Striving for Normalcy Friday Finds

Well, it’s only rained once or twice this week, and only one bridge in town continues to be closed because it was a problem to begin with.  We are so lucky; other communities around us are still digging through the muck and trying to put their lives back together.  A local philanthropist, Pat Stryker, is matching donations for flood relief through the Community Foundation of Northern Colorado.  To contribute:

On a happier note, our blog was nominated for an award (you CANNOT be more surprised than we were!):

good-neighbor-awardOne of the blogs that we follow, Pillows A-La-Mode, has been bestowing the Good Neighbor Award on her blog’s anniversary for the last two years.  She takes nominations from her readers, and some lovely person (or persons) nominated us.  Thanks to Katherine for giving the award (she is a pretty good neighbor herself) and to our nominator–it made our day!  As a side note, you don’t have to be our neighbor to go shopping with us.  In fact, most of our neighbors know better than to be seen with us.  If you’re willing to be seen in public with two opinionated, picture-taking, fun-loving women AND you’re going to be in Northern Colorado, then contact us through the blog or via email–  We’ll try our darndest to meet up and shop!

Okay, on to our normal business–snark!

We hope that the poor lady who owned this tray only used it for serving hallucinogenic mushrooms:

Hopefully these are THOSE kinds of mushrooms That is the ONLY acceptable explanation for these decorations: someone was on a bad trip!  What was wrong with people in the ’70s that this was considered appealing?

Well, maybe when you see what else was on the table, you can judge the mushroom platter within its context:

Where to start--ugly lamp, crochet poodle, and rosesShe was a lovely lady, but some of her belongings led us to believe that she was … decoratively challenged.  That lamp, with the fake ivy and brown ruffles, is just awful.  Then there is our old friend, the crocheted bottle poodle, who definitely looks like he’s sitting on a bottle of Jack Daniels.  I’m also not impressed with the rose pottery pictures; they almost look like ashtrays, but could you imagine cleaning them?  I think that they probably hung on the bathroom wall, collecting dust and little else.  We didn’t take a picture of the huge bolt of crushed red velvet upholstery material that was being given away; the fact that no one had taken her up on the offer gives me hope for our town’s collective taste.  The mind boggles at a living room suite done in that fabric.

After all that trash talking, I have to admit that we did pick up a few things at this garage sale:

All of this for $1All of this for $1; in fact all of the ’50s plastic pots were free, and the vintage glass block light was a whole dollar.

Glass Block Light   Glass block light (2)
Beloved Husband put a new cord on it and it’s good to go.  Now, what could I put inside the glass block?  The red fabric around the bottom is that fiberglass material that you see on ’50s lampshades.

We went to an estate sale later, after garage sales, since it was the liquidation company that drives us crazy.  We didn’t get much, but really loved this wall on the studio/guest house in the backyard:

Mosaic wall  Mosaic wall2
It was so imaginative and well-done and that’s a rarer combination than you might think.  We stared at it in the bright sunlight for several minutes, getting in the way of all the frustrated bargain hunters.

We also went to a family-run estate sale, and it was a hit-or-miss sale.  Some of the prices were fair, some were good, and some were “what have you been smokin’?” crazy.  But we did end up buying a few things (the usual–fabric, hankies, kitchen linens, and jewelry) and we enjoyed looking at the clothing and accessories:

Oh my, she is homely She is homely, but he's no prize either!

I thought I had a better picture of this little clutch, but as you can see it’s blurry or flashy.  I don’t think that the fellow’s profile is his best side, and it’s hard to know what to say about the girl.  She kind of looks like Raggedy Ann or maybe a female scarecrow.  I’m glad that they found each other, which is perhaps the nicest thing I can say.

There was a whole rack of well-loved Lilly Pulitzer dresses that had premium prices:

Lilly Pulitzer dressesThat darn bright window made picture-taking a nightmare.  You’ll have to take our word that these dresses had the “Lilly” tag.  The original owner must have been a happening, stylish woman, because her clothes were fun.  If she had been my mother or grandmother and I could fit in the outfits, they would have stayed with me.  It would be a great way of remembering your loved one.

Since the lady of the house was a woman of taste, we really didn’t understand where these silly rabbits fit into the picture:

Goofy rabbitsNo one would be surprised to see them at our estate sales, but then we never claimed to have any taste–just opinions!   😉

That’s it for this week.  If you run into something exciting during your excursions into the secondhand world, send us a photo–we would love to see what you consider funny, weird, or horrible.

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12 Responses to Striving for Normalcy Friday Finds

  1. Terri Gold says:

    Congratulations on your award!

    • kathy & deb says:

      We were so shocked to be nominated–after all, most of the other blogs actually provided useful information on real life stuff! We’re happy that people enjoy a frothy amusement too!

  2. Congratulations on your nomination! That is great news and you both are great neighbors… and a welcome relief to the sometimes uptight rules and regulations of our fair city.

  3. Fun, as always . . . and who WOULDN’T want to go shopping with you in real life? 🙂

  4. Diane Rhodes says:

    Congratulations on the award – as the subtitle of your blog should be: there’s no accountin’ for taste!

    • kathy & deb says:

      Well, we didn’t win, but we were just excited to be nominated! A blog called Crafty Staci won and she is amazing! As for your subtitle–we love it and boy howdy is it the truth! We frequently catch it from our readers who liked what we featured. Thanks for reading.

  5. Steph Gazell says:

    Congratulations on your Good Neighbor award! I do hope the awards dinner will be swanky, with gowns, updo’s and lots of glam jewelry. :>) I would so enjoy shopping with you two – but I’d end up buying way too much stuff! We just moved this weekend and suffice to say that our spare bedroom is a storeroom. *hangs head in shame* But I needed to share a picture with you, in response to the horrible mushroom serving dish. I laughed out loud when I saw the picture, because in our packing extravaganza we came across two mixing bowls that I had found in my Dad’s storage and fell in love with. The mushrooms are very reminiscent of the serving dish, but hopefully are more acceptable! The creamy yellow was appealing to me, and well, I had to keep them. We put them on a shelf that gets viewed by anyone walking through, so I’m sure there will be questions about them. I don’t think they’ve ever been used! I know my Dad must have found them at a thrift shop (which he spent a lot of time visiting) and probably thought, “What a useful item – and what cheerful mushrooms!” I can just hear his voice saying it. :>) Anyway, I can’t seem to figure out how to include a picture in this post. Could you let me know where to send it? Many thanks for another blog. I do hope your weather clears up!

    • kathy & deb says:

      You can email it to us: We would love to see your pic and put it in a post! I have to say that we didn’t win the award, we were just thrilled to be nominated. Crafty Staci was the winner; we sure don’t want to steal her thunder.

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