black one.  I would hang my head in shame too.

Could someone explain to us the need to make a bazillion of something if it’s ugly?

A Lineup of Hot Pink LampsCan you believe the march of the pink lamps?  We did everything in our power to convey the true pinkness of these, but Debs’ camera was having none of it.

A Palooza of Pink LampsThe second photo is a little closer to the real color, but still not quite there.  If anyone is in dire need of a pink lamp, we know where to find one, or a dozen.  Just don’t put it in the same room as the serving dish.  Shudder!

I am not sure if Deb and I have confessed to our fascination with fabrics–especially vintage ones.  Usually just some age, and bit of cuteness is enough for us to drag it home.  We have always considered ourselves contestants in the “whoever dies with the most fabric wins” game.  ’30s and ’40s bark cloths are particular favorites, but even we would not consider using them for this:

Bark Cloth Wench DressNot sure if you can see the detail, but it laced up the front and was cut for your basic “wench” dress, that is, if yon wench felt the need to dress up in the curtains.  I guess if Scarlet could do it, so could the innkeeper’s daughter.  She would have to be a hefty gal too, as the dress weighed a ton.

We haven’t touched on any travel souvenirs for a while, so we will leave you with a couple of mementos of your visit:

Travel SlippersWe decided the felt klompen were a distinct improvement on the wooden ones–less noise.  I know how much noise the regular ones make, as my mother felt the need to bring the summer intern a pair from the Netherlands.  He LOVED them, a little too much.  I was pretty happy when his feet grew a size.  First time you may have ever heard a parent say that.  The red leather slippers from Egypt are just kinda cute, and they probably fit in the suitcase well.

Here are a couple more:

Fun Travel SouvenirsThe doll in the frame was three dimensional and charmingly dressed in Greek traditional clothes.  The other copper picture goes back a little before our post, to the ’60s, and was made in Israel.  It’s got the groovy sort of vibe going on.  There are such things as good souvenirs in the world, so take heed, travelers of all sorts, and don’t bring home a lemon, unless it is a real lemon from Florida, then that’s OK.

See, that wasn’t too painful, was it?  If you have any photos to share with us, be sure and let us know.  We love a good yarn, or fabric, or linens, and a good story too!

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13 Responses to That Seventies Post

  1. For whatever reason, when I see the pink lamps, I am reminded of Disney’s ‘Sorcerer’s Apprentice’. The lamps are the brooms and they just keep coming and coming and coming.

  2. steph-a-nie says:

    Hmmmmm…those pink lamps could come in handy. Any idea how I could inquire about purchasing some of them?

  3. Judy Rae Jackson says:

    Those pink lamps have RE hang tags on them which means they are from Target. I wonder if the thrift got them from the Salvage company that takes away unsold/damaged stuff? I work for Target & do all the price changes at my store. When merchandise is unsold, but there is nothing wrong with it, we salvage it out, box it up & once a week a company picks it all up. Damaged, non environmentally sensitive stuff is also boxed up (separately from price change salvage) & the same company takes it. I think they pay Target by the pound, not sure how it all works.

    • kathy & deb says:

      That explains all the other stuff we saw from Target this week. Goodwill prides itself on being a “green” company, in that it encourages recycling. I wonder if Goodwill buys the remaindered merchandise from the salvage company?

      • Judy Rae Jackson says:

        It is possible. Environmentally sensitive stuff is salvaged, bagged & another company picks it up once a month. We have a section of our backroom set aside for the plastic bins that ESIM stuff is sorted into. The One Stop dollar shop stuff is supposed to be tossed in the compactor, but my store manager lets me donate anything that is appropriate. We have a charity whose representative comes in when we call her. She takes all of the donations & gets them to schools or shelters. I am not sure how other stores do it, but we try to donate as much as possible. I spent a lot of years doing PTA at my son’s school & we weren’t a big bucks school. That was a long time ago, but I can’t stand the thought of perfectly good pencils, socks & all the other stuff that Target sells in the One Spot going into the trash compactor.

      • kathy & deb says:

        You are a person after our own hearts–tossing things into the landfill shouldn’t be an option if they’re usable! And that goes double for stuff schools can use. It’s a wonderful thing that you do to get school supplies into the hands of kids who might not get a lot of new, fun things.

  4. Judy Rae Jackson says:

    When I was doing PTA back in the 1980’s & ’90’s, we would have LOVED the notepads, pencils, stickers, etc. that can be found in the One Spot at Target. We made goodie bags for TAKS testing season & things like that. And this was in the days BEFORE Dollar Tree & other dollar stores were on every corner. I am a FIRM believer in “reduce, reuse, recycle” & luckily, my store manager trusts me to make the right decision. Here in Texas, far too many schools are scrambling for basic supplies, much less fun ones for special events.

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