We have a friend who used to call the branches and leaves covering a Geocache, detritus.  Just the odds and ends that need cleaning up in our case.  We take lots of pix, and some never make into a post, not because they are not bad enough, but sometimes they just don’t seem to fit together.  They wander to the bottom of the list and some never even see the light of day.  So today I am cleaning up a few of those, as I am positive you wouldn’t want to miss such stunning items!

Actually, I made Deb leave these out on purpose, as I found something that went with them:

Size 9 1/2 sconcesYou can just see the edge of Deb’s shoe (size 9½!) in the photo, so you get an idea of just how large these candle sconces are.  They were also VERY heavy.  It would take a heck of a hook just to keep them on your wall, but what well-dressed torture chamber would be without these and the following?

The Dungeon LampIt had chains and wrought iron, as well as some nifty metal trim on the shade.  At least there is a handy table built in to keep your thumb screws nearby.  Or maybe the whole scene would be torture enough.

I am sorry to be so mean to you again so soon, but these blindingly bad needlework projects just beg to be shared.  We can’t figure out what this one is.  A really awful potholder that you wouldn’t mind burning, or an afghan for a doll that has been really bad?

What is it besides ugly?After stumbling numbly away from the bad dolly afghan, we ran into these, and decided that finding these two pix together might kill lesser folks, but we braved it long enough to snap a pic:

These two might have killed lesser womenActually, our eyes were caught by the giant nasty golden plastic wall art, but the semi-inebriated clown just came along for the ride.  The 3-D gilded thing was pretty horrible just on its own:

China, you've been very bad!Nothing brightens a room like a gilded battle scene right?  Maybe it could go with the lamp and wall sconces.

Still keeping to the Oriental theme, we have this next knotty problem:

Okay, we give up, what is it?Well, it’s big.  You know, the intricacies of Chinese knot-work are pretty darn cool on a smaller scale, but this just is too much of a good thing.  Not to mention the cord this was made out of looked like something you could use to wrap up a Christmas package, or delight a cat with, instead of hang on your wall.  Or better yet, undo the whole thing and tie your worst enemy up in your torture chamber with the lamp and the sconces.  See how well I weave it all together?

close up of the ufo (unidentified fiber object)
Sometimes we see things that just make us sad.:It's their whole life togetherThis sweet little shadow box was filled with really odd things, but when we looked closely, we realized it was someone’s memories all filed into a neat little box.  We hope they had a very happy life, and it is too bad that someone else didn’t want to remember them this way.

Frequently, we find our most common comment on items is “What the?”  This photo deserved a couple of those:

Takes your choice--fake block and tackle or fake steakOK, so everyone needs a fake pulley hanging on a hook, or a lifetime supply of steak coasters?  I suppose the coasters could come in handy for a butchers convention, but that pulley thing is good for absolutely nothing, and yet surprisingly, there was only one left the last time I cruised the shelves, and no sign of the meat coasters.  Guess some rabid BBQ fan snapped them up, but I would rather eat a steak than set my drink on it.

Deb here with my bit of my detritus left over from the Idaho post.  Don’t ask my why this photo didn’t get used before–that post needed all the good it could muster:

Red Poppy tilesThese poppy tiles decorated the outside of a cafe.  We were so charmed that we stopped to examine them, and then decided this was the place to sit and recover from the shopping expedition.  I’m happy to report that their cranberry scones were excellent!

School is just about to start, so we will be without the services of our summer intern soon.  We will also be without the constant refrain of “I’m Hungry”, so we may have more time to browse the shelves and bring you new delights!

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4 Responses to Detritus

  1. tkarengold says:

    My mixed up brain thought the steak coasters were placemats. Can you picture that? Placemats, napkins, paper plates, cups, all resembling meat…and the sound of Lady Gaga slapping her raw meat.

    • kathy & deb says:

      Coasters are weird enough; I can’t imagine how disgusting raw steak placemats would look! It would present the perfect picture if the Lady Gaga sat at a table set with steak placemats while wearing her meat dress. Sounds like a werewolf fantasy–they sure wouldn’t care about the smell.

  2. I too, have encountered plenty of bad needlework projects. Though I have sincerely hoped that they deliberately tried not to create something so blindingly bad… but attempted to use up scraps of yarn rather than toss them away. Personally, they should have tossed them.

    • kathy & deb says:

      We too hope that the crochet artisan was trying to use up scraps and didn’t actually go out and buy those colors. Can you imagine the harvest gold, rust, or avocado kitchen that pot holder lived in? Given her taste in colors, said kitchen could have been all three colors–blorp!

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