Rememberance of Things Past

Sorry, Marcel Proust, how you’ve come down in the world, to be used in one of our posts! We weren’t able to go shopping last week because the 4th of July was on a Thursday and that messed everything up.  So, I’m doing a little recycling.

I have a friend who was a buyer for a small shop.  She went to a wholesale mart to buy stock about once a month, and occasionally, I got to go with her to see what would be in stores next season.  Well, about 16 months ago we had a great time at the mart and I snuck a bunch of pictures and wrote a post about it.  Somehow, in all of the commotion of last year, the post never got used.  It might be fun to see how well the merchandise mart did in predicting what was going to be “in”.

I’ll have to say that one of the big trends we saw last year was cute owls, and sure enough you see owls everywhere.  There aren’t any pictures of these owls since we try to avoid taking pictures of cute things (but of course we never follow any of our rules, so I probably should have taken some photos).  I wonder how the powers that be decided it would be the year of the owl; there are many deserving animals out there that never get any love–yes I’m talking about you, Mr. Hippopotamus!

However, there were lots of bad things at this wholesale mart that I’m sure unwary buyers did buy in bulk, and are never going to be able to sell at retail.  They might as well send some of this stuff directly to the nearest thrift store.  It was tricky getting photos, as the vendors think you are trying to steal their display ideas, or worse yet, rip off their merchandise and have it copied for your wholesale business.  They don’t know us; it’s not a compliment when we take a picture!

We used the Christmas decorations in a couple of posts last year.  If you would like to refresh your memories, here are links to:  shotgun shell ornaments and a Christmas tree decorated within an inch of its plastic life!

I’m all for fun purses with lots of personality, after all, I carry a teapot purse.  But these next couple of purses may have just a little too much pizzazz:

The leftmost purse (sorry it’s blurry) has a background of wild horses running free with an overlay of crossed pistols sprouting studded “leather” angel wings.  I’m not sure even Calamity Jane could pull off that look!  I’m a little more sympathetic to the pink purse on the right; if they had just taken off one element, it could have worked–they were just trying way too hard.  As with all the purses in this post, things would have gone better if they had used better materials.  The display storefronts smelled like they were out-gassing tons of formaldehyde.

Here are a couple of mass displays:

You can see that hot pink, animal prints, crosses, and bling were supposed to be big last fall.  These purses are so shiny that it was hard to get my poor little camera to focus on them.  In a funny coincidence, late last year I was driving through yee-haw country on the interstate, and I saw this exact display at a truck stop.  They were encouraging truckers to take home something special for their gals.

This springy green purse was my favorite:It’s so big (at least 24 inches across) that you could use it as carry-on luggage; then you would have a combination pillow and flotation device for those long overseas flights.

When you’re carrying a big purse, you’d better have some big-ass jewelry to go with it:

This is a bracelet, and it’s probably wrong to admit that it was my favorite.  We also saw bracelets that went from north of the wrist to south of the elbow, but I wasn’t able to get a picture of them.  They were cheap metal and I’m pretty sure your arm would be Elphaba green after you wore them out on the town.  On the other hand, they would be useful in a bar fight.

Here are my friend’s favorite earrings:

If they opened just a little more they could be either earrings or a necklace; my friend was holding the earrings even with the top of her ear, not the lobe.  It’s a good thing all those beads were ugly plastic or this hoop could do some damage to a pierced ear.  You’ll be glad to hear that they are “lead compliant”.  There were many variations on this theme, and all I can say is “Thank goodness I won’t need to buy earrings for the next couple of years!”  Kathy and I have lifetime supplies of earrings, if we are honest with ourselves.

Last up are these necklaces:

They were big, bold, and plastic.  I’m not averse to big and bold, but please use real glass, stone, pottery, paper, or gemstone beads–something that could be made without petroleum!  It’s a pity that so much of the stuff we saw was cheap, cheap, cheap!  There is a school of thought that says much of our excessive consumption is due to how cheaply things are made and priced.  Goods used to be made for the long haul and cost a little more, but then people only had one or two pairs of good shoes, purses, etc. and used them until they were beyond repair.

I have seen all of these styles in stores since then, so what was predicted has come to pass.  Women do seem to be carrying big purses and wearing big jewelry; have you seen these styles in your neck of the woods?

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13 Responses to Rememberance of Things Past

  1. Terri Gold says:

    I do have a few Betsey Johnson statement necklaces and bracelets but these are beyond the (garbage) pale.

    • kathydeb says:

      I love Betsey Johnson’s jewelry! You’re right that the only place for that pot metal and plastic junk is a child’s dress-up trunk or the dump.

  2. Connie says:

    I think that it could be said that the last 2 years have been “Year of the Petrochemical”. I am so glad that I have a lifetime supply of great vintage jewelry… no plastic for me. Same goes for the purses. I prefer not to carry something that could be used as a reflective signaling device to alien craft in deep space.

  3. jensine says:

    I wonder if they are all going to an ugly dress party

  4. Sue says:

    I only see big purses and jewelry on reality shows like Jerseylicious. Haven’t seen them here in Colorado Springs.

    • kathydeb says:

      We don’t see many big purses or jewelry here in N. Colorado either, but we are hardly the center of fashion and style that Jerseylicious is! 😉

  5. I am so impressive read your blog.I want to purchase some type purse and jewellry for my sister.thanks for sharing this wondrful post here.

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