Slumming at Last!

It’s been a really crazy summer, for both of us, but this week we finally had a great day out garage saling, or slumming, as some would call it.  Probably not us, as we are in hog heaven digging through others’ “stuff”.

Take this first sale:

15 minutes too late!Well, OK, the lamp is pretty bad, but we were totally bummed we weren’t there earlier to snag the blanket chests and the spool cabinet that someone else was making off with.  We did get a couple of fun tiny things that made our day.  It takes very little to make us think we have had a successful garage sale day.

Not every sale boasts a “winner”:

His and Hers Jars with crocheted capsNotice the coyotes howling with laughter in the background.  We aren’t sure what you do with these, but we are hoping no one bought them to steal the hats off and wear them.  This sale was hosted by the sweetest little old lady, so we handed the camera over to the summer intern to surreptitiously take the photo, so as not to offend.   Sometimes, it is hard to explain why you would want a picture of something!

Now this next item was photographed while the summer intern and I blocked the seller’s view.  Less because the person was nice, and more because the person thought their STUFF was very nice:

Who you looking at?These owls looked like they really tied one on last night.  Maybe some of those tequila mice?  Anyway, not something I want staring at me off my kitchen counter.  Did I mention they thought their stuff was amazing?  Check out the price tag:

$30--Who are you trying to kid?We are pretty sure these went back in the house at the end of the day.  Better their house than ours.

On the other hand, Deb and I were sort of amused by this bird:

Shake your tail feathersIt was a giant sequin kit, sort of like those old purse kits.  We could tell, as a few of the jewels were missing, and you could see the numbers that told you what to put where.  Deb confessed to the desire to take it home, if our walls were not already covered in art.  Sometimes our previous packrattedness thwarts our current obsessions.

On yet another hand, there is no possible way anyone in their right mind would bring this home:

I never want to eat a cookie again!I am sure this would cure me of the desire to EVER eat another cookie.  If I had to look at that to get it, I would pass.  Chocolate chips or not.  It mentioned that you were “inclined towards dessert”.  I always am, but could still pass.  Maybe this is the dieter’s delight cookie jar?

Not any more!I would much rather nibble my just desserts off of this GIANT Tiki tiered tray:

Kon TikiI always wonder how these were jammed into suitcases on the return trip from Hawaii.  Maybe they had Mary Poppins’ infinite carpet bag?

Digging through some cast-offs from the neighbor’s house the other day (yes, I have been known to do that–they are getting ready to sell it from an estate) I came across this:

Paint box  Kit Kapers

Thought it was pretty amusing that they had neatly done the paintings, then put everything back in the box for posterity.  Just so you know, I took a pic and put the box back in the pile to be removed.  I am a pack rat, but not nuts.

On the subject of craft kits, we found this poor lady at the local thrift:

Victorian Lady DollWe wondered where all these sad-looking bed doll chicks came from.  This one even came with instructions for making her own Victorian gown:

Victorian Lady Doll looks better in her undiesWe think she looks better naked.  Notice the other two kits available.  Luckily Grandma resisted, and there was only the one.

On a brighter Victorian note, well, I actually think it is more Edwardian, I took this amazing beaded collar in for repair work a couple of weeks ago.  (I repair beaded items, working out of Mom’s bead store.  Mostly restringing and stuff.)Beaded Collar

Beaded DetailThis was probably one of the nicest things I have seen in a long time.  I reworked some fringe and fixed a bit of the netting.  The lady wanted to wear it, so I will probably have to repair it again some time, as it was pretty fragile.  100-year-old thread dries out in Colorado!

So there you have it, a little sandwich of bad in between some good to keep you going.  We will be off on the next adventure soon, and will be sure to write about it.  If you find something amazing, or amazingly bad, you know where to send the photos!

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4 Responses to Slumming at Last!

  1. Uh… so were the caps on jars, jar-sized or people-sized?

  2. Enola Like says:

    you should have nabbed the Victorian lady bed doll—- her shoes will fit Super Size Barbie with only a tiny bit of modification!

    • kathydeb says:

      Well, shoot we didn’t know that and she was gone this week. Something to remember for the next time we see her. Thanks.

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