Just Plain Silly Friday Finds

We’re in the middle of a heat wave here, just in time for the end of the summer.  It’s the strange combination of turning leaves and mid-90s temperatures that keeps Coloradans on their toes during this time of the year.  Don’t even think of asking Kathy what she thinks of the weather; they are doing drywall at the new house, and nothing says fun like having the mud dry before you can spread it!  One good thing about the heat is that veggie gardens throughout the town are finally kicking into overdrive; the zucchini and tomatoes are going crazy.  I’m not sure if the heat is helpful for shopping, but we sure did find some strange blog fodder last week.

No matter how many books Goodwill sells, there are still huge carts of them up and down aisles near the book section.  That means we see some funny bookish cast-offs from time to time:

1970 Wilton's Wonderland of Cake DecoratingWe took some pictures of various cakes just to show you what you’re missing:

WIlton's Wonderland of Cake Decorating 1  WIlton's Wonderland of Cake Decorating 2

I hate to call the people at Wilton liars, but the cake on the left isn’t even edible–it’s Styrofoam with frosting piped onto it!  As for the piano cake, just ask Kathy how easy they are to make!  She made one for me a long time ago, and even for someone as crafty and clever as Kathy is, she had a difficult time with it.  It very well may be impossible for mere mortals like the rest of us.  It was delicious, which isn’t much consolation.

I believe this cutie kitty is wasting her feminine wiles on the dog of her dreams:

Cat and Dog LoveHe has the look of a Buckingham Palace guard whilst on duty.  She could cover herself in liver and be unable to distract him from whatever has him on point.

Souvenir dolls are a strange lot.  They can be adorable, horrible, or just plain confusing:

Souvenir DollI’m not betting on adorable, even though she has a cute face.  What is with all the big ol’ straw flowers around her head?  I think there is more to the story, because that rope around her shoulders is an ominous sign.  She probably has a huge bag on her back and is being used as a draft animal to haul flowers to market.  See, it’s questions like these that knock her off the keeper list.

Oh, those ’70s with their turquoise and green color schemes:

Peacock candy dish This has to be someone’s ceramics project.  Okay, it’s big and colorful–now what?  I could see some dainty sandwiches (minus the crusts) all cut up on this peacock thing for bridge-club refreshments.  Maybe there was a peahen, who could serve up cheese straws, or even individual jello salads or tomato aspics.  Better yet, load them both up with yummy cookies and dessert bars, and no one will complain!

This picture is for a frequent reader, Terri:

Pig collection hits the thrift store We can’t ever see a shelf full o’ pigs and not think of you! 😉  I’m sure this collection is small beer compared to yours (present or past).  My favorite is the green piggy bank who looks sad or worried; she was probably emptied for some impulsive purchase.

We both like these things, in all their variety:

Fish StitcheryThose little stitched fish look like they’re swimming in a bowl.  The organza they are stitched on is so fine that it just looks like it’s time to change the water.  This had a chance to come home with us, but it was a smidge too big.

No matter whether you’re a Chuck Norris lover or hater, this shirt has to make you laugh:

Chuck Norris TshirtI might have gotten this for Beloved Husband, if it were the right size; his college students would love it!

We sashayed our way over to the new thrift store (you know we’re going to call it that forever) and these monkeys immediately caught our eyes:

2 out of 3 monkeysI think they are updated versions of the ____ no evil monkeys that have been around for donkey’s years.  Besides the fact that there were only two of them, the rightmost monkey is showing a new gesture–smell no evil!  I guess you could put the two of them in a bathroom and they would still work.

Only a couple of steps away was this big fellow:

Tropical HornsYou do see cattle horns around here, rarely, although we have run into a couple at thrift stores this year.  What made this set unusual are the tiki/beach designs carved into them. That isn’t your typical Texas cattle-ranch motif; it makes us suspect these are foreign horns.  Can you imagine stuffing them into your luggage and then explaining them to the customs agent?

Speaking of vacation treasures, I found this in a bag of Asian goodies I bought at Goodwill:

OmiyageI Googled omiyage and found out it is the Japanese custom of obligatory gifts that are expected after one travels.  Usually, they are small and edible.  Maybe that’s why this is labeled omiyage, because it’s not really edible.  Of course, knowing it’s a omiyage really doesn’t tell us much about what it is, besides a gift.

Our last couple of pictures are fashion related.  I know that my photography skills leave much to be desired, but this is an accurate representation of what we saw:

Super Seventies pant suitKathy wished that she had found this pant suit for the Barbie Convention in Denver with its mod theme.  She would have been a knock-out (literally) in this outfit!

Too bad this necklace wasn’t the right color for the orange pant suit; it sure was the right decade:

Shelltacular closeup  Shelltacular Necklace

I’m sure you’re all familiar with our stance on shell abuse–it must stop now!  If you’re going to do shell crafts, you owe it to the little mollusks, who died for your project, to make something cool.  This isn’t it!

Thanks for tuning in; we really appreciate you coming along for the fun!

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10 Responses to Just Plain Silly Friday Finds

  1. I haven’t heard of omiyage before. Hmmm… imagine coming home from a trip and gifting a friend the bag of feathers shown above. Yeah, I would have sent them packing to a thrift store as well.

    • kathy & deb says:

      According to the article on the web, it’s truly the thought that counts! So if you show up with feather flowers in a bag–it’s all good!

      • kathy & deb says:

        The piano cake is truly amazing in person; good thing we aren’t “too pretty to eat” kind of people! We love it when people stick up for the “finds”–someone had to love it to buy or make that peacock in the first place. I will admit that we have seen MUCH worse!

  2. jensine says:

    I have to admit i like the peacock … and that piano cake looks amazing … but those creepy cast, come on

  3. Steph Gazell says:

    I really enjoyed this post – I was in a less than cheerful mood (packing to move – ugh!) this morning and thought, “What would amuse me right now?”, and went straight for your blog. As always, it brought a smile to my face and made me laugh out loud. I especially love the monkeys with the “smell no evil” gesture and the odd white hand prints…what is that all about?! :>) Many thanks for your great posts – I get such a kick out of them. They cheered me through my Dad’s sickness and passing, my Mum’s descent into Alzheimers, and a number of other life crisis. I truly appreciate your blog!

    • kathy & deb says:

      Steph, thank you so much for your touching note! We’re happy that our blog has brought some laughter to your life in difficult times and it’s people like you that keep us writing. ((Hugs)) Deb and Kathy

  4. Shriek!!! I GOT one of those piano cakes for my birthday one year! My mom’s friend made it. I can’t remember actually letting anyone eat a piece, though, because it was so pretty!!!

    • kathy & deb says:

      Katherine, you are too funny! We’ve never met a cake too pretty to eat. 😉 It’s fun to revisit those special times.

  5. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh – you girls are killing me! Having fun bouncing around your blog this morning. I take photos of “oddities” I see out and about, all the time, and it usually ends up on my blog…family and friends just shake their heads. Gotta’ ask what part of CO you guys are in – I’m a CO girl, born and raised, though living in plastic Las Vegas now – I have a feeling you’d have a ball out here! Tanya

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