Emergency Friday Finds

Deb and I had amazing, grandiose plans for this past Friday.  Deb’s folks were in town, and since they are avid garage salers, we had a magnificent day of scrounging planned, till Mother Nature interfered.  Actually, she sort of kicked down the door and punched Colorado in the face.  Much of the state was treated to its entire year’s worth of rainfall in just three or four days, causing flooding on an unprecedented scale.  Our homes are both fine and dry, but Hubby’s place of work was inundated, and our car was lost.  Still a small price to pay, considering what others face.  Our entire town was asked to stay home and hunker down, so we called each other and said “now what?”   We came up with the brilliant emergency plan to find our “finds” in our own homes, as we were stuck there anyway.  So this will be an entire True Confessions post as well.  Just see what we have been known to actually buy!

[Deb here] What we didn’t realize is that we might have to explain why we kept these treasures.  I don’t know about Kathy, but there is only so many times I can say, “it came with a bunch of other really great stuff that I didn’t take a picture of!”  Having said that, however, this DID come with a bunch of other stuff, and I felt sorry for it:

Plastic bead animalIt’s only two inches long, made of plastic beads, and I thought it might be a poodle.  Upon further consideration, it could be a lamb; how many poodles wear a bell around their neck?  Whatever it was supposed to be, I think this might be one of the goofiest things I have ever bought.  I wonder how many times I’m going to say that in my part of the post?

OMG, this came in a bag of stuff too!  Hmmm, I can’t even say I felt sorry for it:

Mushroom TurkeyI think this is made of paper, feathers, and some of that dried, colored mushroom stuff they make little birds out of.  It’s about four inches of bad attitude, and I love it!  I tend to keep stuff that makes me laugh, if that helps.

Time to show you something a little less goofy–my Asian dolls:

Asian dollsI was shocked by the number of wooden Asian dolls I have.  I swear that I’ve only rescued a couple, but this picture demonstrates how flexible my memory can be.  They are so darn cute that resistance is futile, at least as far as I’m concerned.  Exhibit two:

Wooden Asian Bead DollsI don’t even have room in my display case for these two, and they are just a little more than an inch tall.  Despite being petite, they are covered in painted decoration; that and their little box made them keepers.

It will not surprise long-time readers that I own wooden kitchen canisters:

Wooden Chicken CanistersIt’s a box for the kitchen–slam dunk!  If you’re unfamiliar with the box saga, please see the True Confessions, Weird Collection Style post.  I loved the hand-painted designs, even if they show evidence of previous use.  Things don’t have to be perfect to go home with us!

Canister closeupWoodpecker Woodware” and a picture of a woodpecker on a log are burned onto the bottoms of the boxes and they were imported from Japan in the ’50s.

I’ve alluded to my dog collection before, in all its myriad components.  Here are a couple of Scottie dog things that snuck in while I wasn’t paying attention:

Scotty planter  Golden plaster bookend

I NEVER intend to buy more dog things, but somehow, they find me, and I’m powerless to resist them.  The planter is even more problematic–I had to buy a tiny succulent plant that isn’t supposed to get any bigger to grow in it.  I need another houseplant like I need another doggy thing, yet here they are!

These next two things are somehow linked in my mind:

Hansel and Gretel Weather house  Puss in Boots bank

Maybe because they are both fairy tale related.  On the left is a Hansel and Gretel Weather House which I got solely because of the cat on the roof (blue arrow).  Well, the cat and my fascination with weather houses.  The bank on the right depicts Puss in Boots bowing gracefully to the king.  Both items are missing something from the foreground, but again it isn’t a deal breaker.

We both like pottery.  Kathy’s pottery is serious, and mine is a mixed bag:

PotteryThe animal in the back is titled “Dream Creature”; it’s dated 1992 and signed Judy Nelson Moore.  The small green pot and the pottery dog, as I call it, came from an estate sale this year.  I’ve had the small vase decorated with blue for a while–it came from Savers and I was fascinated by how thin its walls are.  It is also marked, but I can’t read the name.

Time for Kathy to ’fess up to some of her purchases.

Unlike Deb, sometimes the thing in the bag that is the wackiest is the thing I want the most.  Check out this fellow:

Owl be seeing youI was tickled to spot this in a bag of stuff at a yard sale, and even more happy when the lady said the bag was free.  I was pretty sure he was an owl, but the more I look at him the more batty he looks!  He needs a new pin back, but I love him all the same.

This item was also in a bag, but only because he came with so many pieces:

Pocket GodHe stands about three inches tall, and all the extra pieces allow you to arrange it in any style you want.  I love the Oaxacan hand-painted things, but this is a toy and decoration all in one.  He gets revamped every few months.

Sometimes one thing leads to another:

ForeYou have to admit that the Yellowstone golf bag pencil holder (yes the clubs are pencils!) is irresistible right?  But, owning that piece led to this:

One thing leads to anotherThey go together, so it was a must.   If one item is the start of a collection, a malady suffered by several members of my family, two is practically an addiction.  This second one is a souvenir as well:

Cheyenne the back wayAnd both date to the really early times of road trip travel.

If you really want to see how far off the deep end I can go, check out my Mother’s Day present from a few years back:

Oh poopYes, that is poop.  Well Dino poop, but still.  I don’t know why this amused me so much.  It sort of looked like someone scooped the cat box and petrified it.  It is so easily identifiable, and everyone has some lying around right?  At least the little petrified twigs and the trilobite are more glamorous, but I like the poop best.  Oh, and I did ask for it as a present.

On the shelf just above the poop, hanging on a book, is this tea towel:

Eeek a MouseGuess I could have included it in the kitchen linens post, but I didn’t think about it.  I just adored this.  It’s cute, and if you look closely you will notice her buns stick out, as they are lightly stuffed.  Guess it could have been the front side instead, so I am much happier with this.

You have to realize that all the above items were in just one room!  It just goes to show how crazy I can be, plus, you never know when we will need another emergency post, so gotta save some nuttiness for later.

I did venture one room farther for this little one.  I found him last summer in a consignment store, and he just screamed to come home with me:

I want my MommyEither that, or he just wants dinner.  He sits on my kitchen window above the sink and makes me smile all the time.  Like Deb, this is my best criteria for what comes home with me.

Do you have something goofy in your house you want to “fess” up to?  If so, email us.

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12 Responses to Emergency Friday Finds

  1. Karen says:

    Truly so cool! The is my favorite…however I do have some( 3 or more) things made with beads! You gals are so much fun!

  2. Ah yes… I too have dragged home things that would make other people wonder if I was currently under a doctor’s care. Though my favorite goofy purchase (because it made me laugh) was a vintage 1960s salt and pepper shaker set. Now while that may not sound terribly exciting, imagine the set as chubby chickens in psychedelic colors. I don’t know why, but I giggle every time I see them.

    • kathy & deb says:

      You should send us a picture–we would love to have visible proof that we aren’t the only ones who drag such stuff home!

  3. jensine says:

    Oh I love the tea towel

  4. DeDivahDeals says:

    Wow, so sorry to hear about your loss during Mother Nature’s furious rain storm. Stay blessed and congratulations on your Good Neighbor Nomination and enjoy the first week of Autumn.

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