Falling for Friday Finds

Fall is definitely in the air, and garage sales are over for the most part.  It has rained the last several Fridays, so we’re back to relying on thrift stores to provide all of the Friday fun.  Maybe we’ll stumble onto a great estate sale to give us an extra spark.

I love fun action figures and will admit to owning Jane Austen and Belle (from Beauty and the Beast) action figures.  How could I resist the Queen of Denial?

Walk like an EgyptianThey even posed her in the Walk Like an Egyptian style.  Her legs are fixed in that position, but I love how funny her arms look–just like that.  I have the Ancient Egypt Toob so I could go crazy with an Egyptian scene.  See how easy we are to amuse?

We couldn’t resist taking a picture of this album cover:

Sleeping BeautiesDo you think this is what Tchaikovsky had in mind when he wrote Sleeping Beauty?  Nah,  we don’t think so either, but it is a fun, crazy ’50s cover.  Those young ladies are in for a rude awakening if their skis slide off the poles.   Just as an aside, I’m not sure those poles are tall enough for the girls; I can’t imagine skiing stooped over like an adult in Tiny Town.

Don’t you just love it when people have fun shopping?

A weird cartfulI’m not sure there is much in this cart that I would drag home, but as Diane R. said in a  comment to our blog: there’s no accountin’ for taste.  Boy howdy, do we embody that belief!

If you’re asking for a cuddle, your case will be helped if you aren’t TOO scary looking:

Let's not and say we did!Although, let’s admit that these two seem made for each other, shudder!  Honestly, you would think it would be just as easy to make a cute thing as a homely one, but our research (yeah, that’s what we’re doing!) doesn’t support the hypothesis!

I’m afraid this relationship is doomed to failure (while also providing further proof about cute vs. homely):

Why are you blushing, Blue Boy?He is so much prettier than she is with his pink cheeks and cupid’s bow red lips.  She has no color, an “I am not amused” Queen Victoria expression, and to top it off, her body language is similar to my mother’s when she was ready to give one of us annoying kids a biff with her spoon while cooking.

This is the time of the year when baseball and football seasons overlap:

There are no plastic crystal beads in baseball  There are no plastic crystal beads in football, either!

But, neither sport ever overlaps with plastic beads, safety pins, and over-the-top dolls!  Oh Grandma, just stop now before you hurt somebody!

Both Kathy and I noticed this clay cow pin in the display case:

Mad CowFirst, you might ask yourself why it’s in the display case; I’m pretty darn sure that it isn’t valuable.  Next, you might even wonder if it is a cow; just think of it as a cow in the Wallace and Gromit style of claymation.  I’m very sorry to point out that there probably is at least one more mad cow in the bag, hidden behind the pin facing us.  That’s adding insult to injury!

We both loved this vintage chair, despite its condition:

Fun vintage chairIt has obviously lived a hard life; the paint has worn off the back, and the seat is broken under its upholstery.  If either of us had time to give it the TLC that it needs, we might have dragged this chair home, if only for our sale.

These little Japanese-made china figures have so much expression:

Angry from any angleIt must be the hand-painting on the face.  I’m not sure what she has to be so annoyed about: she is unbroken with the potential for cuteness.  With this bad attitude, it’s no wonder she was shipped off to a thrift store.

I’ll end on a note of wonder:

Golden DragonI wonder what the heck this golden metal dragon is doing in a thrift store.  The casting is  better than average, and you have to love the red eyes.  I’m just not sure where it would fit into my decorating scheme, and it’s really big and really heavy.  We left it for someone who would snap it up with cries of joy.

That’s it for this week.  We’re busily accumulating pictures for Halloween and Thanksgiving, so be on the watch for those posts.  When Kathy has a speck of free time, we’ll try to get a couple of pictures of what we plan to sell.  Things can always be shipped, you know.  😉

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4 Responses to Falling for Friday Finds

  1. The “Let’s Cuddle” figurine looks like a cross between the Grinch and a slightly demented rabbit. Perhaps a fitting end would be for it to be used as a target on a shooting range?

    • kathy & deb says:

      You’re our kind of girl, Connie. That rabbit “thing” must have been a gas station purchase, by a desparate husband, after a fight with the wife! Or maybe a kid bought it for his mom–those are the only allowable scenarios in our world.

  2. jensine says:

    LOVE the chair just needs a little TLC and I would have bought Cleo and possible the album and framed it it s so funny.

    • kathy & deb says:

      Wow, you ARE one of us! We really loved the chair and it was gone this week, so there’s hope that it’s found a good home. If we collected album covers, then Sleeping Beauty would have come home with us! Thanks for reading.

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