House Not so Beautiful

One of the “perks” of all those estate sales we visit is getting to go inside the house.  Sometimes the house is more fun than the sale, and even if it isn’t, we get to snoop around a house, and sometimes even take home a piece of the decor.  Couldn’t get much better than that, could it?  Of course, sometimes it is a whole lot worse, and we have to take a picture.  This week we noticed a bunch of these had been piling up, so here goes a quick home tour.

Deb missed this sale due to being out of town, but I just know she would have been as amazed as the summer intern and I were.  According to the estate sale company, the house had not been lived in for over 30 years!  It seems like it hadn’t been cleaned or redecorated for MUCH longer:

Pretty in PinkThis kitchen was downright shudder producing in its pinkness.  Even the ceiling was pink.  Sort of like drowning in a bottle of Pepto Bismol.  It’s worth clicking on this picture to see it larger, as all the little accessories and cooking devices are pretty much right where they have always been, including the pink swing-out can opener.

Just off the kitchen was the bedroom:

Scary BedroomNot sure if you can see it, but running behind the dresser is a HUGE crack in the wall.  There was a matching one on the other side of the room that you could actually see daylight through.  Must be a tough sleep in “skeeter” season.

The summer intern was fascinated by the vintage technology:

The way back machinePretty amazing that they were able to have pink, even on the TV.  Wonder if it still plays I Dream of Jeannie?  Probably does, as you can still find those reruns on the wonderful up-to-date sets, that do everything for you, except show good TV!

And if this radio doesn’t still blare out jazz and the Lone Ranger, I don’t know why:

Radio WavesThe summer intern really wanted this one, but at $35 and probably a bunch of radio tubes to make it work, it was a no go.

At yet another sale we noticed that the house could no longer stomach the furniture inside, and burped all the badness out onto the lawn.  I don’t think I have seen so many heinous pieces all at one sale before.  I can’t even begin to imagine this inside an actual house:

Burped up FurnitureAnd now here is the Really Long, Long Couch.  It just seems to go on forever.  You could sit a whole fraternity on here, and it has the added bonus of not showing the beer stains, because of the print:

The long long couchThe lamp lying over on the ground was pretty disgusting too.  It had lumps all over it, like some sort of terrible fungus.  I kinda liked the big stack of suitcases, but what do I need with those?

This last photo of the sale has a couple of the better pieces that were there, but they were still overpriced and underpretty:

Still moreThe wicker had been painted a weird eggplant purple color, and there is no hope whatsoever for that chair in green and orange print.  I hope the house feels much better after getting all that out of its system, but who knows what they could have found to replace it with.   I don’t have a huge amount of faith in their taste.

I picked out this next house for Deb, as it is just across the street from our new one.  Our respective spouses were not amused by the idea of us living that close together, but we did enjoy the kitchen in the Realtor photos:

Am I Blue? I'm so blue
Deb here and since this is my pretend house I feel like making a comment or two.  Kathy, I match your pink kitchen with a blue kitchen, and raise you a pink and green bathroom:

Vintage pink bathroom with an identity crisesDespite these pictures, the house was pretty cool.  I could live with a blue kitchen, but the green and pink en suite has to go!  On the plus side, we could sneak across the street and play every day!

We found this last item at a garage sale earlier in the year, and I couldn’t resist a photo:

Cooking in PinkIt sure belongs in the pink kitchen, doesn’t it?  The owner mistook my photo taking as needing it, and came over promptly to sell me on its charming retro look for only $75.   Right now, I am trying to DE-pinkify my new house kitchen; I really don’t need to add to it!  At least it’s not as pink as the above kitchen.

Hope you enjoyed the open house!  Till next week.

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4 Responses to House Not so Beautiful

  1. tkarengold says:

    Oh boy! This is a good one. In the first blue picture of the kitchen, the square pole on the island with the control box reminds me of a vacuum tubes that banks and businesses used to send papers and cash to different areas of an office. Maybe you can put toast and eggs on a plate and whoosh them to the bedrooms.
    It’s a fascinating kitchen. The built in clock on the wall, the triangular window cut outs on the door…people love that stuff. I’m not one of them. That pink can opener – you definitely should have bought it.

    • kathydeb says:

      He, he! I like the midcentury look, but I agree that it isn’t universally popular. I worked at a hospital that had a tube system and it was so steam punk now that I think of it. Glad you enjoyed the post!

  2. Connie says:

    Oh… I am still battling the vintage pink color in our house. And for the record… it was all pink: bathroom, kitchen, bedrooms, living room, dining room, family room… pink was everywhere. While I do appreciate vintage, there are some colors that should end with the decade they originated in.

    • kathydeb says:

      You don’t have any love for the vintage pink bathroom? Of course, your pink bathroom is pretty overpowering with all the rose fixtures! A little girl’s bedroom or a 1950’s bathroom is about the only pink I can tolerate in a house; pink isn’t MY favorite color, although Kathy likes it better than I do.

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